The One Who Yells The Loudest Wins? ( #RHOAreunion )

tumblr_nn2u0gy6G01qcjdp7o1_500well if this is the case,
nene wins by a landslide.
now i didn’t really keep up this entire season,
but i was gonna watch the reunion.
so i was watching this yelling match between kenya and nene for next week…
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Daniel “Boobie” Gibson Will Now Be Giving You Eargasms

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.18.38 PMwell daniel “boobie” gibson isn’t a baller wolf anymore.
why you ask?
he is about to be the latest rapper on the scene.
why yes.
yes you that read right.
keyshia cole’s x husband is now rapping.
he now goes by “gib”.
he debuted his latest verse on nicki minaj “only” and well…
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A Trip and Fall Down Memory Lane

letter,love,words,quote,roma,envelope-c019a671c5d81c4c2adbe21cf329bc0c_hi get great emails.
the foxhole is always in constant communicating with me.
if i don’t get back to your message,
please do not take offense!
i was speaking to an foxholer about “him” from my job.
“that guy”.
“him whose name shall not be mentioned”.
anyway he showed me this old entry from 2011:

x “Yo Straight Gay Wolf, Do Wanna Be My Manz? PAUSE and NO HOMO.”

honestly reading those comments helped me find my golden crown again.
thanks to the foxholer who had to refresh my soul drive.
well i was talking to vain,
one of the foxhole vets,
and showed him the entry.
well in a reponse,
he wrote the following
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So Are All The Straight Wolves Are Eatin’ Booty Like Groceries?

tumblr_nlt4l0chxH1rl3bsyo1_500“if you ain’t lickin’ this,
then you ain’t stickin’ this,
and i got witnesses.
ask any nigga i been with…
they ain’t hit shit till they stuck their tongue in this.
i ain’t wit that frontin’ shit…
– not tonight, lil kim.

my motto for life.
so it seems like all the straight wolves are admitting to eatin’ the bunz these days.
i guess its trendy to have a mouth full of bootyhole all of a sudden.
from songs talking’ about eatin cheeks,
to wolves being more honest about their freakiness on social media,
it seems that the world has changed the rules on sex.
should we thank the makers of instagram and twitter?
should we thank artists pushing the sexual limits in their music?
well the thing that got me is…

Wasn’t eatin’ bunz a “gay thing” tho?

the following topic and the content underneath is nsfw,
and may offend straight eyes…

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Lil Fizz Will Eat The Whole Ass

tumblr_nj09g8Xx5L1tddm3vo1_540well he certainly has the mouth for it.
well it seems lil fizz,
of b2k and “love and hiphop: hollywood” fame,
is another wolf who wants amber rose.
i guess her thirst trap pictures are working?
well this is what he allegedly said on instagram about her…
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