Get On Your Knees (U Ain’t Lickin’ Dis Then U Ain’t Stickin’ Dis)

breads_cinnamon_bun_lgi feel like every wolf should eat booty.
i said it.
“eat booty” does sound a little barbaric.
so how about…
lick the fox hole?
is that better?
surprisingly there are wolves out here who are on a “bunz free” diet.
something about too much carb intake
or some crazy excuse…
its like being in high school again.
we all had that wolf friend(s) who said this classic line:

“hell naw!
i don’t eat no pussy!
yuck thats gross!
she still gotta give me head tho…”

…and secretly,
he was on his knees properly cleaning out her vagina.
this depends on if the vixen was a dumb ass or not.
if the fox has prepared a clean platter for you to dig in…

Why not put on a bib and get on your knees?

well i got a f0xmail from one of my readers with this very discussion…
and “not for straight eyes”)…
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iMan Shumpert’s Body Picks Up Much Better

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 12.07.55 AMi like to think iman shumpert‘s face doesn’t “pick up good” in photos.
that’s not a bad thing!
in person,
he is actually really attractive.
i saw him when he first got signed to the knicks in ’11.
i didn’t know who he was,
but he was cute from where i was standing.
well teyana taylor,
his socialite girlfriend and part time singer,
put up this picture allegedly on “eggplant friday” and well…
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Is Our Little August “September”Alsina Dating?

tumblr_n3dtdzWfRL1qgfdy4o1_1280so you know i love august alsina?
my ratchet wolf who can carry a tune.
well he seems to be dating someone now.
i already know who you THINK it is,
but ima need you to have some manners!
no its not THAT person he fell out with.
anyway this vixen put this up and it has the forest talking
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The Jackal Who Is Sorry For Giving Out HIV (He Sorry Ya’ll)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 7.48.39 PMeveryone remember this face.
so this jackal,
who we will call “hazmat”,
was out here giving out hiv like it was candy.
the way he announced it to the world tho is absolutely despicable.
one of my fbi sent me this story and i’m at a loss for words.
look at what hazmat posted on his now deleted instagram

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I’m Bout fourfiveseconds From Wyldin’

B8J7XMxCIAADoDZyou ever heard a song that literally described who you were,
or what you were dealing with,
at that very moment?
you had to listen to it over and over because it was like therapy?

well this is it…
my super fav,
along with kanye west and sir paul mccartney,
dropped an acoustic track called “fourfiveseconds” on surprise.
i could not have needed it more…

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Is This Happiness?

persons-0075waking up,
my phone has over 50 texts.
a larger amount of missed phone calls.
its from various designers,
and baller wolves.
everyone wants something from me.
i’m happy to give it to them.
my days are spent:


i am behind the scenes of almost every event.
i’ve casted models for every music video.
the books ive written are best sellers.
i secretly work along side big names.
i’m the best kept secret in hollywood.
they call on me personally for assistance with their issues.
i’m a therapist,
a fixer,
and a life line all rolled into one.
i have no complaints.
i wanted this.
i wanted to be “independent”.
no more dealing with a dictator and army that followed.
its just me and my own rules.
that is happiness to me…
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