i’m so glad they only have red circle boutique in new yawk.
that walmart situation tho?


it’s like folks get overwhelmed with crazy while shopping for bargains.
i get it.
i’ve lost my mind when i saw a pack of socks for sale too.
in the latest “did the pandemic make people angry?” chronicles,
there was a legit smackdown in a walmart somewhere in the ghetto…


foxmail: i think i met “the one” and he works at walmart! HALP!


What’s up man. I’m in a bit of a conundrum.

So Im an Actor from Atlanta. Probably seen me in a film or two. I met this guy back in August from another state. He works at Walmart. He is beautiful lol. He reminds me of that ig guy Damiun Moore or A better looking Quincy Brown (no shade Quincy is beautiful). I’m trying to figure out if he plays for the team. As I walked out of electronics talking he was just coming in for the day. For some reason I turned to the right and his beauty hit me all of a sudden I was speechless. He was tall built and walk like he was packing. That print in his pants told me he was. We stared at each other for more than 20 seconds until I broke the daze. Lol I then walked off. I got the courage to circle around and I went in for a closer inspection I intentionally asked for assistance in the frozen food section he was very courteous to me and attended to all my needs he stopped doing what he was doing to help me. He even walked all the way to the back to see if they had the food item I needed in. He shocked me when he started acting feminine with me by flicking his wrist tell me in a soft voice that I could stay right there until he came back. He came back told me what he needed to I thanked him and before I left his voice became higher pitched and more feminine saying “Your Welcome” I interpreted it sexually. I gave off subtle hints like posing a bit in flicking the wrist just to throw hints at him and it didn’t bother him a bit. What I needed he jumped to action to get. I now believe in love at first site lol. He seem kind of nervous tho. He couldn’t even look at me. I walked off that day and regretted not trying more.

So flash forward to October a day after my birthday I went to that Walmart again I seen him again. I was in the deli. He saw me first and was staring at me the whole time. When I looked his way he was around to other guys. He shocked me by walking fast over to me I looked up at him (he tall) got closer up on me looked at me then walked off. Like he came all the way over there trying to get my attention then went in the back. Idk if he remembered me from before because I had a mask on both times. I barely recognized him this time he was darker, hair unkempt and looked kind of dingy. I mean I still like him and it’s been a couple of months since October. I dont understand why I cant stop thinking about him. The day we met it seemed like time stop. Being around him talking to him I got feelings that I never had before like a peace came over me. And I felt changed that day. We vibed on a soul level. I truly feel like we meant to be together but we just haven’t been around one another. I takes a lot for me to like a dude but with him it was instant I never felt about another dude the way I feel about him. I feel like I’ve met another part of me. I think I’m in love. I wanna see him again and hopefully he still there it’s been awhile since we seen each other because I dont live in that state but I’m back for now. I wanna go to see if he still there hopefully. I just felt like if we both had pushed more there could have been more. I’m not out and I doubt he out. All I’m saying is if there’s a possibility for more that I want it with him. No one else has made me feel the way he made me feel. I just feel that WE ARE MEANT TO BE.

I don’t want to jump the gun be in a situation where I admit my feelings and he isn’t gay or even worse homophobic. The heart knows what it wants and Im not mad at myself for it.


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these mass shooting are getting out of control (walmart)

that was one of my worst fears come to life.
you’re get outta bed because you need stuff for your home.
you get to walmart,
because you know you could get the good shit for less.


…and you’re in “fight or flight” mode.
i can’t stop thinking about those folks in el paso; texas tonight…

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who knew shopping at walmart could be so dangerous

when i went out with the pretty vixen last weekend to the movies,
no lie,
i said to myself:

“What would I do if someone came in here shooting?”

the door was behind us.
those are the thoughts that go through my head these days.
you just never know in this dangerous forest we live in.
you have a fall out with someone and they ready to shoot shit up.
^that hyena shot up his ex-coworkers at walmart in mississippi.
a foxholer sent me the story and well…

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When Giving A Blessing Gets You 22,000 Likes

i love when i hear about those doing nice things.
it makes me feel like there is still compassion left in the world.
well this cashier,
by the name of sharnique dasant,
at walmart did something nice for a customer.
¬† she paid the customer’s entire grocery bill with her credit card.
peep why it happened via yahoo news
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I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (57)


what do you do in the grocery store before hurricane matthew?
you fight for as much food as you can!
well these two she-jackals decided to box over some water.
in walmart of all places.
an f-bi sent me the footage and well…
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