happy birthday, jamari fox (now what have you learned?)

another birthday; a new fox.
this last year was pretty intense,
but it ended pretty solid.
besides that food poisoning stint earlier this week.
i was sitting here,
listening to some jazz,
while thinking about everything i’ve learned,
either good or bad.
this is a list

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Who Wants To Read About What I Learned Working In Corporate?

my job is absolute bullshit.
it has gotten to be a circus of confusion.
i’m starting to see my bosses aren’t smart,
like even a little bit.
i’m just riding the wave tho.
they ain’t about to stress me out with their nonsense.
so i thought i would write a:


i don’t know if i ever did,
but it might be time for a refresher

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I Want All The Youth To Start Getting High As Hell.

I love getting high.

I realized a long time ago weed, coffee, and cocaine were only temporary highs.
Okay, I never did coke but you get my point.
I love getting high in inspiration.
If you channel it properly, it can take you to the highest heights imaginable.
I was talking to Smart Fox last night and we had the most amazing session ever.
A inspirational blunt to the face for both of us.

We were talking about many things but we got into the youth and this whole lifestyle.
Quiet frank, our cubs are lost.
Doing the stupidest things because their stupid ass friends thought it was fun.
Many of them are not realizing they still have a long road to travel.
Some never even make it to the car.
I am all for doing things in the moment,
but I am past “stupid mistakes” that I can’t be rescued from.
As we talked, I asked the question:


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Light, Love, and a Fox

The art of forgiveness.

This week, I gave up something to pursue a spiritual balance.
In the Christian realm, I did what was called a fast.
At 12 midnight, that fast ends and I can say what I was looking for, I found.

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