Don’t Ask August Alsina About “That Guy” (He May Slap You)

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 12.36.41 AMyou see that hand?
it’ll be “slap slap right across ya melon.
well only if you ask august alsina about “that other r&b singer he don’t like no more”.
you know the one i’m talmbout.
keisha chante from 106 and park learned the hard way today…
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Myvidster Comments Hurt My Feelings (First World Problems)

tumblr_n3e84vIV3h1qjtvq2o1_500so i think myvidster is the best thing ever invented.
i don’t really get into their comment section because,
i’m trying to get my nut off.
i treat that site like a booty call.
less talkin; more nuttin’.
xtube pipe taster by the name of “SouthPhilly_BoySuck” isn’t pleased.
he is shutting down his xtube because of the hurtful comments from myvidster viewers on his videos.
this is what he had to say…
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f0xmail: I Think This “Lookin Ass Nig” At The Gym Wants Me. Help?


I see this guy at the gym. I see that he occasionally shoots me a few looks, nothing strange, but he just looks at me as I am working out. As he is about to leave, he takes a look back at me. Again, I don’t think much of it, but I leave soon after he does.

Well, I end up at a stop light and he pulls up next to me. He looks over at me again, but I didn’t say or do anything. Against my general judgment, I decide to post an ad on Craigslist in the m4m missed connections section. I gave a general description of a guy where many guys could fit the description.

Well, I get a response and the guy tells me what he was wearing, but he also makes a mention that he is straight as well. I ask a few more questions and it is indeed the same guy who was looking at me in the gym. My question for you is what do you think of the situation?


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Aww (Purp Is Fine Tho)

tumblr_n41gi9pROm1r96op2o1_500is this an innocent friendly picture?
or are these two together?
if so: “aww”.
(kudos on getting that purp!)
excuse me while i…
just wait a quick minute.
*goes and locks myself in bathroom*
tumblr_ma5qx2FZiw1r431bilowkey: *wipes tears and snot*
i feel like ive seen purp before tho.
f-bi: who these people?


Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 10.17.43 PM“hiphop’s hottest couple”?

so beyonce did it with the “serfboart”.
now mimi from #lhhatl done started something as well.
its called: “the mimi“.
 hanging on a shower rod while you getting another rod up inside you.
good times!
well i know some of ya’ll saw the sex tape leak and was excited to try that move.
i’m going to tell you this with one caveat
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Mimi and Nikko Make a Christian Mingle Video

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 8.26.49 PMso i’m at work today and decided to catch up on my entertainment fix.
i tune into tmz and literally gasped so loud that thing 2 looked at me.
so mimi from #lhhatl,
and her “whateveryouwannacallthat” nikko,
made a “christian mingle” relationship video.
they decided to randomly bless us.
so the mailroom wolves were goin in first:

“yooooo ya’ll see mimi????”
“bitch was doing gymnastics off the shower rod!”
“she a freak.”

…then thing 2 found out the preview clip was on wshh.
of course i couldn’t watch it on my work computer.
so i opened up my phone and saw this (nsfw and 18^)…
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That Time of Year Again (Ratchet)

xmashair-e1353391935873you smell that?
you don’t smell it?
take a good whiff.
  that’s it.
that is the smell of the return of “ratchet mondays” on vh-1.
clearly lhhny never gets it right.
my favorite of the series,
love and hiphop atl,
is back for season 3 and you gotta peep this ratchet mess of the trailer…
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Tears of a Clown

“jamari check the calendar.
we have a meeting at 4pm today.
the vp and “liar liar” are also meeting with us.” - my boss.

oh jesus.
that is when i felt the butterflies in my stomach that wanting to escape out my butt…
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A Little Chocolate Before Bed.

tumblr_n3n66qxsMh1rj71puo2_500i want to wake up 2 sumin’ like dis.
2 sumin’ like dis…
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