I Smeared It All Over My Face and Left It On For 20 Minutes

tumblr_static_optica_pattern_06_640so for the last couple weeks,
hell months,
i’ve been breaking out like crazy.
i will admit,
i’ve been stressed and over-eating all the wrong things.


…comfort food?
either way,
i had enough.
my foxy sexy don’t work with a crunch bar face.
i remember one of my readers suggesting bentonite clay way back.
the problem is,
were the hell would i get it?
so i went to amazon and there it was…

aztec secrets: indian healing bentonite clay
1 pound

it came earlier this week and gave myself a facial asapy-like.
i left it on for 20 minutes.
it got tight as hell and it felt like it was tingling.
i kid you not…
as soon as i washed it off,
most of the pimples on my face started going down.
when i woke up the next day,
my face cleared up dramatically.
my face felt smooth and soft.
i started heavyweight praising jesus in my bathroom.
so i did it again the next night.
i am known to od.
next day and all the left over pimples i had were gone!
even the razor bumps i had on my next vanished.
my skin looks insanely clear today.


i spoke to the pretty vixen about it and she cosigned it heavy.
she told me to take a clay bath that night.
basically put it all over my body,
fill the tub with water as hot as i can stand it,
and then sit for about 20 minutes.
well it killed me and bought me back to life.
i was so tired that i instantly went to sleep.
when i woke up on new years eve,
i felt completely energized that i cleaned my entire apartment.


i will keep on testing it twice a week.
i’m also cutting out “comfort food” and re-up on my water supply.
will you join me?


and for more research:


thank you to my readers that suggested it!


26 thoughts on “I Smeared It All Over My Face and Left It On For 20 Minutes

  1. i want to say i’m so grateful for everyone who is sharing their stories.
    i’m listening.
    someone is lurking and listening.
    i want my skin to look like his ——-> x SEE HIS

    now i will say tea tree oil seems to break me out or is doesn’t work.
    maybe its my imagination or i’m using it wrong?

  2. I just wanted to throw in my two cents. My father is a retired dermatologist who would often prescribe a compounded topical mask of kaolin clay, benzoyl peroxide and sulfur. As a teenager, this stuff was like magic, if you can stand the smell of the sulfur. Before he would prescribe Retin-A, benzoyl peroxide and antibiotics, he would prescribe this compound that seemed to work extremely well. Murad Clarifying Mask is similar but insanely expensive (for what it is). You can find kaolin and bentonite in a lot of commercial products that are marketed as acne masks or make your own with kaolin or bentonite powder, mixed with water and a couple of drops of tea tree oil.

  3. Go to the grocery store and purchase apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and extra virgin coconut oil.
    Go to the pharmacy and purchase witch hazel with cucumber and 100% tea tree oil.

    Use the vinegar and oils to clean and moisturize your neck and face. Vinegar evens the skin and kills bacteria. Olive oil moisturizes the skin and has some SPF. Coconut oil moistures the skin, has antibacterial properties, and repels insects. You could mix coconut oil with your favorite moisturizer.

    Use the witch hazel and tea tree oil to on blemishes. Razor bumps, skin tags, allegeric reactions all disappear with proper application.

    Drink enough water, take an omega 3 supplement, and eat enough fiber. Do things that lengthen your telemeres.

    When you are literally full of shit and toxins it shows!

  4. Organic Almond oil works well also. I had a cut when I was younger on my knee when I fell into a canal ditch. The pipe cut through my knee leaving a gash that stayed with me for most of my life. I used that stuff and in about two weeks the gash was gone…I was like holy wow!

  5. I really need to try this out. I have been looking for something to take care of the razor bumps that I occasionally get.

  6. Jamari, have you heard of retin-A? It is typically used for acne and exfoliation, and even wrinkle correcting! I have a rare skin condition that causes my skin to be chronically dry, so i’ve been using that coupled with mixing lactic acid in regular Jergens lotions. Cleared my skin up, and trust me, I didn’t have much acne, but my condition covered my entire body. It is used as an exfoliant. You need a prescription for it though, but I don’t think it should be too hard to get considering you would use it for acne.

    Many people do lactic acid,or glycolic acid or various other chemical peels to give themselves rejuvenation. If it could work for me, it could work for you!

    The thing about these things is that you have to stay consistent with them to see results, and be careful and responsible of your use, the acids can burn your skin badly if you’re not careful, which is why i mix it into lotions, so it’s diluted. I’ve been doing this for years and i swear by it.

    If you want clear glowy skin, look into the peels, lactic, glycolic or TCA (<<wouldn't recommend, extremely harsh and requires you to tkae time off to recover, but supposed to deliver the best results) and include retinol (retin A, tretinoin, retinol products) in your regimen somehow. Best way to keep your skin fresh, clean, and youthful, couple with a good SPFor even invest in those rejuvination regimens like Obagi Nu Derm etc. I used to know a all the major ones, but this was years ago when I was in the know about all this.

    You might be able to find products that have these in them already (Lac-Hydrin for example contains a small percentage of lactic acid)

    If any of these sound right for you, I strongly suggest doing extensive research before starting.

    Those are my suggestions. I could recommend more stuff if you want, just let me know…

    1. ^oh im taking notes d!
      ive heard of retin a,
      but it’s definitely something you need a prescription to get.

      what are some over the counter products that have these items in them?
      or do you have to get them specifically?

      1. I actually order the Retin-A online as well as the Lactic acid! In my city there are no OTC products with RA or LA in them so either I order a product with Retinol in it or LA in it, or just buy them raw themselves, so I just buy them raw and DIY! I haven’t ordered in a while because I still have some left so I’m not sure if they still sell it, but I got my RA from ioffer, (kinda like e-bay or amazon) and i get my LA from lotioncrafters.com
        Lotioncrafters is a great website for a lot of raw natural ingredients for the skin/hair and other ailments as well!

        What I used to do when I got my LA was I would get a measuring cup and I believe I put in half a1/4 cup of LA andhalf 1/4 water to dilute so i’d have a full 1/4 cup of solution. I would get a brush ( I was ratchet and used an old paintbrush lol) but you can get an applicator brush and just stroke your skin as if you were painting. I would recommend putting only one layer and wait about ~5mins. By this time you will feel your body itching and stinging, and hop in the shower right away and wash it off. That’s how I did it, and it worked wonders. Now I just mix it open the bottle count about 5-10 seconds as I’m pouring it into the Jergens, mix, and shake, and it’s ready to go. I’d recommend this technique. It’s easier, and much safer lol, and gets the job done almost just as well. the lactic acid will get rid of dead skin cells and keep your skin smooth. The retin A will treat acne, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. (use RA at night, and LA +SPF in the day) I believe glycolic acid is really good as well, I just haven’t tried it yet!

      2. I forgot to mention, for moisturization getting some raw shea butter or cocoa butter and melting in the microwave or stove top boiling it, has been the best moisturizer i’ve ever had. 100% recommend for anyone with problems with dryness!

  7. I tell anyone who is willing to listen…..

    If you want that “voodoo magic” go natural! Nothing better than what comes from the Earth.

    Authentic African Black Soap! Will even complexions, remove fungus, and diminish blemishes without the bleaching issue. It is just charcoal and plantain kernels, plus very cheap!

    In my experience, Ambi is “ehhh, ok.” The only thing great about it is its advertising to minorities. It excels because nothing is competing against it in the same league (branding/quality) to the mass. It gives a negative “halo effect.”

    Black soap- you can wash your face, body, and hair in. It will give your body a glow by not lightening, but removing dead skin and dirt fully.

    …….Just a long time lurker here looking out!

  8. I just allow my bumps to go away most of the time, I never pop them because dark spots will be worse. The only thing I use is cortisone lol.

    1. @Lindo,

      I would try Ambi fade/spot corrector cream and a non-comedogenic (meaning it won’t clog pours) moisturizer with an SPF of at least 30. When my dermatologist recommended it to me, I gave him the death stare. Not even 2 months into the regimen, and everyone I know is noticing amazing results. Ambi is safe as long as you really use it for a spot corrector, and not to bleach your entire skin. I only use Ambi on my neck and the dark spots from all the skin issues I’ve had over the years are now being reversed. (FYI, I also use RX creams but that’s up to your dermatologist to determine if they are suitable for you).

      I’m a brown skinned brother, and no one ever told me the importance of using SPF, moisturizer, ect. Thank God I don’t have a ton of skin damage but what I do have is being corrected by prescription and over the counter meds.

      1. @Jamari,

        It’s working for me, but I have a complete skin care regimen that most people find too annoying to stick with.

        I was cautious when my dermatologist suggested it to me instead of a prescription fade cream (that he said would do more harm than help), so I went to a pharmacy and talked to a black pharmacist. She said to try it for a month and only use it lightly on the spots I wanted to correct. I checked out some YouTube vids (with black and brown people of my skin tone as well just to get some other opinions).

        I used to have spots of eczema (dark patches but mine weren’t itchy) on my neck. I was self conscious and finally went to a dermatologist and decided to do something about it. Couple that with the “razor bumps” and under my chin was a hot ass mess.

        I use Ambi in conjunction with a prescription cream for the razor bumps on my neck and a moisturizer that has an SPF agent to protect me against the sun while evening out my skin complexion.

        Hydroquinone is the main ingredient in skin bleaching creams, but with Ambi, at least the one that I have, it’s only 2.0% coupled with a lot of other ingredients, which isn’t enough to actually bleach the skin and harm it. Just my two cents.

        I think Ambi doesn’t work for a lot of people because they expect unrealistic results. It’s not meant for bleaching in the sense that we know and frown upon, but rather as a spot correcting agent for people who have patches of dark skin or acne scars.

      2. All Ambi products have really kept my dark brown complexion really clear and it isn’t heavy. I use the foaming wash, face soap, and moisturizer with Spf and it’s the other line of products that have consistently come through.

      3. I’m gonna wait for Jamari’s review of Ambi before I try it. But I read something about using lemon o any citrus fruit to lightening the skin, so I think I’m gonna try it for a while plus I don’t the money to purchase Ambi o Clinique, So Mother Nature please help me, girl. I need ya asap.

        I kinda regret for using the extractor because it gave me dark spots, but on the upside it did took out the old pus I had for years and years that the cream couldn’t help with.

      4. @ Lindo

        Lemon and citrus fruits don’t lighten the skin in a permanent way, but it’s more like “brightening” your natural complexion in a more natural way. It is because the salicylic acid in citrus.This same chemical is used in many acne products as well. It’s great for people with oily skin. Dry skin, not as much, so it just depends on what your needs are.

    2. Hey Lindo,

      You could try Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector, it’s a little pricey at 5O dollars but it works over time to even your skin all over. If you want a cheaper version Walmart has a knockoff for like 20 dollars.

      1. When I get the money I think I will try the Clinique o hopefully Sephora might have some free samples of it? Maybe, maybe *finger-cross*

  9. Love this stuff 😍😍😍
    I found out about it a few years ago and have been using it off and on ever since. It had so many uses its crazy besides being great for acne you can use it as a clay mask in the hair as an alternative to shampoo to clarify the hair.

  10. Does it really really work? lol. I’ve been looking for a skin regimine. I’m kinda iffy on things in regards to my skin especially my face. You’re gonna have to email me exactly what you did. Like verbatim/ Step 1,2,3…lol

  11. it absorbs toxins. you can eat it too. some ppl down South do it. i love the marking, “indian#. ppl just get it out of the earth.

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