white girls need to be protected (according to aoki lee simmons)

i never felt intimidated by white folks.
even though my time in high school was short,
i was only around like 2-3 of them.
they all grew up in the hood so it was different kind of “white”.
the white twink foxes seem to get all the good black pipe,
but even still,
that doesn’t really phase me at all.
aoki lee simmons is only 16 years old.
she wrote a poem on her ig that she quickly deleted.
it was about her feeling sensitive about white vixens and well…

why does this poem sound like it should be about black women?
she is young,
so i won’t drag her,
but that poem is realllllllllllllllllllllly problematic.
i have to remember she grew up in a different forest than i did.
see myself,
black twitter,
and even yourself have a different forest view than the privileged.
this can even go for some of our black celebs out here.
they tend to live in a bubble and forget their “real world” experiences.
this is not to say that aoki lee doesn’t have issues,
but that poem clearly shows me that she:

a) doesn’t have black friends
b) is insecure af

from my corporate america experiences and being on the ground:

White women are super privileged

…and some use that privilege to get what they want or cause mayhem.
hell some of the white transplants have overrun the city,
trying to act like what they think a “tough new yawker” should be.
don’t even get me started on the hipsters
hopefully college will introduce aoki lee to see other experiences.
she needs her bubble popped.

16 thoughts on “white girls need to be protected (according to aoki lee simmons)

  1. I don’t think the poem was explaining away white woman privilege at all. It very clear notes that while there are prejudices that all women face, they (white woman) walk through the world WITHOUT being told they’re not beautiful or not enough.

    The angry Twitter folks can’t read.

  2. I get the poem, though when she says she’s sensitive to white women it’s a bit confusing and would have been clearer if she had said she was sensitive about them. Anyways, I see it as a poem about being a young Black woman living in a world of white privilege, entitlement and supremacy.

    The first section basically says that, unlike Aoki, white girls get all kinds of things because of their white female privilege but when they don’t, they see it as a personal issue and not, as many Black women have to, because of the history and ongoing nature of racism and misogyny, and how Black people and Black women in particular, are treated.

    The second section says white women can move through the world feeling free because of their white privilege, a comfort that Black women do not have.

    The third section, which says “sensitive for,” notes that as a woman, Aoki feels solidarity with white women and all women, who are oppressed by men because of sexism and misogyny, but even unlike Aoki and most Black and mixed girls, white women do not have to deal with society always telling them they are not beautiful enough because they are Black and thus can never measure up to a Euro-American white standard of beauty.

    Aoki’s cry for recognition and support suggests that in addition to personal support and counseling, we could use some more of those “Black Is Beautiful” and pro-Black messages from the 1970s and late 1980s and early 1990s. So many young people her age need that affirmation, because we are not living in a post-racial society. Racism and white supremacy are going ham right now.

    Last point, as someone above said, Kimora Lee Simmons is Japanese-Black mixed, and grew up in Korea and the US. Russell Simmons is Aoki’s biological father.

    1. ^that was the part that confused me.
      it was a confusing read that came off problematic.
      i’m glad the foxhole could break it down clearer for me.

  3. She went to school in Switzerland and has experienced extreme racism from her classmates. Her father isn’t exactly…proud of being Black either.

    1. I don’t think they did either. She’s stating that white women have it easy in this world. And unlike them, she and other women of color, have to work extra hard to be seen and heard by the majority. Aoki is taken aback by this hierarchy, which simple, white woman have been placed at the top.

    2. Agreed. The poem completely resonated with me as a person of colour even though our socio economic statuses are worlds apart. Seems like she gets it to me!

  4. I’m sorry but maybe i don’t get it because english is not my first language so i don’t get some nuance. But i really don’t see the issue. For me she’s saying she “jealous” of white because at least they don’t have to wonder if what they got or didn’t get is because of their skin colour. And she’s sensitive for them because white girls are still women and as all women the face discrimination. In short she’s not trying to be white she just envy the white privilege but also know that despite that privilege white girls still have some struggles.

    Of course she is insecure, she is young. But honestly speaking who doesn’t want a life with less struggle ? I envy straight people because they can love and be public about it without the fear of being shamed bashed or killed for it. Does it mean i want to be straight ? HELL NAW, i love my gayness but yes sometimes i wish it’s was easier, i wish i was as free as straight men.

  5. Empressive did a video about this and the racism she deals with at her private school. Empressive also posted Aoki “clap back”

  6. I guess this is what it feels like to not be on either the white or black side of things. You have to start with her background. Her father is Russell Simmons, the pioneer of Hip-Hop. Her mother is Kimora Lee Simmons. She hasn’t had to experience any parts of being white or black. Kimora is Japanese. Her father adopted her. Her father is black. When you grow up not seeing color, you can’t say what she feels is wrong. Her family is all the way mixed. Her daddy is black, mom is japanese, sister is mixed with japanese and black, her brothers are even more mixed. Kenzo is Djimon Hounsou son and he… yeah, black! Then her brother Wolfe is white. So yeah the kid has a multiracial family covering the entire globe. I guess she identifies with the white girls because maybe she sees more of them. Granted her cousins are Vanessa, Angela, Diggy, Russell Jr… you get the picture. They didn’t grow up in the hood. Im sure it was pulled because Kimora is very protective like a mama should be. The name Lee Simmons alone is famous. You already know thats Kimora. Only the Kimora boys don’t have Simmons. One is Hounsou and the other is Lessitter or whatever her husband name is.

    1. Absolutely! I agree she’s we are world type of chick her experiences would be vastly different than ours you also have to consider generational differences as well these kinds of children live the multiracial experience in a 21st-century environment with money so that really makes a huge difference.

      1. Exactly, Aoki grew up as Russell’s daughters in the public eye. They were born in Baby Phat. Russell is very protective of his girls. Now that Aoki has grown up and Baby Phat is back, you better believe she is about to run that. Blue Ivy was a CEO before she could even talk. Trust when she gets older, she doesn’t have to want for anything. She already had a bidding war with Tyler Perry. Tyler literally was almost outbidded by Blue Ivy. That lets you know Bey and Jay has them kids set. Now they may not see white, but they won’t be like Kim and Kanye’s kids. People automatically think because Russell and Kimora identify as black that their kids should too. Look at Will and Jada’s kids. Willow and Jaden are weird as f*#k! That’s just how they were raised.

        1. If you deem being COMPASSIONATE and INTUITIVE “weird as f*#k”, I wish ALL young (and old) people were as “weird as f*#k” as Jaden and Willow.

          1. Not that, the whole “you don’t need school” and weird shit. Jaden did think of something I don’t see why it doesn’t have a patent and being used. He created a machine to fix Flint’s drinking water. It filters out all the harmful bacteria in the water and gives them fresh water. You would think the Mayor or at least the Governor would say, “hey, we need a filter to at least have drinking water”. They have been without fresh water since April 2014. So no not that part of Jaden, just the weirdness

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