A Pimple In Time Brings Nine

tumblr_lzwpyrl3Uw1qlycwjo1_r1_500so i have been stressed.
some people start over eating once they get stressed.
i know i have been because i’ve been fiendin’ for a cheeseburger.
my inner fat fox has been going through it!
i refuse to give in to the temptations.
i cook all my meals and try to eat healthy.
i haven’t eaten any fast food in like a year or two.
well if you count fries
other people over indulge in sex.
i have no one to drill me so thats out the question.
so when i get stressed,
i guess i start to break out heavy.
news to me.
so i scheduled an appointment for the dermatologist.
i went yesterday and after checking out my skin,
he told me that i need to use the 4 following products

he gave me prescriptions.
even tho i can see my own flaws,
i don’t think anyone else could.
i had a few vixens overly flirtly with me.

(sidebar: why is it when you not feelin’ your best,
everyone tries to get at you?
i had on sweats and my face is scruffy.
i didn’t even do my hair.
like wtf?)

thinking-hard-gifone even jumped me ahead of line,
after she told me the wait would be 45 minutes.
out of the 4 prescriptions,
2 were not covered.
this benzoyl peroxide wash could be bought over the counter:

nwxh2no1_201305152025416827the one in the pharmacy was “45 something dollars”.
^this was 11 bucks.
in the cart.
the “tretinon” also was not covered:

largeview_Obagi-Tretinoin-Cream-005-212-1178_1…and it was 200 bucks.
another no.
i’ll go to my hood pharmacy and see if they’ll slip me it.
or i’ll be an upstanding citizen and look for the otc.
i got the clindamycin:

greenstone_uspso let me tell ya’ll about ^this shit.
this is a solution that you have rub on your skin.
it comes with this cover you have to put on.
i didn’t put it on tight enough and:

165it got all in my eye and mouth!
i was in here screaming!
i thought i was going to be blind out my right eye!
rinsing my eye and mouth out with cold water.
finally i have to take “doxycycline”:

WWW21120…twice a day.
he warned that it causes nausea.
thanks doc.
i certainly felt it last night.
1zwge93i have to go back next month for a chemical peel.
these products def dried out my skin.
my face felt crazy tite after i did all the whole regiment.
i also noticed most of my pimples started to dry up.
thats a good start.

8 thoughts on “A Pimple In Time Brings Nine

  1. Yeah Tea Tree Oil is legit!

    I’ve been thinking of trying this respected black dermatologist in the city. I might do that. I want my skin tone to be more even.

  2. Yeah I’m in the same boat as you, my skin could defiantly be better. I went to the Dermo a few months backs and he put me on clindamycin, hydrocortisone, Tamarac, and hydroquinone ( for my dark spots) . I have everything but the clindamycin( that shit is like over 100, and it’s not in my budget right now) . I’ve gotten decent results but I want to try Accutane. But I hear it’s hella expensive and dangerous but it works. They took it off the market because it was giving people like suicidal thoughts.

  3. Yea, stress can break you out. When mid-terms and finals time comes, you might as well forget it for me lol. I hope you get your skin together man. I know you don’t wanna be going around looking like a teenage white girl in a proactive commercial lol.

  4. Jamari, have you ever heard of tee tree oil? It may just be a southern thing, but it’s pretty good for spot treatments. When I have a bump I just dab a little on with a q-tip and it dries up pretty quickly. It smells strong so I only use it at night. It can be a little pricey (around 10 bucks for a small bottle) but a little bit goes a long way.

    1. ^you know what sam?
      its funny you said that.
      someone was telling me about it.
      my face is usually great,
      but with everything ive been dealing with,
      it has taken a turn quite recently.

      thank you for the suggestion.
      i will look into it.

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