Everyone Meet Mr. and Mrs. Wade

zbm9kNdwell as you know,
dwyane wade and gabrielle union got married over the weekend.
they kept the wedding really private so there is not a ton of info.
well they did get married at a castle in florida.
a mansion that looks like a castle….
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…and Then There Was Cj Jones (Trois)

cjjones…and another one from the lovely state of texas.
well cj jones is off to a good start.

he has gotten a pretty good boost from the foxhole.
thanks foxhole for having excellent taste in wolf.
foto119 has captured him perfectly in photos.
so i have a quick question in regards to the following photos.
since fall is coming up,
if cj wanted to rake the leaves on your lawn,
would you let him?..
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Baller Wolf “Big Papa Joe P” and Little Joe

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 5.14.32 PMwell you know i love me some wide receiver baller wolf,
big papa joe p aka joe anderson.
check the archives.
his little friend isn’t bad either.
they are both what i like to call “texas home grown”.
my favorite flavor!
well joey is now playing for the philadelphia eagles.
lets hope he doesn’t change teams like he does screen names.
seriously he has a new screen name like every month.
good luck on the upcoming season joe!
here is one more pic of both of them…
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These Pineapples Never Cease To Amaze Me

Screen Shot 2014-09-01 at 2.09.51 PMi saw this on tumblr just now and had to shake my head.
how disgusting is this?
these pineapples nowadays are just…
i can understand people having a particular preference,
but when it turns into ignorance,
it’s really quite sad.
i’ve yet to see a snow wolf diss a snow bunny without
blue eyes or blonde hair
that should tell you something.
hate to bust bubbles tho but to a majority of the whites,
we all one beautiful shade of “nigger”.
doesn’t matter if you’re light skin,
date snow bunnies,
or graduated with a 4.0 gpa.
am i right or am i wrong?

lowkey: is dark skin really that bad?
i know some fly dark skin sistas who put light skin chicks to shame.
i must be the only one who actually likes a dark skin wolf too.

found: kobe tyrant