lori harvey probably knows what you’re thinking already

i think lori harvey is one of the most beautiful of attentionistas.
i think her facial is perfect.
i’d imagine many wolves are hounding down her dms.
she could have anyone.

baller wolves
stock brokers

…but it seems one has allegedly caught her fancy.
the shade room” posted who…

an “almost 50” diddy.

random af.
steve doesn’t look too happy about this.
the mother seems like she is cheering it on.

sidebar: is it me,
or has steve looks like he aged dramatically this last year.

now at her young age,
and being in the industry,
i’m sure it’s nothing to scoop an older sugar wolf.
star fox and i were a mess at that age.
it’s all about dinners and a few coins.
i’ll admit tho…

Lori might be doing too much

word in the forests she allegedly dated one of his sons before.
she was just with tremaine before this.
even with all her beauty,
she strikes me as the type that wants fame badly.
she doesn’t care how it happens,
she’ll do whatever it takes to be the “it” vixen.
a side of me thinks this is a stunt for “something”,
but i can’t figure out what it is yet.
i’m sure it’ll all come out in the wash eventually.
she should hit up his ex,
on how to keep him happy tho.
i’m sure she’ll be glad to share her years of wisdom.

pictures cc: the shade room

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “lori harvey probably knows what you’re thinking already”

  1. Well if she doing it for fame the apple don’t fall far from the tree because from what I heard Steve will do anything for a dollar too.

  2. Shes wasting her youth and time if you ask me! Hopefully she’s just in it for what SHE can get, and not really trying to be make this serious, cause we all know Diddy ain’t about wife NOTHING, he strung the Equally beautiful Cassie along for A Decade, poor thing just was able to move on, when in comes to useing you for all you can give….few can top Diddy!

  3. Doesn’t her father have enough money to keep her happy?? Diddy is sooo tired!! Just his money!! If she’s smart she’d run for the hills, hopefully she’ll be smart enough to know when she’s being duped!! Girl you got your whole life ahead of you!! Diddy is used goods!! Get an education, get you someone that doesn’t have kids!!

  4. A complete money hungry SLUT just like her mother! & don’t @ me cause I really could give a complete fuck!

  5. Tisk Tisk…You go from the son to the father??? TOO FREEDOM ✊🏽😆 She’s her mother’s daughter. Changing your kids last names to Harvey for a dollar??? 🗣PATHETIC. I can’t wait for that Ex Husband (KING PIN) to drop that tell all book on how Marjorie left him for Steve?! 👀 Can’t Turn No Hoe Into No….hmmm!

  6. As others have said, Lori is like her mother. Why would you want to date your ex’s father? As beautiful as she is, she can have any man. Honestly, she and Diddy both get the side eye from me. Hopefully, he will marry her, and we know he struggles to the altar.

  7. I see it like this: Diddy’s getting a beautiful even younger woman, i.e., some hot, young p***y. He probably feels no pressure to marry her, and unless he’s truly in love, won’t.

    Lori’s getting a very rich older man who isn’t her father (so she can f*ck him), who has a different type and level of clout than her daddy, and who can whip up some real media attention for her, more than she ever got from being Steve Harvey’s daughter, dating Diddy’s son or anyone else, etc.

    Sounds like a win-win situation to me, so long as they keep it at this level.

  8. Aside from the creepy age difference, I don’t have a problem with this match. Lori literally has nothing going for her aside from her beauty, perfect arm candy and pseudo-wifey for Diddy to show off without giving her any discernible commitment.

    I’m sure her mother is loving this because no matter how much she tries to convince the general public she’s some philanthropist, everyone knows she nothing but a money hungry social climber.

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