FACIAL: (27)

tumblr_nzptzd6V4T1roycbro1_500look at this wolf’s face!
the eyes
the lips
the hair
his perfectly clear skin
i could take his facial all day.

lowkey: what face products is he using?
someone go get intel in his bathroom!

Author: jamari fox

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13 thoughts on “FACIAL: (27)

    1. Me too. My skin has been mostly clear, but I have break outs at times related to stress I believe. A couple weeks back, I had bumps all on my face, and it was graduation at that, I almost died lol.

      1. Congratulation on your graduation. Pimples are such a burden, I have them mostly on my forehead and some on my cheeks, but I purchase myself a comedone extractor to remove the pimples on my forehead which works but….. it’s leaving me dark spots which I am praying to God it will fade away with some exfoliation and cocoa butter to do the job.

  1. His skin is nice and clear, sigh must be nice. I will say I’ve gotten lazy with my skin care routine, and an suffering because of it.

  2. I usually drink a lot of water & stay away from sodas. I also use pure almond oil, raw Shae butter and to a certain point coconut oil.

    My skin isn’t perfect..being that I’m not a perfect human lol…..πŸ˜‚ but it is always smooth and glossy.

    I’m sure a smooth coating of almond oil helps but folks diet plays a big part to. Drinking water & banishing fried foods and other stuff down to a minimum.

    Depression & stress ages folks as well..smh and these days its jus so much..😭

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