That One Time At The Sex Party (1)

tumblr_n0p2oylRfn1t7lixko1_500blind item from the foxwire
re-written by i,
that is me,
jamari fox

lets take a trip with him last week to atlanta.
we are gong with the reader who sent in the tip.
come on.
don’t be scared.
we are going somewhere fun.
it’s naughty.
so we walk up the door.
we are told that we have to leave everything we came with.
only our privates and memories will be allowed inside.
once we walk in,
we smell the aroma of fresh sweat funk.
the sounds of moaning and satisfaction.
we are at a sex party.
again don’t be scared.
so as the reader is walking around,
who does he see…

…a certain attentionisto i have written about on my site.
plenty of times actually.
this attentionisto is on his knees.
he is getting banged out by a slim wolf with a huge dick.

tumblr_ndbmc5XHiy1tte17fo1_400he sees the attentionisto holding onto someone for dear life.
the dick is big.
real big.
it was a “gut buster”.
he also sees his fat ass ripplin’ with every pound.
protection may/may not have been involved.
well many rumors on my site have swirled about this certain attentionisto.
well he is single now so we should let him have his fun!
oh and this is what the final thing the reader said about being down south:

“And for real that is the reason why I don’t want to live Atl. Like its a good thing your surrounded by hot blacks and you can pick up trade by going to the gas station. But I really think they don’t sell condoms in the city with the amount of niggas ducking raw. And I doubt you can sustain a healthy relationship with all these factors. Don’t get me wrong though. It’s cool to go down there and enjoy the buffet. “

well they don’t say atlanta is the “devil’s playground” for nothing.

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30 thoughts on “That One Time At The Sex Party (1)”

    1. IG reveals all LoL, he was in Atlanta last week doing some type of exercise boot camp or personal training promotion. Things that make you say Hmmmm……..

      1. I don’t even understand why everyone goes crazy for him tho. I have always thought he was a butch queen anyway lol. That type dude who practices his deep voice in the mirror.

    2. Don’t ppl know that Steven gets down. I saw him at plenty of gay spots(clubs) in ATL and DC. Plus I met his ex. No lies here.

  1. He would be getting banged out. Why can’t a wolf in sheep’s clothing ever be an actual wolf. So you know who it is? I would guess but if I was right and the person read this entry, they could probably sue so I won’t even try.

    I wouldn’t like sex parties. I’m not into people watching me get down.

    1. No one can sue for a post like this. Jamari has a disclaimer, and more details are needed for one to even claim defamation of character. Jamari would have had to go in on this post and the person’s life would have to be negatively impacted as well. We’re fine lol.

  2. Hell, ATL is a breeding ground for attentionistos. No telling who this was lol

    You’d be surprised who you see at these sex parties though. Got to find an exclusive, secret one though and the holidays and major events like homecomings or the superbowl bring out the most dudes.

    1. The best ones are the real exclusive ones where nfl, nba, singers, rappers, and major industry heads show up. If you really in the know, the “anything goes” parties that include the strippers and female r&b singers in full blown orgies are also memorable. You will be surprised how people network because of sex parties…

      1. True. You can definitely find a come up at a sex party if you’re in the right circles. I’d never go to a bum, regular sex party though. The location of the party is usually a big indicator of what type of crowd it attracts. All the parties I’ve been to have mostly young professionals so if you network you can come up on a job or a straight up sponsor. A LOT of the church sissies and pastors attend sex parties too.

  3. So all of them? Lol Every attention seeking social media whore you have posted on this site has plenty of dirt and scandal to their screen names. Even the so called straight ones. There was ton of sex parties in Atlanta last week because of Christmas break…

  4. I’m not innocent in any way shape or form…i’ve had my fun but i think a sex party or orgy is just…TOO MUCH lol…like i’m fucking you and those two are fucking and the other two are fucking all in the same room lol just feels a bit much….the most i’ve tried was a threesome, and that wasn’t planned… but i’m more of a one on one guy…but to each his own just protect yourself dont none of yall dear go to an orgy and have unprotected sex…that’s a disaster waiting to happen lol

    1. ^yeah i’m with you.
      i’d have to be really comfortable and feelin’ nice.
      like imagine being at a sex party and seeing famous geting smashed next to you?
      all while you are getting smashed yourself?
      i can’t…

  5. I hope I’m not revealed but here goes. I was invited to a sex party by my straight friend in the industry in Atlanta. We had to check out cellphones at the door but I saw one of the biggest bball players who got traded to a team this year balls deep in a female. He fucked her brains out and all I could do was watch.

    1. There were no big NBA trades this year, other than Kevin Love for Andrew Wiggins this past summer. Even before the deadline last season, there were no big trades. The recent big trade this season was Rondo to the Mavs, so I really don’t know who you are talking about unless I’m missing something.

      1. Man you are a sports fan and keep up, but you know a everyday person does not know the difference between a free agent and being traded, they probably assumed that if someone who is a big name goes to another team they are traded, I hear people say this all the time about football and Bball players not knowing the difference.

        This may very well be King James, I dont know how true any of this is with any of these dudes since I was not there, but I heard King James is Ratchet AF and will bang anything ask Beyonce cousin Angie.

  6. Don’t basketball trades go on all the time. And almost all of them are big. He did mention Atlanta but that doesn’t mean that the basketball player plays for the Atlanta team or lives in Atlanta. Professional basket ball players make enough money to fly first-class round trip to attend sex parties if they like. There are bout 360 players in the NBA. Choose one. (I assume that he’s talking about an NBA player and not a player with another league–like a Eurpopean league or another American basketball league.)

    1. Nah, all of them are not big trades, sometimes it’s complimentary players that could help a team contend, it could be for draft picks, or just cash in general.

  7. I would totally go to a sex party just to look and see who there so I can have some juicy ass stories. Be like “Oh I know that dude, he was at that gay sex party I told you about. A real freak indeed he is.”

    1. Sex parties are raunchy. You are not going to be able to just post up and observe, they probably will urge you to participate or leave. I highly doubt you will be allowed to attend these parties and stand in the corner. Nah.

  8. I have been to a couple of sex parties where there are porn stars who were there and no telling who else came after we left. It is amazing at how people still have sex raw, but some times you can get caught up.

    1. You can get caught up, but no matter how involved I get…ain’t no dick slidin’ in ANY hole unless it’s wrapped! I may be horny…but my ass ain’t crazy! Lol
      NO dick or pussy is worth it. Sorry.

      1. Right. Well anyone who attends a sex party is already caught up, which means you already know what you are getting into. I don’t feel sorry for anyone who catches and STD at one of those parties, even if it is a deadly one. They get no sympathy from me…none at all.

  9. @Man…I so agree! In this day and age…a person would have to be out of their damn mind to be slidin up in OR letting someone slide up in them RAW. Is your life seriously worth a few moments of pleasure?! Sure they get a nutt, but they may also get a disease that can end their life. Or they may have a baby with a person they barely know. And THAT is the saddest part of it all.
    I can see it now…how’d your parents meet? They met at an orgy. LOL

  10. I’m really troubled Jamari that you would post some gossip about who may have been seen or not seen at sex party. Does it make you feel superior? Are you judging them? So what if dude goes to a sex party and gets banged out. It’s a free country. It’s his right. Sex is a need like eating, sleeping or drinking. Everybody does it or wants to do it. I don’t judge what turns a person on or off. My partner and I host sex parties occasionally. Really they are a lot of fun. Since we are black professionals most of the folks who come tend to black professionals (lawyers, doctors, entertainment industry folks) although we have blue collar guys and petty weed dealers too. Some of the comments I’m reading here make me laugh. Others sound immature. Some grown, mature, sexually confident people like to do sex parties. It’s entertainment and a form of bonding. You can do some serious networking too and I’ve made some really good friends. But they are not for everybody. Many men prefer one-on-ones. I happen to like both and found a dude that matches my speed. My partner and I also always supply plenty of condoms and lube throughout the house and put electric candles near them so folks can easily find them. If people decide to fuck raw that is one them. Again I don’t judge. As for me I’m always safe and have never gotten an STD although you can tell by my blog I’m very sexually active.

    1. Immanuel, I like you, but I disagree with you here. I believe that Jamari posted this because the person probably lives a straight life, which is shocking if they were seen at a gay sex party. It’s not like he dropped names. I guessed, but none of it is for certain. You know I find it hard to believe that you have never judged anyone or gossiped, not buying it and it’s not the truth. Judging is human nature, we all do it even though it’s wrong. As you said, the parties are not for everybody, so you cannot fault anyone for judging people who do engage in activity. Straights judge our lifestyle, but a lot of us ignore it and dismiss their opinions. The fact that you pointed out that professionals who engage in these parties shows insecurity because it is coming off as if you are trying to prove that no one is above it, including regular people with average jobs.That was not needed because we know people of all professions, different backgrounds etc go to sex parties, and we can network anywhere. Yea, I will admit that I do judge people who engage in sex parties and people who have raw sex, sue me, but in no way do I think I’m better than them solely based off of that. Life is short and it’s too damn valuable to risk it for a nut, especially at a sex party with strangers. You may not have caught an STD, but others have. I just couldn’t do it. First of all, I don’t like a lot of people, especially people I don’t know. I definitely ain’t banging around strangers either, and I’m not the only one. Second, it sounds unsanitary. All those naked bodies in one place is too much for me, even as an adult who has witnessed a lot. Third, people take condoms off without their partners knowing it. Yea that can happen in a one on one, but the chances are higher with a stranger because they do not care about your well being at all. They got it, and don’t care if you get it. That’s just how I feel, and a lot of people feel that way. I’m not saying these are bad people, but that’s too wild. Would I have friends who are into shit like that? Absolutely, and I do as a matter of fact, but these people will not be in my bed if I’m aware of it.

      1. The Man I could go all up and down what you wrote but I’m not. I’m on vacation. Just got back from the gym and I’m tired. Let’s just leave it at this. You are welcome to your opinion and I’m damned sure welcome to mine! Have a great New Year!

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