Daddy (Teach Me)

“i believe the children are our future.
teach them well and let them lead the way…”

that is one of my favorite songs from the late,
whitney houston.
“the greatest love of all”.
the cubs of today are the leaders for tomorrow.
it is up to us to teach them.
well this father is teaching his cubs black history,
among other things.
i saw the following video on tumblr and it left me to wonder…

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Idris Elba Wants The “Pounding Of His Yams” To Be Perfect

every time i see that “pounding of the yams” thing,
i laugh and get a bit turned on.
i’ll save my ratchetness for another time.
so valentine’s day is about a week away.

Who is going on that Valentine’s date with Idris Elba?

this is for my vixens.
i don’t think this one is “foxhole friendly”
…or could it?
idris has teamed up with omaze for a night you may never forget.
( x see that entry here )
well since idris wants this date to be perfect,
he has teamed up with advisors to make sure everything goes smooth.
check out this video of what they spoke about…
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People Don’t Like The Agenda Megan Fox Is Pushing

tumblr_mwldpbr4fw1se3elzo1_500megan fox has left the building.
i mean,
she still makes movies,
but i think she found her happiness outside it all.
well she has “that hyena she deals with” and her two cubs.
everyone was up in arms about her recent family day at the pumpkin patch…
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10 Cubs, One Milestone, and Plenty of Notebook Paper

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.05.55 PMwell judging from this picture,
yusaf mack had fun at his coming out party.
it seemed like it was a good turn out at well.
well today,
he was in his feelings.
he decided to write a poem to his 10 cubs.
it was posted it on his instagram for all of us to read…
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“Well That Sounds Like Terror”

ear-plugs…and terror it is.
there has been a reason i have been coming home so late this week.
no i have not been creepin’ with a wolf on the low.
yes you would have also read about my back pain.
anyway my boss has us on overtime patrol for a special event for tomorrow.
one that if i knew was coming,
i would have tried my hardest to use one of my vacation days.
well its the dreaded…
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I Want All The Youth To Start Getting High As Hell.

I love getting high.

I realized a long time ago weed, coffee, and cocaine were only temporary highs.
Okay, I never did coke but you get my point.
I love getting high in inspiration.
If you channel it properly, it can take you to the highest heights imaginable.
I was talking to Smart Fox last night and we had the most amazing session ever.
A inspirational blunt to the face for both of us.

We were talking about many things but we got into the youth and this whole lifestyle.
Quiet frank, our cubs are lost.
Doing the stupidest things because their stupid ass friends thought it was fun.
Many of them are not realizing they still have a long road to travel.
Some never even make it to the car.
I am all for doing things in the moment,
but I am past “stupid mistakes” that I can’t be rescued from.
As we talked, I asked the question:


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