white girls need to be protected (according to aoki lee simmons)

i never felt intimidated by white folks.
even though my time in high school was short,
i was only around like 2-3 of them.
they all grew up in the hood so it was different kind of “white”.
the white twink foxes seem to get all the good black pipe,
but even still,
that doesn’t really phase me at all.
aoki lee simmons is only 16 years old.
she wrote a poem on her ig that she quickly deleted.
it was about her feeling sensitive about white vixens and well…

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10 Cubs, One Milestone, and Plenty of Notebook Paper

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.05.55 PMwell judging from this picture,
yusaf mack had fun at his coming out party.
it seemed like it was a good turn out at well.
well today,
he was in his feelings.
he decided to write a poem to his 10 cubs.
it was posted it on his instagram for all of us to read…
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5 Benadryls, Puffy Eyes, and a Whole Bunch Of Words

Can-you-get-addicted-to-Benadryl2i said i wasn’t going to write today.
i was going to do it tomorrow,
but something told me to do this entry this evening..
i had a breakdown today.
one that i feel is the start of my new life.
i cried,
and cried,
and cried.
i must have cried for 3 hours straight.
i was crying when i wrote that message this morning.
my straight wolf friend had to rescue me and im so grateful for him.
i ended up taking 5 benadryls because i wanted to sleep the day away.
if i didn’t wake up,
i honestly wouldn’t have cared at that point.
i woke up just now,
groggy as hell,
and something told me to write a poem.
i literally awoke up out my sleep and opened my laptop.
now i don’t write poems.
im not a poet in the least,
but i wrote one in a 1/2 hour.
it maybe wack as hell,
but this is me… now.
5:33pm on november 13th, 2013.
an expression to describe something ive wanted to get into words.
so it means something to me no matter how novice it is.
i’ll talk more in depth tomorrow but here it is…

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