who knew shopping at walmart could be so dangerous

when i went out with the pretty vixen last weekend to the movies,
no lie,
i said to myself:

“What would I do if someone came in here shooting?”

the door was behind us.
those are the thoughts that go through my head these days.
you just never know in this dangerous forest we live in.
you have a fall out with someone and they ready to shoot shit up.
^that hyena shot up his ex-coworkers at walmart in mississippi.
a foxholer sent me the story and well…

Two Walmart employees were gunned down — allegedly by a co-worker — at their Mississippi store on Tuesday, according to the company.

The suspect, Martez Abram, was shot by an officer and hospitalized, Desoto County District John Champion said. Abram has been charged with two counts of murder, he said.

The victims were “senselessly murdered” at a store in Southaven, about 13 miles south of Memphis, at about 6:30 a.m. local time, Southaven police chief Macon Moore said. A fire was also reported at the store, said Champion.

Officers arrived within minutes, and when police confronted the suspect outside the Walmart, one officer was shot by the suspect, officials said.

The officer was saved by his bulletproof vest and is now in the hospital recovering, Moore said.

Abram was a former Walmart employee who was recently fired, Champion said.

“There was an incident” between Abram and another employee “a few days prior,” Champion said, and Southaven police filed a report.

Champion did not elaborate on the alleged incident but Southaven Mayor Darren Musselwhite described it as a “grievance with an employee and his employer.

A spokesperson for Walmart, however, said that Abram was an existing Walmart employee, who had been temporarily suspended over the earlier grievance. The spokesperson did not elaborate on the nature of the grievance.

Abram, 39, has no criminal history, Champion said.

scary af.
i’m starting to wonder

Would gun control would even help this country?

like drugs,
folks will just get it illegally.
i think we really need to stop ignoring mental health issues.
take it from me,
but these jobs don’t give a fuck about your mental health.
you bust your ass for them and they’ll let you go like it’s nothing.

If you live in an “At-Will” state,
forget it

( x the current “at-will” states )
it’s all a giant mess,
but this is the government’s doing.
let’s hope they finally get it together before it’s too late.

article cc: abc news

8 thoughts on “who knew shopping at walmart could be so dangerous

  1. I’m sorry but what pisses me off about all this is that we can’t even enjoy the simple pleasures without having to look over our shoulders. I can’t go to the market or any place and buy some food or goods or whatever without worrying about will this be the place I die in.

    Not only are we dealing with mass shooters but we have people fucking up food and stores for clout like damn can I enjoy anything in peace anymore?

  2. Until gun control happens, as much as I hate to say this, but we need metal detectors everywhere now. We need security and somebody or just a machine to scan just weapons and with our technology now, they can do that. People are crazy. This is why I don’t make friends at work. I see you at work, I’m leaving you at work. We not hanging out or nothing. You not getting in my business and I don’t want to know yours. Go do your 8 hours and I will do mine or more.

  3. Gun control wont help but maybe introducing alternative methods to help folks learn self control over their vehicle. I’m surprised they didn’t kill him

  4. J you are so right about thinking about your surroundings, but you also got to defend yourself. Im definitely going to get some self defense. If i’m ever in a situation like what happen at that Gilroy Garlic fest, Im gonna take that perp down. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

    1. ^what if he gets to you before you can do the self defense tho.
      at work,
      i had to listen to a workplace shooting seminar.
      it really opened my eyes to a lot.
      the presenter said only your last resort should be to attack the shooter.
      your first two options are escape or hide.

    2. I always think of this happening. ALWAYS. Looking for the exit signs and ways out are the first things i do now when I enter a bar or theater or a store. Anything. Anywhere. It’s easy to to take down a shooter. All you need is at least three others to fight back with you. But people always panic and get scared which is very understandable but you must also push through to survive mode.

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