His Eyes Were Watching Me (Not She?)

tumblr_n9wvhkpumB1te61wzo1_500letting go of another person is tough.
no one said it was going to be easy.
you just get to the point where you realize shit just aint gonna work.
you lie to yourself and others and say:

“i’m good!
i’ll move on!”

the hardest part is trying to let go when you see the person everyday.
the things that turned you on about them,
their positives and oddities,
are the same things that make you feel disgusting.

“you shouldn’t feel like this!”

thats the people in your background.
the ones who point fingers and laugh.
sometimes i wonder if anyone has ever been in a situation like mine?
or is everyone just use to being a hoe that men are just disposable?
well what if you want to let go of your feelings,
but something keeps pulling you back?
so my home-vixen came to my job to visit.
she is the one i spoke about ( x here ).
my boss,
liar liar,
and a majority of my department were not in.
as i was showing her around the office and whats not,
work wolf texted me...

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Suraqah is Vintage Attentionisto Penis

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 10.29.30 PMi see why he is calling himself “king” nowadays.
suraqah is what you call “vintage penis”.
he has a a little attentionisto in him tho.
its okay.
i won’t complain.
those pecs of his make up for it.

suraqah has been in these online streets for a while now.
he went from “model” to “fireman”.
imagine this showing up to pull you out a burning building
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Single White Sister

CJFqf9-W8AAyIqEthey say we all have someone we look up to in life.
kylie jenner clearly looks up to her big sister,
too bad kylie had to get plastic parts,
wear 20 pounds of make up,
and allegedly date a gigantic simp to be like her.
then again…
she is following kim’s lead to the t.

lowkey: she looks beautiful tho.
money will spent.

Marc Jacobs Wants You To Try This On

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.37.08 PMmarc jacobs is an amazing fashion designer.
he looks good too.
he wants us all to try out everything from his empire.
well i think he posted his own leakage that was meant for someone in his dms.
he quickly deleted the following picture from instagram,
but of course,
the f-bi was already on it.
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