I Want To Look Like Kim Kardashian So I Can Get Good Black Dack

Kim-Kardashian-Bra-Sizeif i looked like kim kardashian,
pre cat face,
i would probably be riding some dack right now.
probably serfboartin’ a sexy attentionisto/hood star.
i’d have no kids,
my bills would be paid,
and i’d have 100k followers on my social media accounts.
i would have a legit job and be a “model” of some sort on the side.
i’d have 2,000 unanswered texts.
all wolves fiending for a taste of my sweet tight waterfall pussy.

aaahhh life would be sweet!
well apparently that was the thought of jordan james parke.
he dropped 150k just to look like kim.
this is the results…
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Don’t Mess With North Korea

tumblr_ngqxjfbL181qzx3jto1_1280i think they you mean “FAIL”.
so i been seeing commercials for this movie called “the interview”.
it starred seth rogan and james franco.
sony pictures is the studio behind the movie.
the plot was those two doofuses going to kill kim jong-un,
the leader of north korea.
i instantly thought the film was a very bad idea.
very bad.
last month,
sony hq’s private emails ironically got hacked revealing EVERYTHING.
directors were talkin’ shit about angelina jolie,
kevin hart,
and a host of others.
very ironic.
well if you were planning on seeing “the interview” on christmas day,
it looks like you better go see something else
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Ho, Ho, Ho Blow (Christmas)

503399-25617af6-5d9d-11e3-ae40-d33e7a4d8181so this christmas is going to be a bust.
i’m not really feelin’ it this year.
i’d love to start my new year with a career.
my blog
my book
living off that revenue
give a mean peace sign to those hoes at my gig now
opening an image consulting company.
styling wolves
one of my home-vixens just asked me what i wanted for christmas.
i told her nothing much but…

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Can We Cut Out “Temp Agency” and Skip Ahead To “New Job”?

tumblr_m2uxrvZvIr1r8xqmio1_500i’m not a fan of temp agencies.
well let me not say that.
i’m not a fan of the process of temp agencies now.
before i use to snatch up jobs with temp agencies like nothing.
not so much.
i didn’t realize how much stress they are when you have a job…
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