Tiny Got Everyone Out Here Wanting To Be “Ghastly Grey”

1414771541970_wps_4_Tameka_Tiny_Harris_Undergtiny has started a movement.
she gonna have people getting their passports,
and ebola shots,
up to date just to africa to get ( x their eye color changed ).
you know this is serious when she gets on good morning america…
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I Forgive Your Stupid Ass

267471665338821536ZwMhay1tccan you really forgive someone?

one question i don’t think that we really ask ourselves.
people come into our lives and they are not always…
they come off as the perfect “insert role here”,
but manage to show their asses down the line.
maybe it was you?
well i have learned something about forgiving an asshole…
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Its All Fun and Games Until Dudes Want Your Pipe on Video

tumblr_n4pf0nQfvA1r7how2o1_400its funny…
the talk of new yawk has been about that video.
the one with ( x the girl who walked for ten hours ).
the one where it showed how wolves act when they see a pretty vixen.
well a ton of vixens i know agreed with the video.
i like to do little q&a’s so i hit up a few of my homegirls for their thoughts.
they all had personal stories to share about harassment…
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My Alliances Are Bigger Than Yours (Liar Liar)

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 7.05.50 PM“you aren’t planning on leaving us,
are you?”

that was the call i got this afternoon.
i kinda started a wild fire,
but its also burning down and revealing just how appreciated i am.
i’m seeing that:

important people to cosign the fuck out my life.

something i always fought hard to achieve.
so another assistant i work with called me…
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What Its Like To Be A Vixen Walking On The Street

tumblr_na7uu5pvwL1r55j58o2_250ive asked a few vixens how they feel when wolves holla at them on the street.

“i hate it.”
“its annoying.”
“i don’t stop for these pineapples.”
“what do i look like stopping for a pineapple in a car? a prostitute?”

i often wondered if i was a vixen,
would i like the attention?
in my head,
if the wolf was fine,
i mos def would stop and get his number.
most of the times,
as vixens put it,
the fine wolves don’t ask them for their numbers on the street.
well the following youtube video is a about a vixen,
with a fat ass,
walking the streets of new yawk for 10 hours.
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