You Can Have Idris Elba Without Sliding In His DMs

this maybe for “vixens only”,
but whenever big money is involved,
it may just change.
so ^that could be idris elba getting ready for a date with you.
it is definitely not a joke.
idris is auctioning himself off as a “date” for valentine’s day.
it’s still not a joke.
check out the ad for this date…

he would have to talk in that accent.
…but he wants you to pound
…his yams tho?it’s even on the youtube title:

well don’t get too excited.
this dinner date and lodging at a 4 star hotel is all for charity.
it’s being hosted by omaze and it’s all for young cubs in africa to receive equal access to education and leadership.
10 dollars gets you 100 entries into the lottery for a date with idris.

and ima be 110% with the foxhole…
if i’m a vixen,
and i’m going on a date with idris elba,
he will be pounding my yams.
ain’t no “if, ands, just my butts” about it.
i’m getting that pipe…

…and crossing off that i had him off my bucket list.
he would be donating something in me for charity.


lowkey: you saw his print in that video?

 gif credited: dailydris

8 thoughts on “You Can Have Idris Elba Without Sliding In His DMs

  1. okay…all of that doesnt play on the commercials…especially the “pounding of the yams part”…Did he say that?..lolol I had to play it over and over. Im never surprised….just kinda taken!!! and ya know its big…and ya know the yams are good!!

  2. no thanks i dont want to be sue for For rape, because if I win this contest he will have to pay my money,And I’m not talking about a dinner, I can cook alone

  3. Shit, he can have both of my bi-weekly checks I receive each month. Idris has my permission to do whatever he wants. He is really an attractive man and I am talking beyond his physical appearance.

  4. Lol why my sisters and female cousins are already talking about they are going to donate there whole paychecks for this chance. When I tell you all the Black women I know love this man. I think he is charming, but he has never done nothing for me but that dont mean I want turn him down on a cold night. I know at one point he was with a thick sister I think and that made him even more endearing to the average Black woman I guess he is the newest Denzel, another dude who I never personally have seen what the hype was about but hey to each his own. Good Luck, I am sure they are going to raise over a million dollar easily.

    1. @Tajan…I always thought the same about Denzel. I could never get the hype. I never thought he was as phyne as people made him out to be. Did/Does nada for me.

      I was more into Idris back when he was on The Wire. He just oozed sexiness to me. There was a mystique to him, like who is this guy?! I was like let me do some research. LOL

      Finding out he was British and hearing him talk sent me over the edge. However, as he started getting popular, the aura was gone and I lost interest. He is a good actor (love him on Luther), but he’s getting like Samuel L. Jackson…everywhere

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