what is the price for your good stuff?

let’s say you are a blogger and this is around 2018.
you have a successful entertainment blog that rivals the shade room,
neighborhood talk,
and hollywood unlocked.
you get a lot of traction for speaking about celebs on a daily.
this means you can get into bed with many blue checks.
you have a reputation for reporting everything,
whether good or bad.
you get a dm from…

R. Kelly.

this is 2018.
he says he’ll pay you over 50k to report only good stories about him.
he will also pay you 10k for any additional story.

you take the deal and now you’re only speaking highly of r. kelly.

In 2019,
the “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary comes out.

as you know,
this documentary is dragging him to the depths of hell.
his team is demanding that you push good things about him.
it’s crunch time and you have to ruin all the victim’s reputations.
his team sends you all kinds of shit to post.
you are the only popular source that is speaking highly about him.
other sites like the shade room,
neighbood talk,
and hollywood unlocked are dragging him.
if you don’t,
he’s threatening to reveal that you took bribes to make him look good.
what are you gonna do?
you signed a contract and in the fine print,
he could sue you.
there goes your credibility out the window.

You have to be careful when it comes to the beds you get into with celebs.

once you do that,
you can easily be bought by the highest bidder.
you’re getting involved with beef between two artists.
what if the celeb that bought you gets into a major scandal?
your brand is attached to that now.
once you go down those messy rabbit holes,
it’s pretty much over for all that you worked for.
you gotta ask yourself:

What is your price?
How much are you willing to be bought?

…because every price comes with a debt to pay later on.
don’t let your low self-worth and need for acceptance ruin you.
this cardi b drama is very interesting to me:

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “what is the price for your good stuff?”

  1. Cardi b team absolutely pays pages to hate. Mathew Knowles allegedly tried to get radio to stall letoyas torn in 06 but it didn’t work and the song went crazy

    I also noticed Ciara had almost a million daily Spotify streams which is major that’s more than cardis new song. But there were a few viral hate tweets toward the song so if y’all hate it so much who’s listening over and over?? People say it’s juvenile but that’s the point she’s highlighting hbcu cheer squads.

    Perez Hilton admittedly sabotaged Christina Aguilera in favor of lady Gaga in 2008

    Now lady Gaga’s music isn’t nearly as hot as it once was. U can’t stop Gods people

    They try to purposely silence and shut out certain artists Nicki had a hate train in 2019

    Her husbands accuser was on tiktok saying she wanted Nicki money but the media pushes a narrative that they’re guilty

    But when You are a good person God allows you to power through it. That’s why you have to just keep moving forward and tune out the bullshit bc it always shows itself

  2. The gag is… bloggers don’t realize that any information that is submitted to you becomes your intellectual property. If the information was stolen or used without consent then it is not your intellectual property.

  3. In this situation with Cardi, that’s hearsay and if they do leak it, then that becomes breach of contract if she paid for them to keep silent. That means Cardi will win the lawsuit but it will also hurt both parties. Cardi can benefit from it because who doesn’t do that, politicians do it all the time. Its a smear campaign and it won’t hurt Cardi but it will ruin the blogger for revealing sources and turning on the client

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