I Feel Like I Lost Him Yesterday

so i’ve been feeling a little blah.
this whole week i have been feeling heavy.
yesterday i could only post that one entry.
i went to bed shortly after.
i didn’t want to be bothered.
today i was in a worse funk.
everything/one was low key either making me hot or depressing the fuck outta me.
its not like i didn’t already know why
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Bruce Jenner Is About To Stunt On These Hoes

enhanced-buzz-4413-1369757624-0i bet he says that every single day.
well bruce jenner is officially no more.
miss brenda is here!
lady b got and completed her gender reassignment surgery.
according to radar online
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Chris Brown Comes With An Apology and Snacks

tumblr_me41n9XU2K1r0ktvpo1_500well i hope this come with snacks.
christopher maurice brown.
what are we going to do with you?
so i guess after he realized how he looked over the weekend,
as well as his “people” laying into his ass,
he posted an apology on twitter…
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