What Is Going On With August Alsina?

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.37.46 PMaugust alsina
what is going on with you????
i know i have let september have it a few times,
but that doesn’t mean that i don’t genuinely care him.
so august fainted and fell offstage ( x a week ago ),
but it wasn’t until nicki minaj posted this shot on her instagram…
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Paul George Is A Deadbeat

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.00.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
the ny post said a judge did.
so it looks like my favorite baller wolf ratchet,
paul george,
has no f’s to give about that cub he brought in the world.
well he does,
i think.
that “skrippa” he skeeted in,
the one i’m sure he is embarrassed about,
is trying to get him to acknowledge the cub,
well a judge in new yawk slammed paul for his lack in daddy duties
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Guardian Angels Show Up In Many Forms

-1i was talking about my parents to one of the vixens in another department today.
she lost her mother two years ago and we were agreeing it doesn’t get easy.
i mentioned that i missed my parents so much,
i see little signs that they are around.
well why come when i was coming home tonight,
as i was waiting for the train,
this older lady was coming towards me to go further down the platform.
she was the SPITTING image of my moms.
hair cut
i guess she wanted to let me know she was still here.
it made me smile.
now if only they both can send me the winning lottery numbers,
or the wolf of my dreams


So Tyler Perry Pregnant or Nah?

tylerperrygirlfriendyou read right.
according to howling within the forests,
tyler perry allegedly revealed at his 45th birthday that he was with cub.
^the vixen,
model/philanthropist gelila bekele,
next to him is allegedly the baby mama.
well i’m sure he needs to groom someone to take over the “madea” legacy.
congrats if true tp!

lowkey: did he also put a ring on that vixen’s finger?
or will she be just “the baby mama”?
did he actually skeet inside her?
or was this turkey basted?
i also wonder what his stan base will think?
don’t the church folks frown upon this kind of thing?
as you can tell,
i have a lot of questions.

Top Shelf Wolf: David Wilson

tumblr_nbt592yCzI1qk5j8to1_1280former baller wolf for my new yawk giants,
david wilson,
is what you would call….
he can dress,
his body is ODee crazy,
and he has tons of stamina.
who doesn’t love that in a wolf?
well david is currently dating a gorgeous vixen,
but that doesn’t mean i can’t talk about him…
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It Can Start With The Pre Baller Wolf

tumblr_nbvewxGeZb1r78dgto1_1280college is the place to meet the people you will bring into your future.
it is the perfect place to network with those who could change your life.
college is also the place where dudes explore their curiosity.
i have messed with one or two college wolves…
and i wasn’t even in college.
more than likely,
you will have a few classes with pre baller wolves.
my absolute favorite.
those same pre baller wolves maybe curious about foxhole.
your foxhole.
my foxhole.
i’m sure the next question is…

“how do i meet him?”

well i have been speaking to a fox who messes with a pre baller wolf.
he revealed one way you can meet one…
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Omari Hardwick for Brunch? Don’t Mind if I Do!

tumblr_nc0ysiqD4X1qjcz7ao2_1280when i say he could eat me seven ways until sunday…
inside voice.
omari hardwick and his wife decided to have a photo op.
oh wait.
that is his tv wife,
naturi naughton,
in his show “power”.
they are filming the second season and i hope,
no i pray,
there are more intense love scenes.
no omari,
his wife,
and beautiful cub had the brunch the other day in new yawk.
the ybf posted it the other day and well…
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