2c7JlqXwhen i watch a season finale,
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex.
i want to feel like i’m about to have sex with a wolf i’m extremely attracted too.
you know the feelings.
blood racing.
hands sweating.
thinking about the big throw down.
“oooh i can’t wait for tonight!”
well tonight felt like i was dating that wolf,
we finally got in the bed,
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clothing-dope-fashion-men-mens-Favim.com-440552so as you know,
i love to dress.
there was a time i use to look like “wtf?”.
 i wasn’t born fly nah!
after star fox took me under his fashion wing,
i was able to learn how to coordinate a good outfit.
when i started getting the hang of it,
i would send him a picture and he would be blown away.

“aight j.
you not gonna be showing me up out here.

i miss that.
anyway i’m not saying i’m the best that ever did it,
but i get compliments every single day i go to work.
even strangers would sometimes stop me.
i can even look at someone and tell them what they should put on.
some of the mailroom wolves started asking me for fox swagg tips at work.
like this one today…
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