1icKrjTsome people keep their closet door bolted for this very reason.
you’ll soon see the reason,
or maybe afterwards,
you’ll be motivated to set up a gofundme account.
anyway so daniel ashley pierce,
who resides in georgia,
decided he wanted to come out the closet to his parents.
of course it didn’t go as planned.
well this is the video that has gone viral with what happened as he did…
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tumblr_nar77vc8V21shbgx3o1_500so “lips ‘n’ eyebrows”,
aka nfl baller wolf mychal kendricks who plays for the eagles,
is now a video hoe.
what do you call a wolf who is the love interest in a video?
a video wolf?
anyway in a shocker i didn’t see coming,
teyana taylor,
released her new music video for “maybe” the other day.
yes you read right.
she recruited mychal kendricks to play her love interest and well…
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KARRUBEYHIVEwhen you do dumb shit,
shit that makes no kind of sense,
you gotta make sure to correct the issue immediately.
so let me give you a scenario foxhole.
you are invited to host bet’s 106 and park the day after a huge award show.
yes that show still exists.
bow wow had to bail because he had intense diarrhea or some foolishness.
anyway you’re reading the teleprompter and some real out of control behavior scrolls down.
one that may offend a major celebrity and their child.
you are a pretty much nobody.
do you read it?
or do you ignore it?
well this is the problem that krackofdawn aka karrueche faced and well…
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tumblr_narei25dV31qgfdy4o1_500which meat would you choose?
personally i’d starve that night.
i’d rather chew on something else.
it looks like it’s well done.
inside voice.

lowkey: i wonder how bkbrandon and that adorable cub of his is?
i was so happy for him when he became a father.
lord knows that wolf was always depressed.