Guess What Mark Ingram Bought His Mama?

It must be a good feeling when your son gets drafted to the NFL.
All those days of beating his ass to do good pays off.

Mark Ingram’s mother should be so proud!
Plus, she has made a fine moutain of a son.
But that is besides the point.

Click below to see what he bought her…

I like cars too.
Nice big ones with a smooth ride.


But my question is how did he get the money?
Isn’t the NFL in a lock out?

I hope he is smart with his money.
I was blown away to see how many blinged up draftees at the tables.
Ice on everything…
and you haven’t received a check and will be complaining when you have to pay back loans.
(i.e Dez Bryant)

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Guess What Mark Ingram Bought His Mama?”

  1. you dumb fuck ever heard of marketing i know mark ingram and he is very smart with his money just made 3 million of marketing so stfu and mind ya damn business youll never see half of what he makes

  2. lol at dez… jamari u know all they good for is football. when it comes to other stuff they think like jocks i.e Bret Locketts video

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