f0xmail: My Friend Is Being Neglected! Help!


Hey Buddy:

Low-key: I have know you for a while and love your website. Now I’m not the big advice wolf so I need your take on this for my friend.
What would you do..Do you ever have the feeling that you know you are right but you continue want to be wrong about things…. ?
So you meet this wolf who keeps saying he wants to hang out. You set up times move your schedule to accommodate. That day comes and nothing…You end up calling the wolf to see what happened. Okay things happen but it seems like everytime there is something, the wolf wants to see you as he works bicostally.
When he is on your coast and you try to get that time then you are thrown between friends, brunch,and  any and everything else. You also still have to check to see if your time is gonna happen… The wolf wants to be with you or so it’s said ….You go off because you just need to know what’s up…You think he and his New Yark X are done…Then in an exchange you find out the The wolf has another wolf who lives on the west coast which he never mentioned that he was still kicking it with between all the 750 texts and for your eyes only ass selfies. At  This point,you feel some kinda way about the lies and deceit .The wolf tries to make it seem like you got the issue.  He states he is not used to having pressure put on him about things….He states that things should be on his terms…. This same wolf wants to do an event business with you. He says he thinks your cool and should relax.
What should you do short of going to jail or throwing a brick in that new BMW..As respect is key here but you are the crazy one for always seeking clarity.. Your concerns are always dismissed and you just supposed to just be cool with what ever?
I need to help my friend and he don’t want to call Kywan….

thank you for the love,
but lets get right into this one.

tumblr_inline_mwtm5zs2Jb1s16lhs….why does your friend like this wolf again?
all i’m seeing is negatives:

  • he breaks dates and doesn’t call to cancel
  • he puts others first before your friend
  • he is seeing someone else
  • he turns the situation on your friend when he is clearly wrong
  • he is controlling
  • he doesn’t care about anyone but himself
  • he is a friggin’ dumbass

i threw the last part in.
he sounds like an obvious no go from 21 jump street.
thing is,
with all these obvious “run and don’t look back”,
there seems to be more to this wolf.
he has something that is making your friend stick around.

the money
the pipe
the “promise”

(the “promise”: this wolf has potential of being something great.)

hell no potential greatness in the world should lead to this ill treatment.
here is the thing reader…
low self worth will have foxes putting:

rodents for royalty
pussies for presidents
guppies for greatness

…you get where i’m going with this.
listen the writings are on the wall with this one.
black permanent marker.
he seems like trash,
but whatever has your friend holding on,
he has to ask himself if his sanity is worth it?
this wolf will have him out here looking like a buffoon in these forests.
and then wants to get into business with him?
someone who doesn’t respect him?

…um like that sounds like a riveting people’s court episode.
i’m sure everyone else will agree as well.

someone who is interested will make time.
they will be considerate and they will cancel ahead.
they also won’t be a friggin’ dumbass.

it’s time to drop all bad behavior in this new year ahead.
these wolves have getting passes for their bad behavior by raggamuffins.
if your friend ain’t careful,
he will become a raggamuffin and not even realize it.
i hope this helped!
keep the foxhole updated!

jamari fox

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “f0xmail: My Friend Is Being Neglected! Help!”

  1. I have had similar experiences with wolfs who want to do stuff on their time, or won’t cancel ahead of plans and it’s just like Jamari said. If someone wants to be around they will, hell and if someone likes you in a wolf and fox kind of way no excuse will keep them from being around you. I think it’s a case of he’s just not that into you but is trying to see why he can get from you. (i.e. THE CHEEKS)

  2. He’s using you run , this business is bs if you give him money you will never see it again. .he a wolf but your he prize demand some ass smash it hard and deep and drop him!!!!

  3. Giving it to you how a Wolf thinks, he pretty much put you in the “I can treat your ass any kind of way I want” when you still entertained him after he dissed you the first time with an excuse. He knows you are easy and will believe anything. He knows he can use you and you will fall right into line. He is probably physically your ideal, so you wont easily let go. That’s the difference, is a fox does something to piss a wolf off from the jump, they get dropped unless they have really have that good-good, and you may get to stay around a little longer. If you are not a knockout fox, meaning very physically and sexually appealing to a dude, you will probably get treated like this if he is not really interested in you other than to pass the time or use you. Sometimes as a wolf you just like the attention and nothing more. When you find a fox that you are attracted to, you go out of your way to spend some time with them and maybe a little change because you wanna at least sleep with them to test the goods. People can sense when you dont think much of yourself and they wont think much of you either. I got a feeling this friend is not going to heed this advice and will continue to be treated like shit on the bottom of the wolf shoe. So hard for foxes to let go, but wolves have a 2nd or even 3rd in the rotation to call on, just the truth.

  4. I’m guilty of making plans and not following through, but that’s usually when I’m on the fence about the dude or not really feeling them.

    What we are all saying is true. If a dude is feeling you they will do whatever to be in your presence, and if they’re not it’ll be one excuse after another until they’ve insulted your entire existence.

  5. I been thinking about this. You can’t help those who don’t want to get help because it too hard to communicate with them and see what you see. In these kind of situation you have to let the person to be on their own in order to learn the hard way. And if you are a real friend just be there when he’s down and crying then later when he feel much better you say “I told you say so, stupid ass.”

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