You Can Come Out (The Rain Stopped)

115291-pink-mountainstoday was a better day.
well a step up from yesterday.
it could have happened because i called the ( x crossroad’s prayer line ).
i don’t know.

i went to sleep on the edge of emotions last night.
that debate had me feeling bad,
but all the shit i was going through kept circling my mind.
i felt doomed.
i felt like life was sonning me.
at work…
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King James Said “All Lives Matter”; The Banishment Papers Are Drawn

screen-shot-2016-09-27-at-8-13-29-pmking james is about to be demoted with the forests!
he said 3 fatal words that would lead to banishment:


*dun dun dun*
so he had his first media day press conference for the upcoming season.
the topic was colin kaepernick,
the national anthem,
and police shootings.
this is what he said
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So I Watched The Presidential Debate Last Night And…


…i think we are pretty much in the shit hole.
i guess,
out the two,
hillary is a better match.
…i guess?
trump went up there and showed us why he shouldn’t be president.
if he wins,
i can just assume destruction for us all.

lowkey: 80 million of us watched.
highest ratings in tv history.

i’m sure half of that was cringing.