what is the price for your good stuff?

let’s say you are a blogger and this is around 2018.
you have a successful entertainment blog that rivals the shade room,
neighborhood talk,
and hollywood unlocked.
you get a lot of traction for speaking about celebs on a daily.
this means you can get into bed with many blue checks.
you have a reputation for reporting everything,
whether good or bad.
you get a dm from…

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saying goodbye to 2014 in a big way

so i did it.
you gotta give it to The Universe and know it’ll work it out.
i was trying to work on a entry for the foxhole.
it took FOREVER for the twitter video to load.
bad enough,
it took the other pages hell to load as well.
don’t even start me on how long it takes for porn to load.
that’s a whole nother story.
in my frustrating,
i called apple with the quickness…

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I Want To Pipe Prostitutes In Back Alleys (GTA)

gta5-wallpaperso as you know every (baller) wolf has gone into hibernation for the winter.
gta has been released.
they’ll only be coming out to get food,
use the bathroom,
and maybe some pussy/booty.
honestly i wanted to treat myself and buy it.
this would be the first time i actually played it.
a “straight” wolf i know use to know loved to invite me over to watch him play.
he would get excited as he did shit.
it was kina like foreplay.
so i wanted to ask
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Guess What Mark Ingram Bought His Mama?

It must be a good feeling when your son gets drafted to the NFL.
All those days of beating his ass to do good pays off.

Mark Ingram’s mother should be so proud!
Plus, she has made a fine moutain of a son.
But that is besides the point.

Click below to see what he bought her…

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My Baby is Born!

I am now officially


coming to a:

Locker Room
Smart Phone
or your boyfriend’s private thoughts…

… near you.