carissa pinkston pulled the “i’m trans” card to turn the scandal around (welp…)

we have covered some real off the wall shit but this
i don’t get why hyenas and jackals lie.
once you’re caught up,
your reputation is pretty much ruined.
(ex) model,
carissa pinkston,
is the “joanne” of the trans community.
the only issue is that she ain’t trans tho…

Carissa Pinkston stunned her peers in the modeling industry this week by admitting she lied about identifying as transgender

The debacle began in May, when a number of Facebook posts Pinkston made under the name Rissa Danielle surfaced. In a May 23 post, she wrote, “Being transgender does NOT make you a woman. It makes you simply transgender.” 

Later, on June 5, she continued, “If [transgender women] can say they’re women, I can reclaim my virginity.” 

The 20-year-old Pinkston ― who has modeled for Rihanna’s lingerie line, Savage x Fenty, along with Marc Jacobs and other brands ― has since deleted the posts. However, screenshots of her remarks began circulating widely on social media last week. 

Once Pinkston’s inflammatory remarks came to light, she was fired by her agency, Elite Models, on or around July 22, Paper magazine reported over the weekend.   

The dismissal prompted Pinkston to make yet another startling claim on social media: that she, herself, identified as transgender. 

On July 27, Pinkston attempted to do damage control once again with an apology. 

how you gonna say death threats made you “panic” into a trans lie?????
what the??????
20 and her career is dunzo.
she should have apologized for her past comments,
let the storm pass,
and hope some another dumb ass fucks up to take attention off her.
that phone tho…
she couldn’t put that phone down and her career is now:

my thing is,
if you gonna font online with ya chest puffed out,
ya gotta keep the same energy when they coming at you.
carissa can say she had a good run.
she got to work with rihanna and marc jacobs.
she can hold onto those memories as she transitions into a regular civilian.

article cc: the huffington post

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “carissa pinkston pulled the “i’m trans” card to turn the scandal around (welp…)”

  1. So, let me get this correct she’s a biological female? And she identified as trans to advance her career? I am very confused lol!

  2. She shouldn’t lie about being a trans woman she should have own up to her transphobic words and stay in her shit

  3. LOOOOOOL i’m crying, she’s young and dumb what’s new ? She really tried it with that coming out tho smh. I can see why she panicked and lied but it’s not my place to forgive her, i’m not trans she didn’t insult me. but i do hope the trans communty and the reste of the world can move past that.

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