The Jackal Who Is Sorry For Giving Out HIV (He Sorry Ya’ll)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.48.39 PMeveryone remember this face.
so this jackal,
who we will call “hazmat”,
was out here giving out hiv like it was candy.
the way he announced it to the world tho is absolutely despicable.
one of my fbi sent me this story and i’m at a loss for words.
look at what hazmat posted on his now deleted instagram













god in new yawk too.

tumblr_mj7uuhLCtM1qbtzbno3_500so remember i was walking with ( x my straight wolf friend )?
well while we were walking around,
he was talking about the 50-11 vixens he was smashin’.
he doesn’t know about me,
but i def just let him tell his story.
he was actin’ like it was a badge of honor.
i haven’t rode dack in 2-3 years now.
( x my last situation ) damn near put the fear of god in me.
now before you judge me,
know it is not by choice.
you know jamari fox likes sex.
loves sex.
loves head.
loves gettin’ head.
loves all that raunchy ratchet shit between a sexy wolf and i.
its situations like ^this that made me put a password on my hole and throat.
the safe word:


i don’t want to die because of a dickhead.
in more ways than one.
i hope whoever was infected by this jackal doesn’t continue this vicious cycle.
i also hope they find this asshole and throw him under the jail.
am i ever gonna get a good poundin’ again?


lowkey: i‘m not even impressed if someone tells me they have fuck a lot.
i’m gonna be side eye’n you until i see your test results.

17 thoughts on “The Jackal Who Is Sorry For Giving Out HIV (He Sorry Ya’ll)

  1. This is a sad situation. People really need to be more understanding that the virus is still alive and well, Think before you engage in any sexual activities.This guy is a serious threat to women and just think the women he slept with that are sleeping with other men and they are sleeping with other women. My GOD and outbreak!!

  2. Can’t he be prosecuted, or sued or something by at least one of his victims? I thought it was against the law to knowing infect an individual. It would appear this guy knew what he was doing.

  3. It’s an elaborate hoax from a woman scorned–either side chick or main–with way too much time on her hands.

    Instagram is fiction.

    If you are gonna air someone out, you put them all the way on front street without any blurred photoshopped images.

    It is Mercury Retrograde, proceed with an abundance of caution.

    1. Just saw on another Blog, that this was a nasty hoax as well. Here is this pineapple taking test live on air and proving he is clean. At the end of the day, you still need to be responsible for your health. Things like this can ruin a person life either if its a lie or the truth. I hate that someone would do this to someone else because they are scorn but that’s the reality of living in a social media world.

  4. People need to EDUCATE and PROTECT themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask someone for their status. If they get offended or hesitant, then tell em to keep it moving. Like my Mama used to tell me ” what looks good to you may not be good for you”!!!

  5. Wow!!! This is why people need to learn to love and protect themselves first before anything else. The thing that gets me is he had a suspicion that he had something but still decided to deliberately infect people. Just think about all the people you don’t they have anything and still fucking raw. Shit dude here had hiv, herpes, and was positive for something else i couldn’t make out at the end!

  6. I agree with you guys. There too many diseases out here to shorten my life span. I’ve had a herpes and AIDS scare. Honestly, being abstinent feels so much better and stress free. I’m ok with waiting for the right wolf.

  7. Smh as we learn time and time again just because someone is fine as hell doesn’t mean shit. I hope everyone he’s been with gets tested asap.

  8. Holy crap. But you do know those womenz who fucked him probably thought hiv and aids is a gay disease tho.

  9. See! And my friends always give me slack about staying abstinence. There’s a difference between dudes just wanting to fuck me instead of being in a relationship. hmmph. I’m glad I’m my own person.

    1. I’m with you man. Personally, I don’t do shit unless I’m in a relationship. I ain’t got the time man. I’m a freak, but not promiscuous by any means. The hoes want everyone else to hoe to make themselves feel better about what they are doing.

  10. People just have to watch out and protect themselves. This day and time people do not care and they are simply ruthless. No adult should be getting that caught up in the moment to not protect themselves, no excuses. I don’t care if the man is built like Hercules and can perform a magic show. It’s not worth risking your life for.

    I don’t want to be with someone who has been around the block either. You can keep that shit and sell it to the highest bidder for all I care. I’m good.

    1. ^like how disgusting is that man?
      and he don’t just hiv.
      he has herpes as well.
      he was def out there.
      he could as well have been a porno star with all that fuckin.

      1. I saw the herpes. I just want to put myself in an isolated bubble like a hamster and just roll around in it.

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