as you know,
i love to dress.
there was a time i use to look like “wtf?”.
 i wasn’t born fly nah!
after star fox took me under his fashion wing,
i was able to learn how to coordinate a good outfit.
when i started getting the hang of it,
i would send him a picture and he would be blown away.

“aight j.
you not gonna be showing me up out here.

i miss that.
anyway i’m not saying i’m the best that ever did it,
but i get compliments every single day i go to work.
even strangers would sometimes stop me.
i can even look at someone and tell them what they should put on.
some of the mailroom wolves started asking me for fox swagg tips at work.
like this one today…
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tumblr_mtw14bELLp1riq4ozo1_500girls are lucky.
so its one of those nights.
i lit some white candles,
poured a glass of moscato,
and decided to cook me a lasagna.
i was hungry.
as i was cooking,
i played a mix of late night jazz on spotify.
i have all my windows are open.
a nice cool breeze is going through my apartment.
it set an atmosphere yall.
new yawk has a way of doing that.
i wrote that last entry and decided to sit by the window.
as I looked out,
many people were walking by.
my eyes landed on a couple playing around with each other….
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