cam newton felt like being cute in the supermarket

in a perfect forest,
everyone would have their own sense of style.
in my forest.

wearing the exact outfit off a mannequin is not fly
throwing labels down our throats is try hard city

the likelihood of someone wearing your exact same fit is super high.
God forbid you’re at the same event.
if you can throw together an outfit and it just works,
and it’s on some inexpensive shit,
i think you’re pretty on point.

sidebar: i love when folks can put together colors that just flow.
not “matchy matchy”,
but knowing how to use the color wheel correctly.
that turns me on.

nfl baller wolf,
cam newton,
has his own personal style.
this is what he wore to a simple trip to the grocery store

he has the best arms in the business.
do you see those biceps?

someone i think is pretty wise told me the other day:

you just want to look cute.
Even if it’s simply going to the store or going to Mcdonalds.”

i felt it.
cam’s style can be a little too extravagant for me,
but i would take certain pieces from that get up.

that’s “him” tho.
in new yawk,
we see so much personal style everywhere we go,
^that isn’t too “outrageous” to me.
for some,
that outfit might be a whole “hell nah“.
i say do what makes you feel comfortable and happy.
cam clearly is.

11 thoughts on “cam newton felt like being cute in the supermarket

  1. I love that he just does whatever he wants style-wise. I wouldn’t be caught in that but I definitely appreciate it.

  2. I like his auntie look tho, I couldn’t imagine seeing this in a store because he seems so big he’d stick out.

  3. I wish you could insert a gif of Tamar Braxton saying “get yo life” with her little pursed lip and head nod. This man will go out in an expensive label outfit but yet is seen in Walmart of all places shopping. If this isn’t the Poster Boy for “Get Yo Life”. This is literally the best of “both” worlds. He is living the Have and The Have nots literally. I guess him and Russell Westbrook know how to stay relevant on and off seasons

  4. Nothin to see here, just your typical Weho Queen shopping for the week’s grocery in her Sunday best drag! Love it! 👸 🛒

    1. EXACTLY!!!… Slip ….aaannd thong showing!! Lmao. My Charlotte peeps tell me word on the street is …that booty is sweet as sweet potato pie

      1. When she retired and comes out at 35, I got a feeling we’ll all get a taste of that sweet bussy.

  5. Well the Black Masculinity Police aren’t here for Cam Newton’s little bout of self-expression and are charging him with promoting the effeminization of the black man…

  6. I love this. As a Painter ,Former Model and Forward Thinking Global Male I love seeing innovation., bravery and pushing the envelope . Bravo!!

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