The Shame That Is Memphitz

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.03.07 PMits a shame

i use to secretly lust after mickey “memphitz” wright jr.
as soon as all that drama went down with k michelle,
and his string of stunts for relevancy,
i started to lose all interest.
he got real corny.
everyone is talking about him on “untying the knot” last night.
he was ( x on there ) with his wife,
on bravo.
soon to be.
i will admit that i didn’t watch,
but the story that toya gives him an 8 day pass to cheat

everyone is also talking about how “gay” he came off.
again i didn’t see it,
so i can’t confirm.
an vix-bi sent me this video tho…

….not a good look.
i’m so mad at the scarf under the hat.
anyone remember this tweet back in ’12?
Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.27.42 PM
his whole situation has turned out so tragic.

…so K Michelle was right?

this all seems like karma.
he use to look so fuckable when he didn’t start talking.


lowkey: actually lookin’ through his instagram,
he is a full blown attentionisto.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “The Shame That Is Memphitz”

  1. A big turn off. He gives off a butch queen vibe.

    Can we talk about the eight passes a year Toya gives him to cheat? Even fine ass women have low self-esteem, it is just ridiculous, and apparently she gets no passes. Anything to keep a no good man huh?

      1. I know it is crazy this past thing, but hell what about the dudes that cheat continuously without the passes?

      1. Thats exactly what he blames for this breakup… Mona Scott –lord her again. Offered him a spot on Love & Hip Hop and Toya said Noooooooooooo! That begin the downfall of his career??

  2. My ex best friend who is a girl fucked/dated him while he was with Toya.
    This was Sept/Oct last year. I know for a FACT he isnt gay

    1. -1

      Some us will just never know for a FACT who is and who isn’t. Yusuf had 10 kids with women floating everywhere look at him now. He just might be straight with some tendencies but when people say they know for FACT when they don’t is kind of like well ok you know someone 100% when we actually don’t know people 100%.

  3. Yeah, a lot of people on IG was saying he came across as gay. I didn’t really get that vibe from him from the show. I thought he came across as goofy, sarcastic, petty and he was playing it up a bit for the camera.

  4. “actually looking’ through his Instagram, he is a full blown attentionisto” ~Jamari Fox

    Well, that goes for any man of any race, sexuality, and lifestyle on Instagram. I feel like social media or attention seeking is an aphrodisiac for these men today. In fact, Memphitz and men like him who are rich and famous are seeking one thing: validation. Fame is one hell of a drug for many men and it’s ego boosting. I get that because as a man, we always want someone to co-sign us. Some women as well. It’s an ego trip. I didn’t see the “untying the knot” show that Memphitz and Toya is on because I didn’t know anything about it. Now, with the power of social media, I’ll be watching them turn themselves out in an attention whore kind of way. F.Y.I Memphitz and men like him don’t really do it for me that much. I’d rather check out some big thick musclehunk anyway or a big nfl lineman.

  5. I’m still trying to figure out what the “shame that is Memphitz” is? So what if he looked as if he had a little sugar in his tank in that video clip. He’s still sexy as fuck! What’s the problem?

    I have no doubt that most of the queens here passing judgment would trip all over themselves for the chance to swallow that dick up.

  6. I actually find Memphitz quite attractive.
    Can’t even front – I’d bang and be banged.
    Is it sad that I find it refreshing he’s a one of few producers that can hold a convo and enunciate?

  7. 8hall passes? Why even get married. I could get MAYBE one. But 8? He a fool if he thinks she was sitting at home not getting any dick while he’s out here with all these thots.

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