Kim Kardashian Has A Career (And Neither Will She Explain It!)

tumblr_mitacziENa1rjo4lqo1_500kim kardashian is tired of you all saying she doesn’t work hard.
absolutely tired!
she didn’t build her empire laying on her back.
she put in serious work to be the vixen she is today.
this is what she told billy bush in her access hollywood interview…
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Getting Blown On Memorial Day

tumblr_llzkdgRf9a1qc8odko1_500my memorial day weekend may or may not blow.
i am not as bothered tho.
i don’t have any people i want to hang with.
i’m tired of the straights tbh.
the only gays i have are the ones reading.
i could be upset,
but that would be silly.
why complain about an issue i could fix,
but i have no energy or fucks too?
on lighter news,
work wolf invited me to a cookout he may throw sunday.
he came over earlier to my desk and told me.

“you are welcomed to come.”

its at his family’s crib tho.
i’ll see how i feel.

Your Competition Is Better Than U.

boxing-glovesthey say competition is healthy.
sometimes you don’t even realize you are competing with others.
competing can also be pretty corny as well.
kinda like this whole “stan war”,
where we only can have “one pop star” at a time,
is pretty damn annoying.
in a race,
we have to compete to get to the finish line.
in life,
we may find ourselves competing with others subconsciously.
we want the most likes,
and popularity.
in our jobs/careers,
we are competing for higher positions and better pay.
in love and lust,
we want “the one” that everyone wants or dreams of.
i had to wonder if its all really worth it?
and is it really healthy?
if we are all subconsciously competing with the next animal in the forest…

What are we actually winning?

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The Weight On My Shoulders (No Seriously)

tumblr_mquigzeiqg1s7fnd3o1_400so while i had some free time earlier,
i called the gym around my area.
actually the one i signed up for that i never went to.
don’t even…
i know.
i wanted to find out how much a trainer would cost.
i am pretty serious about this.
the receptionist who answered was pretty nice.
she wanted me to come in immediately.
maybe she gets a commission once i sign up?
i got a price quote and well…
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