The Art of The Hook Up

HOOKUPhook up.
you know how it goes.
this is to piggy back off that entry last night.
you meet a “name” on a chat site.
you know the type.
one of the many “i’m a WOLF” screen names.
he has a body shot as his default.
the rest of his pictures are hidden.
so it goes something like this…
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Bedtime Stories About Sex Sites and Potential Loose Bussy you brush your teeth?
did you wash your face?
did you take a shower?
did you put your clothes out for tomorrow?
pack your bag?
good boy.
its time to hear a bedtime story!
one i will talk about tomorrow.
this is the story of a fox who realized gay sex sites are not the wave anymore.
well for him anyway.
hooking up is so yesterday,
or it is it?
well one of my f-bi sent me this story written by lester brathwaite.
it was seen over at mr obnoxious.
lets get into it shall we…
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Thank God They Weren’t Invited To The #Bobaque

898cca1a-056c-7bdc-35a0-b91c5a2fb9b4_TWD_404_GP_0613_0119did anyone watch the walking dead tonight??????
so i was all over this priest.
i was not buying whatever he was selling.
he was coming off real sketch city and i was waiting for it,
but then the ending was…
that ending just fucked me.
i need a minute to figure out my life.

x watch tonight’s “the walking dead” here

Over Thinking Will Have Your Ass Stagnant In Your Forest

60839-Over-Thinking-Kills-Your-Happinessive been over thinking.
i’ll admit it.
ive also been letting irrelevant things get to me.
this job and just feeling stagnant being one of them.
over thinking + fear + depression =
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Nick Cannon Is Heavy Cosigning Amber Rose Life

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 10.06.22 AM

amber rose is what you would call…
my spirit animal.
i love her dearly.
welp she is on the way to being divorced and back on the prowl heavy.
while wiz khalifia is reborn again with ( x purple hair ),
amber found something in a hopeful place to another newly divorcee,
nick cannon.
so much so,
he is now her manager.
he also had this to say about her life…
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Pecs, Bunz, and Hazel Eyes (Yum?)

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 8.49.31 AMi know you’re wondering whose body this is?
…or maybe not as you could be just focused on the pecs.
as i was.
well remember ( x the honey bunz ) from last entry?
well he has been found-ed.
one of the f-bi,
chi fox,
did a little sniffing around and brought us presents.
we like presents!
everyone meet “1ratedgq”
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