I Smeared It All Over My Face and Left It On For 20 Minutes

tumblr_static_optica_pattern_06_640so for the last couple weeks,
hell months,
i’ve been breaking out like crazy.
i will admit,
i’ve been stressed and over-eating all the wrong things.


…comfort food?
either way,
i had enough.
my foxy sexy don’t work with a crunch bar face.
i remember one of my readers suggesting bentonite clay way back.
the problem is,
were the hell would i get it?
so i went to amazon and there it was…
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A Pimple In Time Brings Nine

tumblr_lzwpyrl3Uw1qlycwjo1_r1_500so i have been stressed.
some people start over eating once they get stressed.
i know i have been because i’ve been fiendin’ for a cheeseburger.
my inner fat fox has been going through it!
i refuse to give in to the temptations.
i cook all my meals and try to eat healthy.
i haven’t eaten any fast food in like a year or two.
well if you count fries
other people over indulge in sex.
i have no one to drill me so thats out the question.
so when i get stressed,
i guess i start to break out heavy.
news to me.
so i scheduled an appointment for the dermatologist.
i went yesterday and after checking out my skin,
he told me that i need to use the 4 following products
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