I Want All The Youth To Start Getting High As Hell.

I love getting high.

I realized a long time ago weed, coffee, and cocaine were only temporary highs.
Okay, I never did coke but you get my point.
I love getting high in inspiration.
If you channel it properly, it can take you to the highest heights imaginable.
I was talking to Smart Fox last night and we had the most amazing session ever.
A inspirational blunt to the face for both of us.

We were talking about many things but we got into the youth and this whole lifestyle.
Quiet frank, our cubs are lost.
Doing the stupidest things because their stupid ass friends thought it was fun.
Many of them are not realizing they still have a long road to travel.
Some never even make it to the car.
I am all for doing things in the moment,
but I am past “stupid mistakes” that I can’t be rescued from.
As we talked, I asked the question:


We both came up with a quick couple things that we have BOTH learned throughout the years.
Things that we learned when shit has gone wrong and we had no one to turn too.
I believe we all need to learn on our own so we can teach from our mistakes.
But, I was always one for a cheat sheet.

Inhale this slowly,
take it in for a minute,
and exhale….

  1. There is a power between your legs, in your throat, and in between your cheeks. Not everyone needs to experience that power.
  2. Pick your circle wisely.
  3. Never burn bridges. Learn to smile and say “goodbye”.
  4. How you start off the relationship is how it is expected to go (With Wolves, you can’t go backwards).
  5. RED FLAGS. You see them, but choose to ignore.
  6. Don’t be afraid to call anyone on their bullshit.
  7. Just because he looks good doesn’t mean he is good.
  8. Broke, hood, and crazy always have the best sex.
  9. Female rappers and singers are NOT your role models.
  10. How anyone treats their friends and strangers is how they will treat you.
  11. You will never make him leave his enter name/job/family member/money here for you.
  12. If he tells you he has decided to turn straight, wipe his entire memory from your life.
  13. Have some damn standards.
  14. People will hurt you.

It’s okay.
You feeling something?
That tingling feeling in your body?
The stillness in your mind?
The smile coming across your face?
You should.
Your whole world is now coming together and your judgement should stop being so clouded.

7 thoughts on “I Want All The Youth To Start Getting High As Hell.

  1. There is only ONE you. Nobody can be like YOU so be the best YOU ever!

    Be the best at everything you do. If you want to be a trash bag, be the best damn trash bag EVER!

    The universe may not give you what you want but it will give you what you need!

    Everything in this life is temporary until you die.

  2. Get educated

    Protect yourself

    Follow your instincts…if u think he’s lying & cheating you are probably right

    Always know that life ain’t easy but you have to make the best of it.

    Don’t spend too much time worrying about what others think.

    Im actually worried about the cubs…even the straight ones. The Internet has made it so easy to put on a fake persona that people dont even know how to be themselves or carry on a conversation in real life. I don’t think they will be able to handle the real world. Lol I sound like an old ass man

  3. People make space in their lives for the things that matter.

    If he’s not hitting you up consistently its because you are not a priority.

    Don’t let the opinions of unhappy people make you feel negatively about yourself.

    Life comes together. Then it falls apart. Then it comes together. Then it falls apart again.

    Don’t chase after men who do not want to be caught.

    Its okay to not be okay sometimes.

    Men are terrified of rejection. You must go after what you want because chances are he’s too scared to do the same.

    What you think, feel, and believe manifests itself in your actions to confirm your point of view.

    Workout. You will feel better about yourself when you know you look good.

    Feel your emotions. If you are happy, feel it. If you are sad, feel it. Get in touch with your emotions so you can understand yourself better.

    Do not attach your self-worth to rejection. Someone not wanting you is about them. Not you.

    Live your life as if you were infront of a camera. If you don’t want people to think negatively of you don’t give them reason to.

    Just because you think you’re woderful and a great catch doesn’t mean he does. Seperate how you feel from how you think he should feel.

  4. Here are a few — and not necessarily in this order:

    1. Educate and invest in yourself. You are your most precious asset.
    2. Wrap it up…if you are not penetrating, make sure that he does. Raw is cute to watch on myVidster, but is not safe in the real world…no matter what he tells you.
    3. Set short and long-term goals and go after them.
    4. When you go on that job interview, remove all piercings above the neck, wear a shirt & tie or dark suit, clean and polished shoes (not sneakers), shave, make sure your hair is neat, arrive 15 minutes early with several copies of your resume, give a firm handshake and smile to everyone that you meet, and leave your friends at home.
    5. Stop partying every weekend. Why do you want to become a staple at the clubs/bars?
    6. Save for more than a rainy day.
    7. Don’t lay down with a guy just because he has a big d!ck, fat ass, sucks your balls through your d!ck, or fills your head with what you want to hear. When and if the time is right, the both of you will be ready for each other and the sex will be better than ever.
    8. If he hits you, the relationship is OVER!!!!

  5. Save your money, money in the bank is power, you can tell anyone-job,wolf,fox the world to kiss your ass.
    Forgive yourself for mistakes, learn from them and dont make them again.
    Pray for your enemies, no matter how they hurt you.
    You dont need every bell and whistle that comes out. Your old phone, ipod,ipad, laptop if its working is just as good and serves the purpose as the new models they are rolling out every week.
    Stop with all these insane fashion trends, find a style that compliments you and stick to it. Its ok to update your look, but stop with all this over the top shit you see all these wack ass celebrities rock.
    Safe sex is the best sex. No matter how cute, clean, nice, he may be, you cant trust his nut, one moment of pleasure is not worth a short life of pain.
    Keep some mystery about yourself, stop telling the world your whole history on facebook, twitter, tumblr etc.
    Never sleep with men you meet at the club and limit your sexual partners to a minimum you meet on social media sites, these two rules will save your life and reputation as you get older.
    Dont give your trust too easy to any man or friend, make them earn it.
    If you dont want nobody to know something about you, dont tell it.
    Take time off from the social scene, give yourself a month or even longer off, you will be amazed how much attention you will attract when you go back out. I have given myself 3yr breaks and find out that Im a new face again because the crowds will change.
    Stop confiding your business to females especially if you are attractive, they are secretly jealous and use your business to laugh at your expense when they go out on a all girls night out with other females.
    Find a core group of good people to hang with no more than 4 at the most, anything more than that is asking for trouble.
    “When you get good loving never go and spread the news or else you will end up with the empty bed blues”- circa.Bessie Smith 1925, I live by this one(LOL) and its still true almost a 100 yrs later.

  6. Dont be afraid to go after what you want.
    Admire straight boys from a distance unless you know you can bag him.
    Just cause youll had sex doesnt mean that yore in a relationship.
    Dont screw every guy that compliments you.
    Find a good friend who you can vent to, who wont run their mouth.
    Go back to school and further your education.
    Love yourself


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