Justin Brent Has A Smashin’ Good Time With His Porn Star

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.56.14 PMso this is rather…
so pre baller wolf of notre dame,
justin brent,
is allegedly banging a porn star.
i mean that isn’t anything new,
well what happens when you both say “lets do it!”
…and go on an alleged date?
well justin allegedly did just that at the knicks pre-seaoner with…
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Spanky Hayes Is Going To Spank Tyrese

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 8.19.01 PMwell spanky is really going hard with this,
ain’t he?
so remember he had a lot to say about a few people,
including tyrese?

you know…
about tyrese allegedly having to ( x get on his knees ) to be in baby boy.
well after tyrese dropped his response video on facebook,
spanky dropped his response video to the response video on instagram
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Michael Sam Was Gone On Tuesday

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 7.53.43 PMwell as you know,
michael sam has been released from the cowboys practice squad.
some say he was used as a publicity stunt.
some say he just wasn’t a good player.
who knows really.
it seems like a lot of politics that was involved behind the scenes,
which is why i was waiting to see him complete his first successful season.
now what we really want to know is…
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Chris Brown Starring In “Givers or Takers” With A Transgendered She-Jackal?

i needed a minute after this one.
as i always like to throw out there,
chris brown had relations with a transgender she-jackal at his house in virginia.
of course she is kissing and telling…
on november 3rd.
save the date!
so this is what she-jackal looks like…
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