I’ll Have A Large Bowl of Rocky Road Please

tumblr_n19wh0Qc431ttwc1to1_500so remember when i said i went to ( x the dermatologist ) the other day?

i don’t know what is going on with my skin.
i don’t know if it’s the pills,
the wash,
or the solution,
but my skin out here looking like:

3.0 oz Crunch Bar Vanilla…like i have to go to work with this idiot bitch all in my grillz.
explosion of acne does not a good fashion accessory make.
one of reasons i opted out of wearing polka dots lately.
i looked in the mirror tonight and i was deadass like:

giphymy skin wasn’t that bad before i went.
well it has taken a 180 to hell.
i don’t even know which one of the prescriptions to stop.
i did my sniffing around online and it said:

“its suppose to get worse before it gets better.”

…so that means i’m suppose to look like rocky von cunchinghton until then?

tumblr_mm4s60n8Xk1s49x9io1_400thank god i’m not fuckin’ anyone right now.
i’d DEFINITELY have to cancel on a dick down because of this.
sadly i do have to go to work.
i can’t cancel that.

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “I’ll Have A Large Bowl of Rocky Road Please”

  1. In your earlier mention of this issue you said that your skin was fine, but you believe its stress related and that is why you believe that you are breaking out. Get rid of that hash prescription stuff and get Oxy wash which is a 10% benzoyl peroxide facial wash and Neutrogena acne stress control toner. Along with a benzoyl peroxide facial cream 10%. These three facial items get me right together!

  2. Jamari, your skin is in the condition that it’s in because you are being celebate I’m sure that “The Man” will do you a favor and give you what you need to clear up that skin. And if he’s unavailable, I’ll make that sacrafice to improve your skin health. LOL

  3. I feel the same about my hair. I feel like I’ve been losing it because of stress. If it’s mother nature coming to collect my follicles, Rogain here I come. I’m not giving up my hair without a fight tho I’d look good with a bald head.

  4. order some african black soap or raw shea butter both help with black skin and the reduction of acne…remember if you can try to see a dermatologist that specializes in black skin care because there is a huge difference based on culture in regards to skin development and care…

    1. Yes I totally agree with you. My black skin is still healing from all the damage of using products that is strictly for white skin. I miss my smooth clear brown skin.

  5. Be really careful with what the dermatologist gives you. My face breaks out bad also when I’m stressed and eat a lot of sugar. My dermatologist gave me some type of proactiv regimen and my skin peeled like crazy. I don’t think they study that much on black people skin. lol. You can’t prescribe us the same treatment as white people. lol. Your skin has some type of reaction to it. Some people say it’s horrible in the beginning before you see positive results. Idk. It’ll clear up soon enough. Just hold off on it for a while.

  6. I say gai r it some time I went throught a very similar experience. In about a week or two Muslim got better. But everyone skin is different so do what you think will work for you.

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