@NFL_NBA_Hoe: This Groupie Hoe Smashed All The Foxhole Legends


…or did she?
@NFL_NBA_Hoe got froggy,
her ass leaped off twitter once dez bryant threatened to sue.
trickin’ definitely ain’t for kids.

lowkey: i need those emmanuel sanders,
kyrie irving,
daniel gibson,
and devin thomas dick reports/stroke resumes on my desk by monday tho.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “@NFL_NBA_Hoe: This Groupie Hoe Smashed All The Foxhole Legends”

  1. Ummm I really need to see the video of the Emmanuel Sanders session just to make sure its really him, for professional purposes only lol!

    SN: If her tweets are true, and she is getting down like that, I bet she has her own waiting room in the free clinic!

  2. damn her body count is tough. i know a female who smashed boobie before he was married. said he was average. nothin to write home about.

  3. Whether or not she actually did what she said, who really brags about who they had relations with these days? Superhead slaughtered any hoe-to-come so they can all hang it up.

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