We’re Not Friends Anymore?

tumblr_nfg1mvk2TJ1t1prrio1_500its mad awkward now.
i try not to look in his direction.
he definitely ain’t looking in mine.
this is when i physcially see him.
before he would make his presence known to me.
its like he has found new ways to maneuver around the building.
when we i do see him,
he always looks mad.
i can’t help that i’m being punished for something stupid…

i sent work wolf a text today.

“yo are we good?”

it was marked “read” a 1/2 hour later.
no response.

tumblr_lvx6o3wurT1r41n8di’ll be honest,
but it makes me sad,
ya know?
i genuinely had fun with him.
i also cared a lot about him.
i know everyone is all like:

“who cares about him?”
“move on…”
“go get some dick.”

is it really that easy?
just say “fuck the pineapple” after all we been through?

i take everyone in my life very seriously.
even you all reading these words right now.
i’m not a heartless fox.

…Maybe I need to be?

that seems to be “the new animal” nowadays.


life hasn’t turned me yet.

i texted left later in the day to ask him a question.
i was feeling a little insecure.

“when we stopped speaking after that big argument,
why did you hit me back?”

“because you are a good person.”

i needed to remind myself of that.”

hopefully work wolf will remember that.

giphylow-key: i wonder if i’m completely dead to him?
that bad part is i didn’t do anything wrong.
if i did,
he should tell me instead of ignoring me.
this whole situation has me depressed.
its literally that “hello” song from adele.

Author: jamari fox

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24 thoughts on “We’re Not Friends Anymore?”

  1. I went through things like this with my ex frequently. Some people are just unstable. Emotionally, relationship wise, etc. I seem to think that a lot of people thrive on dysfunction for whatever reason. Don’t allow him and his unstable personality upset you. I’m pretty sure he’ll be back like always. You may need to distance yourself though if his mood swings make you upset every time because until he finds peace/stability in his life, yall will continously go through this cycle.

  2. I know it’s hard but either he will realize he is missing out on a good person or you will realize who he really is..and that’s a person not ready for all that you are. I’m a fan WW but not to tge point where is now making a decision to treat you wrong. He may very well be struggling with his feelings for you but you don’t deserve to be treated as such

    1. I think you shouldn’t text him. Step to him and ask to talk and then talk it out. If he isn’t interested in talking then move on. If you all do talk ask what bothered him so much to stop talking

  3. I don’t think you should give up just yet. It’s safe to say work wolf is a friend to you, so if it’s something petty don’t let go of that friendship. It’s hard to find loyal friends these days.

    I know you’ve been giving him his space, but maybe this time you’ll have to take the initiative. Let him cool off for a bit then speak to him, in person if you’re feeling brave. You two need a heart to heart conversation, ask him if you guys will be friends again. Good luck 😘

  4. One thing i was always told is watch how people act when you have a falling out. That tells you a lot. The fact that he suddenly talking to Liar Lair would be enough for me to throw up the deuces, especially since he doing this cold shoulder BS and ignoring text messages that you know he read. Like ya’ll grown and he’s being so childish. Didn’t you confess that you already feel some type away about Liar Liar to him? I’m not saying he can’t talk to her but ya’ll have a falling out and now he all up on her again? That’s more than side eye worthy.

  5. Jamari, I’m a tell you like this; you are too good a person for work wolf. You deserve better. You do not need sometime-y people in your life. As much as you did for work wolf, for him to treat you like this is a clear sign that he’s not a true friend. He’s insecure about himself and will always spin the situation around to make it your fault. It’s nothing you did wrong so don’t even fret over a nigga like that. Sure he may look good but looks can’t hold you at night and say they love you, looks can’t hold you down when you’re at lowest and pick you back up, and looks damn sure can’t dick you down at night when you need it. You are a great-ass person, so pick your self esteem back up and live your life.

  6. Ugh the ups and downs of you guys friendship 😩

    Part of me wants to say fuck him because he has this hold over you to make you feel bad over small stuff. Shit you’re going through emotions like you guys are in a relationship and not a FRIENDship.

    I’ve been rooting for you and I support any decision you make but from these actions it may be time to give this dude his walking papers soon.

    I agree with Tony above I say you approach him in person and get a response. If he can’t get over this I say it’s time you focus on you and give him space (like the moon )

    Keep your head up J

    P.S. I still think he’s a good guy but I don’t like the way he’s treating you or making you feel.

  7. You guys have way too much drama as friends. This back n forth shit, one minute y’all friends then the next y’all aren’t. This shit sound more like a relationship than a friendship tbh. In my honest opinion y’all really need to fuck each other and stop with this back n forth, cat n mouse bullshit.

      1. I know right. They need to stop playing this game and just smash already with cum leaking, body dripping and some hard ass breathing.

  8. Aww Jamari keep your head up man. You should give him space. If you let him back in your life I think you need to lay down the ground rules of you’ll friendship and tell him you are not going to deal with his back and forth behavior towards you. You are a human being not some damn object that he uses when he feels like it and puts it away when he doesn’t want to be bothered with it anymore. I know you said you were saving money for a trainer, but you can watch videos on YouTube to learn how to operate the gym equipment. Working out will be good for you it relieves a lot of stress off me and boost my self esteem with my body changing and of course there is great eye candy in the gym. Continue, to keep your head up don’t let this setback ruin the rest of your week.

  9. You allowed him back into your space too fast……u need to chill on this dude bro. Even if he does hit u up, don’t be so quick to jump on his dick. Like he has u wrapped around your finger. You are a great person but you need to put on your big boy boxers and hold your nuts like foreal. People are going to always step on you if you allow them.

    Boundaries needs to be set, you tolerated way too much from this fool from the get go. Think about it

  10. This has tipped the scale for me too Jamari. The last time there was a problem I said, communicate and give him another chance, it was an honest mistake.

    This time, no excuses. I don’t “do” silent treatment. Two can play that game. If you didn’t do anything wrong then leave his dumb ass alone, and focus on your life. This for me, would be the “duplicitous behaviour” that JAY mentioned in that same post that I would draw the line at. This is intentional, and I wouldn’t be having it. I’m not saying leave him for good, but if he wants to be acting like that, then I would find a way to get him out of my mind, no one is worth it, and I certainly wouldn’t be pressing myself over someone who would treat me like that. I would seriously be considering the implications of even talking to him again at this point.

    In essence, it really is time for you to start doing YOU again. You need it buddy. I feel you about not wanting to be heartless or cold, but you gotta draw the line somewhere. Even if he does “come back” I’d be watching from the side-eye the whole time. Again I’m not saying dump him, but I’m not saying don’t either. What I AM saying is get him off your mind while he sits in the corner “throwing shade” while you get your life together. Enough wasting time.

    I’d be thinking in my head: “what do you want from me? a friendship? sex? a stylist? that gay friend that oggles over you just to make you feel good? I’m not about that.” because his actions would seriously make me question what my role is to him, and also reconsider what I NEED out of this situationship-thing. What do YOU get from this Jamari? Because this has been tipped in his favour for far too long, and you need to start asking: “when is my turn?”

    He’s being stupid, and if it were me, my interest would be pretty much gone by this point. Not tolerating it. We are grown, so he needs to act like it.

    Idk I’d be pissed, and my ass would need to be kissed if there’s any hope for rekindling. No way in hell they’re going to be in control over me like that, when THEY’RE in the wrong. NOPE! I’d tell them to get it together quick and learn to appreciate the good friends in their lives. I will NOT be no one’s punching bag!

  11. Your overthinking it !!!!! All that’s going to do is get you more depressed. It’s easier said then done, but please don’t stress yourself out about it. Whenever you’re around a person a lot, you have disagreements and get annoyed with each other. People tell me when I argue with them, I offend them without realizing it. I’m sure it’s the same thing in this situation (hence the silent treatment). Yes he’s being petty-wap, but don’t worry he’s still your friend and he still thinks about you too.

    Do not text him, and do not try and talk to him! Trust me. When you do that, it gives the other person the upper hand. Keep yourself busy and act like your not stressing about it. He’ll come around and at that time you guys can talk it out. Stay strong brotha!!

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