ashanti and nelly make “spin the block” look good

after years of being in no contact,
getting into other relationships,
and 1/2 having new mouths to feed,
it seems like ashanti and nelly are back together in 2023.
^this is them at the gc black ball.


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the gp is split down the middle with opinions.

Some were hoping they’d get back together.
Others think she is crazy, especially with how he treated her.

…but can people change enough for that reconnect?
who we were in our teens,
we aren’t in our 20s,
and who we were in our 30s is not who we are in…
you get the picture.

i’ve been thinking a lot about getting back with those from your past.
this can even be about friendships,
estranged family members,
and returning to jobs we left many moons ago.
we all know that facebook is where the past tends to find us again but…

Can spinning the block be more successful?

in some cases,
the past is certainly best left alone.
what if we weren’t great people in our pasts but we feel we have changed?
there are people in our past that we want to have a second chance with.
to show them that it was “the past” and that we are different now.
we went to therapy or had life-changing experiences.
we might have treated them badly or not realized what we had til they left.
if we would like the same courtesy in our own lives…

 … then why are we so opinionated about others who choose to try again for a second time?

nelly might have changed.
ashanti might have changed.
someone from your past might have changed.
we might have changed.

for some people from my past,
my rule is that i’m always open for a conversation.
i like to hear someone out even if it’s to get closure.
that is where i can tell if we can reset or ima continue to stay far away.

lowkey: there are only a handful of people i’ll never reconnect with again.
they were past friends/family who did really fucked up things to me.
from what i see via social media,
they are still a mess so i’m gonna always keep them in the “hell nah” files.

2 thoughts on “ashanti and nelly make “spin the block” look good

  1. For me an ex is not a next. But that’s just me. It could be different for them.

    1. I agree 100% Wilykat! If I’m done with you…I’m DONE with you. Ain’t no going backwards.

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