these mass shooting are getting out of control (walmart)

that was one of my worst fears come to life.
you’re get outta bed because you need stuff for your home.
you get to walmart,
because you know you could get the good shit for less.


…and you’re in “fight or flight” mode.
i can’t stop thinking about those folks in el paso; texas tonight…

these 20 victims went to do some shopping at walmart,
minding their business,
probably had events to attend later that evening,
and some rabid hyena comes in full of late.
the way he looked with the ear phones and the semi automatic,
it is such a haunting image to me.
it’s getting scary to just do normal shit nowadays.
we have to constantly look for exits and make escape plans.
it’s getting to be too much to just exist in america.
we gotta deal with bills,
trying not to get fired at these jobs,
avoiding fuck bois,
and trying not to be front and center at a mass shooting.

we really need to discuss mental illness in this country.
it is getting out of control.
his manifesto:

( x read the manifesto here )

…is the work of someone who is deranged.
i mean he looks off.
i don’t even think gun control could help this psycho.
the worst part is there are many others like him,
simply plottin’ for their moment to strike.
i’m always praying for you all foxhole.
i hope it continues to protect us all.

lowkey: i don’t even think countries have to war with us.
we are pretty much destroying each other from the inside.

8 thoughts on “these mass shooting are getting out of control (walmart)

  1. The comments alone on the link to the manifesto. It’s telling of the sort of evilness out in America

  2. Let’s not get caught up in this mental health white propaganda. Let’s call it what it is: pure evil and his mission to kill people of color. Black criminals who shoot people don’t get labeled mentally ill; they get called thugs. Unarmed blacks get shot and brutalized by police. White mass killers get taken alive.

    Since the El Paso mass killing Saturday, there has been another one in Dayton. That killer was, himself, killed…don’t know his ethnicity as I post this. However, if he was killed and didn’t shoot himself, I imagine he died in a shootout.

    1. Let’s be clear mental health and hate are not the same thing. Not all people who kill are mentally unstable. this talking point is dangerous and inaccurate. It creates a stigma for people suffering with mental health that are peacefully living their lives. People with mental health are not inherantly dangerous or violent and should not be feared.

      1. ^not everyone who suffers from mental health will go shoot up a store,
        you are correct.
        the truth is that all of these mass shooters have been insane white hyenas with a warped sense of reality.
        they’re pure bred psychopaths.

  3. And there was another mass shooting today in Dayton, Ohio. At least 9 dead and 16 wounded.

    It doesn’t stop.

  4. I just don’t get it. At this point one would see that this solves nothing and all of these individual complaints are falling on deaf ears. More and more people are become desensitized to all of these mass shootings. Like it’s getting to a point where it’s every other week.

    If this world is becoming so miserable for your existence and you can’t handle the progression then off yourself not innocent people.

    And that site linked to the manifesto…I can’t

    1. Also how did no one see this crazy man walking across the parking lot? I would have ran this mofo over.

      Everyone always always always be aware of your surroundings. More and more we become so self absorbed with in own own world to notice. All it’s takes is a split second to save your life

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