foxmail: i think i met “the one” and he works at walmart! HALP!


What’s up man. I’m in a bit of a conundrum.

So Im an Actor from Atlanta. Probably seen me in a film or two. I met this guy back in August from another state. He works at Walmart. He is beautiful lol. He reminds me of that ig guy Damiun Moore or A better looking Quincy Brown (no shade Quincy is beautiful). I’m trying to figure out if he plays for the team. As I walked out of electronics talking he was just coming in for the day. For some reason I turned to the right and his beauty hit me all of a sudden I was speechless. He was tall built and walk like he was packing. That print in his pants told me he was. We stared at each other for more than 20 seconds until I broke the daze. Lol I then walked off. I got the courage to circle around and I went in for a closer inspection I intentionally asked for assistance in the frozen food section he was very courteous to me and attended to all my needs he stopped doing what he was doing to help me. He even walked all the way to the back to see if they had the food item I needed in. He shocked me when he started acting feminine with me by flicking his wrist tell me in a soft voice that I could stay right there until he came back. He came back told me what he needed to I thanked him and before I left his voice became higher pitched and more feminine saying “Your Welcome” I interpreted it sexually. I gave off subtle hints like posing a bit in flicking the wrist just to throw hints at him and it didn’t bother him a bit. What I needed he jumped to action to get. I now believe in love at first site lol. He seem kind of nervous tho. He couldn’t even look at me. I walked off that day and regretted not trying more.

So flash forward to October a day after my birthday I went to that Walmart again I seen him again. I was in the deli. He saw me first and was staring at me the whole time. When I looked his way he was around to other guys. He shocked me by walking fast over to me I looked up at him (he tall) got closer up on me looked at me then walked off. Like he came all the way over there trying to get my attention then went in the back. Idk if he remembered me from before because I had a mask on both times. I barely recognized him this time he was darker, hair unkempt and looked kind of dingy. I mean I still like him and it’s been a couple of months since October. I dont understand why I cant stop thinking about him. The day we met it seemed like time stop. Being around him talking to him I got feelings that I never had before like a peace came over me. And I felt changed that day. We vibed on a soul level. I truly feel like we meant to be together but we just haven’t been around one another. I takes a lot for me to like a dude but with him it was instant I never felt about another dude the way I feel about him. I feel like I’ve met another part of me. I think I’m in love. I wanna see him again and hopefully he still there it’s been awhile since we seen each other because I dont live in that state but I’m back for now. I wanna go to see if he still there hopefully. I just felt like if we both had pushed more there could have been more. I’m not out and I doubt he out. All I’m saying is if there’s a possibility for more that I want it with him. No one else has made me feel the way he made me feel. I just feel that WE ARE MEANT TO BE.

I don’t want to jump the gun be in a situation where I admit my feelings and he isn’t gay or even worse homophobic. The heart knows what it wants and Im not mad at myself for it.


they say when a male meets “the one”; he knows.
you can tell when a male is into someone.
it’s a language that our actions speak.
other people can pick up on it too.
this is why someone will be a male for 10 years and go nowhere,
but he meets someone else and it moves faster than the speed of light.
you peep it with the straights all the time.

“He is sitting on the couch with her,
they are both in matching pajamas,
all smiles and taking pics for the gram.”

he didn’t do that with all the others.
he was either in fwb situations or “she was the one… right now“.
he was totally sprung off “the one” tho.

in this life,
“the one” will have a male come right out the closet or damn near close to it.
you’ll know you are “the one” because he will want to spend every moment with you.
the way he looks at you,
you’ll know.
it’s not the look of sex.
we know what “i want to fuck you so good” looks like.

it’s something different in the eyes than the look of pure sex.
i think with some in this life,
especially when you aren’t out,
it’s scary to approach another male because you don’t know.
being with another male is frightening enough.

Feeling another male is “The One” but you aren’t comfortable to even express your sexuality.

you know how you felt when you met this dude.
if you feel he is the one,
you might need to act on it before it’s too late.
from your details on the situation,
it seems like he was trying to let you know how he got down.
maybe go there and ask or his IG?
you could make small talk and see where it leads.
there are ways to get information without being bold af.
since your career is acting,
you can pay him a compliment and lead the conversation into helping you in some way.
stroke an ego; make up a few scenarios.

Don’t miss your chance.

…because he will become a ghost who haunts your thoughts and dreams.
many of us struggle with that.

i hope this helped you reader.
keep me posted.

good luck!

*if anyone needs advice,
slide in my dms or send an email to: CONTACT

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “foxmail: i think i met “the one” and he works at walmart! HALP!”

  1. Isn’t this what Jack’d is for? The next time you go there, play the Jack’d notification video from Youtube. I bet he’ll look up and look at you. Make a business card. Order some meat from the deli. Say what kind you like. When he hands you the receipt, accidentally drop your card on the counter. When he says you dropped something, act like you can’t hear him and walk faster.

    If he’s not at the deli, walk around the store until you see him. If he’s not there, he might be off. Try to remember what day you went and go back the same day. DO NOT go back more than once a month!!!!

    If you see him, say you need help with something, take out your wallet like you’re looking for a grocery list, then drop a business card and act like you didn’t notice. If he says you dropped it, say he dropped it. The point is be creative but subtle. Don’t email Jamari again in 2022 talking about you still too shy. MAN UP and get your man!

    1. Why not just give him a business card and say ‘just in case you ever need it’, and go on w your day?! That’s what I’d do.

  2. I have to disagree with your advice jamari. This is just gonna set him up for heartache. This is clearly a crush that’s gonna lead no where and a case or curiosity killed the cat. I suggest you apply self control and tame your lust and focus on working on loving and improving yourself. Be intentional about what you want in your life, like the actual attributes u want in ur bf or partner and work on becoming that person. don’t allow the noise inside push you to make unproductive decisions. Trust me you WILL meet someone who will love you like u need to be loved and vice versa. You can’t force these things. That is unless of course U just wanna hook up then defo go for it. Xo

  3. SN, there are sooo many single gay men because the real housewives lives have made them think that because of (often) not having kids and having more disposable income, they’re supposed to be fabulous and fly to Ibiza on a whim. Gay men often waaaay too consumed and concerned w a man’s job title. If yall don’t stop playin and allow yourselves to enjoy some happiness w the dude who works at walmart, esp if you can counter that and earn your own… Ppl are literally losing because they wana give the illusion of a power couple on IG. SMH

  4. I see some of you haven’t dated in a minute. Dude throwing signs to see if u masc or fem. He want to know if u gon be bae or sis. Come on now. This is 2021, they went way past the flirting stage. They got each other attention. Now they need to figure out who gon take the initiative to get the number. He wearing a nametag, ask for him. Give him your number. Don’t let the height and big bulge fool you cause I have ran into some tall masculine big dick bottoms and took they ass down. Flipping the wrist may have turned him off cause most fem guys don’t want another fem guy, its some who do don’t get me wrong but if you trying to get them cakes, you have to come harder than that. I find this story strange with him being an Actor in Atlanta. If you can be seen in movies then you can act a character out and get that number. If nobody seen your movies, then you must be one of them Onlyfans actors that are low key shy in person. Especially in Atlanta and you scared to get a number, you are going to have to try better than that.

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