Azealia Banks Thinks Snow Wolves Are “Nice and Easy”

azealia_banks-luxury-music-videoso azealia banks is known for her “pro black” stance these days.
not about her music,
but i guess “fighting the power” is better.
well one of her followers called her out about being “pro black”,
but admitting to dating old snow foxes with money.
the shade room caught the exchange and well…
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“I Shoulda Cheated” – The Ballad of Karrueche Tran

rs_300x300-150318140538-600.Karrueche-Tran-Iyanla-Vanzant.MS.031815“there once was a vixen,
a beautiful vixen,
who worked as an assistant stylist many moons ago.
as she did that gig,
she met a handsome,
no sexy,
r&b superstar.
in her luck,
he had just gotten out of a tumultuous relationship with a beautiful pop star.
she didn’t see the red flags in that relationship because:

1 – the r&b superstar was fine as hell
2 – the fame that came with him looked appealing
3 – “i could change him”

well this assistant stylist decided she would be the perfect vixen to him.
she didn’t want to lose him so she let him do whatever he pleased.
and so he did…
he cheated on her and ended up getting thot-bob square pants pregnant.”

thats all i could think while watching karrueche on iyanla tonight….
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To All My Inner Ratchets Out There (THANK YOU!)

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 5.17.25 PMum…
over a million views on my ratchet side?
like only 2 months-ish?
thanks to all my inner ratchets out there who went over there.
( x the big bad vixen ) couldn’t hold me down.
all that and still no one cared.
as for you all reading and supporting me:

I luv u luvu luv u luh luh luhvu I luhvu luh luh...

…taken from that “i luh god” gospel trap.

x 18 and ^ / NSFW to my ratchet side


tumblr_m7z08b1sN01rpmhcsya know,
i thought about something after observing this chris brown fiasco.
i’m always for the foxes,
so you know this is for you,
but i’m sure the hybrids and wolves could relate.
in this life,
you will meet that one person that you are attracted to HEAVY.
only thing is,
they don’t want you.
they could lead you on into thinking they do,
but realistically,
they have no attraction to you.
so you do all kinds of shit to be in their radar.

buying them shit
texting a little too much
drinking a gallon of water because you are dehydrated

trust me.
i been there so #nojudgment.
when you finally get the message you wasted your time,
it can feel like a gut punch.
from the sidelines,
you have to watch them date the absolute worse of the worse.
well this is what i want you do to…
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