would you shoot your shot like how marvin bienaime does?

gays love good lookin’ males.
whether he’s straight or “one of us“,
we will line up in droves to get a glimpse at perfection.
we will slap our own mothers for the taste of lean meat.
whether it’s baiting or secretly recording in public,
we have a primal instinct to see the naked male body.
this is why we’re gay.
vixens don’t really care for “bawdy” as we do.
they’ll fuck a nice bawdy,
but they aim for a husband and a father to their kids.
gay appreciate the male physique.
sites like “onlyfans” and “justfans” were created with “us” in mind.
they know gays will pay top dollar to see attractive men doing regular shit.
who else is paying 20 dollars to see a print bouncing in basketball shorts?
that leads me to the question of marvin bienaime and his work…

Isn’t Marvin Bienaime simply catering to the gay male fantasy?

now i’m not fontin’ that marvin is gay because i don’t know his sexuality.
he is,
filming males in a way that “we” like to see them.

highlighting the bawdy parts we crave



marvin isn’t successful because he’s just a “good” photographer.
anyone can pick up a camera and shoot someone.
he’s successful because he “knows” what sells.
he knows how to make all of these males look good,
because for many of them,
they can’t duplicate what he does on their own or with other photographers.

the argument could be that he’s being a predator.
he has had many alleged accusations thrown at him over the years.
some have even been featured on this same website.
as much as others have had an issue,
the males he’s recently shot seem to be okay with it.
they don’t mind him following them around,
naked as they were born,
with a camera behind (or in-front) of them.
it could be argued that if we were in his shoes,
we might do the same if the participants are willing.
like a straight male with power,
a gay with “something to offer” is a pretty powerful person.

so i had to wonder…

Would gays shoot males,
and do “bts” videos,
the same way Marvin does?

judging from the videos on “pornhub”,
likes on some of these attentionisto’s instagrams,
the amount of money gays spend on achieving someone’s nudes,
and the successful underground community of baiters that are profiting…

I’d font a heavy “yes“.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on “would you shoot your shot like how marvin bienaime does?”

  1. I guess I’m different I am not that turn on by bodies like I use too. Even sexually if I would take someone with a belly before one of them. They good to look at but I guarantee they would require you to do all the work in bed!

      1. ^not all males that have nice bawdies are lazy in bed.

        some have earned their certificates in knockin’ walls down.
        they had many sexual partners and learned tips along the way.

        the ones who are terrible in bed tend to be the most selfish or narcissistic.

        1. I’ve never had sex with anyone. I’m just saying that unless someone is morbidly obese there is no way of telling if their stroke/ass/pussy game is on point. I would assume that someone with more stamina and athleticism (chubby or fit) would have the capability of performing well. If not then they are just lazy.

    1. It doesn’t take being a rocket scientist to CLEARLY deduce Marvin is gay. He photographs what HE likes. All photographers do! If he was straight and liked photographing beautiful bodies, they’d be FEMALE bodies. All one has to do is look at a photographer’s portfolio of images to tell which team he plays for. Men who primarily (or exclusively) shoot images of nude, muscular men are gay. The nude male subjects wouldn’t interest them if they weren’t, thus, Marvin doesn’t shoot women in the same way. Hell, he rarely shoots them at all. I suspect the men he shoots feel comfortable with him because he makes sure to present himself as one of them. He speaks like them. Dresses like them. If he was sashaying about like Billy Porter from Pose, NONE of those guys would do what they do with Marvin. Periodt!

  2. He is like the Tyler Perry of photography. Yes he caters to gay men and other gay men would take photos like him. I don’t know many women that care for or take photos like this.

    1. I don’t know. His comments are happy women. I don’t know if they’re buying but they definitely like it.

      1. Oh yes there are women that like it, but i’m sure the majority that buy his products are gay men. I was more talking about women who take photos of men.

  3. Just to be clear, Marvin is gay. I managed an “attentionisto” that you guys have discussed on the site and Marvin wanted to see hard dick in order to be considered to shoot… and Marvin contacted us! He is a predator, he tries to bait those weak enough to exploit themselves for profit, and no shade… do you. But I’m not going to pretend that he’s an upstanding photographer because he’s not. He’s a man who likes men and likes making money off of these men even more.

  4. I just think it’s a shame that he took all of his donations for his “Smile for Haiti” organization to open up his studio and I have yet to hear a peep about his charitable works since. Smh

    1. Thank you call him out because this here is ugh definitely for his own selfish ways. This remind me of the episode on Pose and you guys can glorified this but something is wrong indeed.

      1. Well, I do recall Marvin was doing a lot if press for “Smile 4 Haiti” circa 2010/11. He was hitting celebs up on twitter and getting them to do PSAs. Subsequently, he received numerous donations and opened up a studio in LA and Miami, and started calling himself a photographer and publicist….Unfortunately, he forgot all about his hurricane ravaged country that he once advocated for. It was all about his own come up. He’s no better than The Clinton’s or Wyclef, or numerous others that have exploited Haiti. It’s really ugly and selfish of Marvin and really makes me upset. I don’t really care about what Marvin, who once called himself an “activist,” does with these ig model guys, but it seems to me that the plan all along was to use Haiti’s misfortune to fund his sexual fantasies, and that’s definitely not cool. It’s a disgrace!!! No substance. No loyalty. No integrity. People do crap like that and expect blessings??? Nah, bruh. That ain’t how the most high works. Marvin, you need to right your wrongs.

        “Smile 4 Haiti is a nonprofit organization created by Haitian American and model, Marvin Bien-Aime, to ensure that the people of Haiti are once again protected from the political and social issues that have for years crippled the great country.”


        1. Apparently he read the comments and thinks it’s a game, because he just mentioned on an IG post that you can’t tell him his page “isn’t a blessing.” No conscious! No integrity! No substance! He exploits these models like he exploited Haitian children. SAD.

  5. Honestly I’m not that attracted to that many of his models. Robby XL and a certain talk thick dark skin model from a few years back… Travis Cure I think it was. But honestly all of them look alike. It’s like watching the Victoria Secret Fashion show and its nothing but the same skinny girl with B cup breasts with the same hairstyle in different color variations. And two I feel like his work can be a bit exploitive. But hey 🤷🏽‍♂️It’s working for him. Ngl I was definitely tempted to buy his recent collection cause Robby does all the things to me.

  6. I will say this, I didn’t know that much about Marvin but if you want to buy naked men for his price go right ahead. Me, I’m good. If I want to go see some naked men in a book or magazine, I will take my ass to the porn store and buy them old copies of Black Inches and get my life. Buy me some lube or go to Walmart and get it. If I want to see some porn, I’m not about to pay people to jag off, what you think I’m doing, pay me if thats the case. I will give you a show. If I want to see porn, myvidster still works and it works wonders when you know who to look for. Now there are a few Connects, Onlyfans, JFans like Khi Lavene. Thats his own personal company but one that tops him, Rhyheim Shabazz. This dude records his porn with a drone that gets all types of angles. Plus his background music really get you feeling some type of way.

    Sex sells. I mean, LaMonte found a good idea and his business is lit! Exotic Painting. You don’t need to be a stripper, just have a nice body and a nice dick or ass. He has straight and gay models as well as his clientele in the same show. Men rub them down next to women rubbing them down.

    Marvin just giving an illusion of sex, LaMonte selling it because I have seen those shows and those straight men are getting jagged off by men for money in front of the women. Everybody else just going to these other sites for their own personal gain. If you buying somebody connect, onlyfans, or Jfans for over $20 and they post once a month, you crazy as hell for getting it. All Dwayne McKell do is jag, eat some girl out, and play with his bootyhole but he is consistent. He constantly posts. Makes you kind of wish tumblr was still Tumblr. People be hating so much that they will buy into it and give it away for free on Tumblr.

  7. Regardless of what people say, most individuals get a thrill from looking at a book, magazine, video or in person. Either way sex sell !!!

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