tumblr_n8ust9X6JJ1qzt4a5o1_1280i watched this show “dating naked” on vh1 the other night…
completely blown away.
not in the good way tho.
is this a sign that reality tv is coming to an end?
we got people naked running around in the jungle now.
doesn’t that just enhance the urge to fuck on the first night?
thank god i love a good scripted drama.

lowkey: at 2am,
is that when they showed full cheeks?


1335919798_IMG_3126the joy of meeting a new wolf.
one who happens to be a baller wolf.
well one after you left your old one because of alleged cheating.
after you and him had a threesome
and he was allegedly getting close to the third party…
just had to put that out there.
so lil’ mo,
singer and cast member of “r&b divas: la”,
started dating a boxer wolf by the name of karl dargan.
they are also planning on getting married.
so soon?
well she might have to rethink it after this.
so an f-bi sent me a story of karl getting blasted by a female jackal.
she blasted him,
and get because why…
she didn’t like an alleged fetish he wanted her to try…
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Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 8.20.17 PMthey say everyone in the world will experience their 15 minutes of fame.
one way or another,
we all will have our time in the spotlight.
personally i hope mine lasts over 24 hours.
the foxhole alone is a good 10 to 15 tops.
so when an f-bi sent me a video of an attentioniso wolf today,
one who use to smash to ( x deelishis from “flava of love” ),
i knew there maybe some truth to the new “stardom”
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2014-01-06-1484273_10153644175630230_115989653_nwhite people keep one on deck.
corporate america has its own bakery.
you can smell it from the entertainment industry.
don’t even get me started with church.
your mama probably has the ingredients in her shelf.
all mamas do.
who you think taught me?
i see you tho.
yeah i see you.
you reading.
someone hurt your “wittle” feelings and here comes the attitude.
like the obvious attitude.
not theyou’re wearing your sassy pants today” one.
well i’m gonna teach you how to bake a shit cake.
disclaimer: shit cakes are used on people who did you wrong.
if you out here giving your shit cakes to people who don’t deserve it,
don’t be shocked that everyone puts you in a septic tank.
okay here are the ingredients
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