saying goodbye to 2014 in a big way

so i did it.
you gotta give it to The Universe and know it’ll work it out.
i was trying to work on a entry for the foxhole.
it took FOREVER for the twitter video to load.
bad enough,
it took the other pages hell to load as well.
don’t even start me on how long it takes for porn to load.
that’s a whole nother story.
in my frustrating,
i called apple with the quickness…

I ordered my new 2019 Macbook Pro

i had to put it on my credit card.
it cost me 1,700,
but i’m trading in this old Mac for a discount of 300.

i can’t work like that anymore.
this is an old laptop.
if i sat there and waited for “the right moment“,
i could be waiting forever.
i always do that and time passes me by.
in this new era of my life,
i’m learning to take more risks.

No risk; no reward

so i’m moving on from 2014 to a brand new 2019.
thank you to all those who donated to me.
you are apart of this new blessing coming into my life.

3 thoughts on “saying goodbye to 2014 in a big way

  1. I’m just happy you’re at this point. Where you can splurge on an upgrade that you needed/wanted. That’s solid progress you should be proud of Jamari. I’ve been m.i.a but I know you were dealing with work drama and going through some rough times. I was getting a lil worried

  2. What, your 2014 was acting up. Mines a 2008 still running and purring with that motor running tho it’s too bad mine run for an hr. I want an upgrade too..

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