i’d expect nothing less from kenya’s ex, matt jordan

there’s something about the eyes that often reveal a crazy person.
it’s that intense,
nothing behind them” glare that usually is a tell tale sign.
matt jordan,
the ex of kenya moore from “rhoa”,
has those kind of eyes.
i know she’s glad she dodged that bullet because…

Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, 48, and her ex-boyfriend, Matt Jordan, broke up in late 2016. The following year she was forced to get a restraining order against him. 

And her ex has now been arrested in Arizona for a list of alleged crimes including assault and theft

According to TMZ, the 36-year-old was booked on Saturday in Pinal County for trespassing along with three separate charges. The former reality TV star is reportedly still in custody 

The three charges included, aggravated assault, theft and threatening/intimidating with damage to property.

They all stem from an arrest warrant issued in Maricopa County. 

Matt’s bail was set at $3,250 on Saturday night, however, he remains in custody with no-one stepping forward to pay it.  

His hearing to face the charges is set to take place later this week. 

Court documents revealed that an initial fight incident took place in April, but Matt never showed up in court

Saturday’s drama saw him trespassing so to the delight of authorities, he was caught with an outstanding warrant

i thought he was supposed to be getting into porn or something?
either way…

i swear,
everyone who has ever messed with kenya has fallen.
all of her enemies definitely became her foot stools.
i had a feeling he was a little “off“.
he wasn’t the right fit for kenya at all.
i’d say she got a better come up:

lowkey: i gotta head to bk and eat at her husband’s restaurant.
i hear good things about it.

article cc: the daily mail

pictures cc: instagram

4 thoughts on “i’d expect nothing less from kenya’s ex, matt jordan

  1. Yea he has those “crazy eyes” for sure. When he was on the show, even watching him made me feel uneasy. I hope I never have to deal with anyone like him.

  2. I highly recommend Soco (the restaurant). I check it out every time I’m in Brooklyn. I love the crowd there too.

  3. Kenya dodge a locomotive because he was and is still not right in the head!

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