10 Cubs, One Milestone, and Plenty of Notebook Paper

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.05.55 PMwell judging from this picture,
yusaf mack had fun at his coming out party.
it seemed like it was a good turn out at well.
well today,
he was in his feelings.
he decided to write a poem to his 10 cubs.
it was posted it on his instagram for all of us to read…

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.04.11 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.03.55 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.04.02 PM.

















giphyis that…
notebook paper?
okay well its a start,
BTW: he is currently writing “the yusaf mack story” for us:

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.04.22 PM Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.04.28 PMlike…
literally writing it on notebook paper.giphy-1can someone get this animal out of 1965 and get him a laptop?
hell even a typewriter.


lowkey: something about his “new team” isn’t giving good vibes.
we shall we tho.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

36 thoughts on “10 Cubs, One Milestone, and Plenty of Notebook Paper”

  1. Notebook paper shows he actually wrote it lol. I’ve noticed y’all tear him apart every posts. ……..how many other dl men have done the same thing this man has? Yes I know he lied, but how many married men have y’all slept with??? Mhmmm

    1. ^the married wolves i slept with didn’t go to the news,
      tell them i drugged him to get him to sleep with me,
      tried to ruin my reputation in the result,
      and then admit they did it when i had to bust out receipts…

      nah never.

      1. Fair enough, I actually forgot about the whole drugged thing. I guess I’m raging in Black Ops 3 too much to remember the details lol

    2. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I haven’t slept with any married men or any person in a relationship for that matter. Where did that come from?

  2. I think it’s good that he is not feeling sorry for himself about the ordeal, but he’s the archetype triflin’ negro. The gay dynamic makes it messier, especially with all this DL mess black women are fed. And I think his family could be in on it too.

    1. Yes, they are like mad addicts! Every black male they see they question his sexuality. Im like, seriously. I think this sort of thing is making black women and people of other races act out their behind closed door biases towards black men and the media is determined to destroy us. Everything that is said sounds like a bad depiction of the DL Chronicles. Nevermind that this is going on in multiple communities but as “gay for pay” instead of DL and deceit. Hell given what I seen, I could say a lot of White and Hispanic males are big fans of transgendered females. However the actions of a few should not affect the many. Moreover, I understand the uneasiness but you can try to dog black men for the actions of a few.

  3. I have an uneasy feeling about him.He did a short interview with TMZ sports and was asked if he ” through with the ladies” and before he could answer,his manager/publicist answered ,”New life”.Oh yeah he wears a grill now to cover the missing teeth.

      1. I really feel that he’s struggling with himself and that he’s being exploited. I feel the initial article that broke was his attempt at saving face.

        I don’t think he had any idea that anyone in his immediate circle would find out about him being in gay porn. I know of people who fall into it, foolishly thinking that no one will ever find out.

        Up until now, he was living publicly as a straight man. He probably figured that since everyone in his immediate circle was “straight”, none of them would stumble upon a gay sex tape.

        Foolish? Yes; but it doesn’t mean he deserves some of the commentary that people are making about him.

      1. LOL usually you would be hard on these situations. A down-low man with a fiance involved in a gay pron scandal? We all have our opinions tho.

  4. I feel what Random is saying I feel kind of bad for him for the same reasons. Like I said before I think he’s a little slow and is surrounding himself with the wrong people I just hope it doesn’t turn out bad for him.

  5. This man is not brave, not at all. People can paint whatever image of him they want, but I will not be sympathetic towards him or his situation, not now or ever. This man would not be living in his “new found truth” if the video did not surface, period. This man was in a relationship with a woman for years, leading her on and living a double life, while she was planning their future. He probably would have married her and continued living his lie if this scandal never erupted. It is not fair to not be honest about struggling with your sexuality to your partner. I personally think he was down-low and using his struggle story as damage control. I doubt he was struggling with his sexuality, he needed an excuse for his behavior, and men in the life are fueling it.

    Another thing I have an issue with is that men in this lifestyle are insensitive of women’s feelings who are lead on by down-low men. In the eyes of many men, women are the competition and have the the type of men some gay and bi men desperately want. Y’all do not care that he led her on, be honest. If he were feminine, no one would care or lend an ear to hear his story. Case closed.

    1. I don’t have much else to say about this except nothing separates that delivert dude or that other one talking about ppl climbing in windows but gays don’t feel sorry for them. If this dude wasn’t mildly attractive and didn’t fit into what society deems as masculine and acceptable he wouldn’t seem like a wounded animal to some of you all who sympathize.

      1. Its like you are reading my mind lol. On about every post you say what I would have said. You dont coddle and sugar coat for the bullshit. Respect to you and others on here who deliver the real shit unapologetically.

      2. I am tired of the double standard. This man is just as messy and classless as Mr. Delivert. Men in the life do not care about what the circumstances are if the man is masculine and physically decent. No one felt sorry for his fiancee…at all. I am sure she is distraught. I bet she had no idea since he is not detectable. He was not only hiding his sexual identity, but technically he cheated. Participating in the porno without his fiancee’s knowledge is cheating. Is it not? Some of the supporters of him do not care about the people he damaged, especially if it is a woman, but yet men in the life do not want women to view them as accessories and demand respect. GTFOH. I’m done.

  6. I feel sorry for him. After seeing interviews, I really don’t think he’s playing with a full deck… at all. That “new team” knows it.

  7. None of us is perfect. We all sin and fall short. I wish him nothing but the best and hope he stabilizes and finds stability. He is trying to express himself with that poem. The fact he is able to release his feelings is healthy. My experiences do not exactly mirror his but I have walked in his steps. You can read my blog from the beginning to now and see. I only pray that he surrounds himself with positive people. Everything will work out. Thanks for following his story and keeping us abreast of things Jamari!

    1. I’m curious do you think you would be as empathetic to him if he was engaged to your daughter,to your baby girl? I have empathy for him but I agree people seem to have less empathy for Andrew Caldwell or Mr Delivert because he is unattractive and effeminate.Both are these guys struggled with their sexuality.Yusaf had 10 kids with 6 women and Mr.Delivert is claiming to be straight because he thinks he will go to Hell, if he continues to have same sex relationships.If it wasn’t for Heterosexism, neither of these men would have to endure that struggle.

      1. I have a daughter so I can answer this. I would be glad she found out he is Gay before they got married and had maybe baby 11 and 12. I would love and support her and listen to her as she worked through disbelief, anger and grief. In the long run she would realize she was blessed to find out just like Mack’s fiancee will.

      2. I asked would you empathize with him.He was with his fiancee for five years and had a kid with her.If your daughter was his fiancee,would you empathize with him?

  8. I sympathize to the extent that he has very low self-esteem.

    He doesn’t how to find validation within himself, there for he is trying to receive it from other things. He thought sleeping with all those women would give him validation, He thought having all of those children was going to validate him. Now he is thinking all the attention from this notoriety will give him the validation that he doesn’t seem to have yet.

    He need to take the time to find out who he is and what he wants to be. He needs to hold himself accountable to to bad decisions he’s made and make a sincere effort to mend his broken relationships. I think he loves his children. but because he they don’t give him the validation he’s still missing, their concerns are being put aside.

    I hope he used the money from these club gigs and book revenue (it that ever materializes) to get himself and family some serious therapy. That said, this looks ripe for the Fix My Life episode.

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