Did Work Wolf Leave Without Saying Goodbye?

so i guess this may be the end of the “work wolf”saga.
it started with no texts from him.
give a pineapple some space.
see when i was walking towards the building this morning annnnnnnd…
he saw me and pretty much ignored me.
thats when i realized there is a shift aka the end in our relationship.
it hurt a little.
i felt that sting.
the embarrassment rung like bells in my head.
i asked myself something while at my desk today…
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You Shower Too Much (Funky Fresh Dressed To Impress Ready To Party)

gerbded3drnhjbsc0ylli love to take a shower.
in the summer,
i will jump in the shower twice.
can we talk about my shower regiment real quick?
yay ok!
so first i lather my body up with ivory bar soap.
once i wash that off,
i take my washcloth and squeeze dr. bronners peppermint liquid soap on it.
i like how it makes my body tingle.
it might a lot to some,
but a fox just likes to feel clean and smell good.
F-YI: as soon as you get out the shower,
spray your cologne on your body while your pores are still open.
the scent lasts longer.

well it seems like i might take a shower too much.
it isn’t healthy apparently.
an f-bi sent me this write up from “elite daily” and well…
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Bk Brandon Looks Like A Work Out

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 9.33.18 PMjesus almighty…
look at what god can do!

so everyone knows bk brandon is my favorite trainer wolf.
he is one of them,
but you get the drift.
since i am looking for a trainer wolf,
i’d def hire bk brandon to whip me into shape.
i don’t want to be his size tho.
he is a mountain of pure meat.
not that “his size” is a bad thing…
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I Am The Blur Tool?

tumblr_ns67kmrCJM1uqbcwho1_540ok so i’ll admit…
i did not watch “i am cait” last night.
i know.
i know.
well mi is watching it right now.
i sat and watched it on an “apple juice” kitchen run.
it was at the part when her mother met “caitlyn” for the first time.
is it me…
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