“oh hi everyone! let me introduce you to my fine ass husband!”

this is a challenge i can get with.
if my partner has a nice bawdy,
as private as i am,
i might take a video/picture of:

Trying to balance a Funko Pop on his bicep
Washing clothes on his abs

you won’t see his face,
but you’ll see a bawdy part or two.
gabrielle union and drew sidora might be trying to do a new challenge with their husbands,
dwyane wade and ralph pittman

if my husband had bawdy like these gentlemen,
i’d have the same look on my face too tbh.
we will call this challenge,
the bathrobe challenge?

“Look at what milk did to my husband’s bawdy!” Challenge

either way,
i would be wary of letting the forests know what my husband looks like naked.
you know the hoes are already plotting a takedown.


lowkey: i don’t know much about drew’s hubby.
someone wrote this in the comments…

is he that bad?

20 thoughts on ““oh hi everyone! let me introduce you to my fine ass husband!”

  1. I mean ESPN Body Issue showed Dwayne ass but its nice to this type of challenge. I think Teyana and Iman would’ve been better.

  2. Drew should be trynna keep her husband to herself while she’s trying to flaunt. This is the same man who left their home unannounced, and unreachable for 3 days then gaslit her when she demanded to know where he was. Yeah he fine but toxic, and clearly has another family somewhere. She need to get off the gram and investigate.

  3. I’m happy to see Dwyane keeping himself in shape. I’ve seen many players completely let themselves go after they retire. He looks great! As for the other guy; I don’t know much about him other than the fact that he’s fine.

    1. Umm I wouldn’t be posting if I were Drew… We know her man likes to take trips to Tampa…

    2. Nah, for real bro. Iman has -17% body fat. As long as he has those tragic feet covered, ummm, where can we see these pics bro?! Asking for a friend …

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