Nicki VS Miley: Sooooooo Not Staged As I Thought?

tumblr_ntxch9ZnYU1qzyko4o1_540so if ya’ll was watching the mess that is the ’15 mtv awards,
you saw nicki minaj call out miley cyrus when she was accepting her award.
( x read what miley said about nicki )
now foxhole…
i personally think it was staged,
but then i saw this audience cam video
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Kanye Is Crazy As Cat Shit

PUUPcsikanye west is gone ya’ll.
he gone and i doubt he is ever coming back.
that rant of his for his mtv vanguard award was a mess.
does he ever thank his mother?
i can’t.

lowkey: and then he trying to run for president in 2020 too?
we gonna war with every-damn-body.

At Least Clayton Fox Knows “Naked” Very Well

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 10.15.24 PMremember the wolf ( x this morning ) that was on the toilet?
the one that if he was in your crib,
you may have ignored whatever was going on?
well a foxholer gave us a lead to sniff out his trail.
everyone meet clayton fox.
he is a wolf from brazil who clearly likes to be almost naked…
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6 Proven Steps So You Can Be DeliverT From Your Gayness

11898617_870377389698830_3217798441887997185_nso andrew caldwell,
aka aka “i am deliverT from the menz”,
has another video for us who are living in the wilderness.
you know…
surrounded by lust and sweat of the great wolves with the good dack.
well he has 6 “proven” steps so we can all be deliverT.
an f-bi sent me this to share with the foxhole…
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I Love That Odell Beckham Jr Gives Good Head (& Shoulders)

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 8.50.35 PMthe scorpio bae,
odell beckham jr,
has a lot to be happy about these days.
well for one,
jamari fox likes him.
so that’s the ultimate happiness right there.
not only that,
he is the spokesperson just for giving great head.
well not the “head” you had in mind.
sporting news had this to say…
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