i don’t 13 reasons why i won’t be watching season 3

i like my tv to be raw.
all of my tv shows are un-apologetically honest.
from “pose“,
to “game of thrones“,
and my new shit,
i like tv that will trigger some kind of emotion within me.
i THOUGHT “13 reasons why” would be like that.
they dropped the ball so hard for two seasons,
i was done with them.
well they’re coming out with a season 3 and this is the trailer…


so this season is about why “the villain” is mysteriously dead.



who tf cares?

first of all,
hannah isn’t even gonna be in this new season.
i think the actress jumped ship.
the story is pretty much over.
no need to create new drama for a dead story line.

i hated how they went hard with the suicide in season one,
but recently erased it.
( x read more here )
they were supposed to add the school shooting in season two,
but took it out because “it was a sensitive subject”.
all of those topics are real life shit.
if you’re triggered by watching those scenes,
then don’t watch the show.

whoever is behind that show ruined it.
it should have ended after season 1,
they’re trying to stretch it out on some “pretty little liars” shit,
but that show jumped the shark as bad as this one.
i won’t be watching,
but you can tune in on august 23rd on netflix.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “i don’t 13 reasons why i won’t be watching season 3”

  1. Who sits down to watch a show about suicide? Shows about serial killers get awards. What the heck is this world coming to?

  2. I think the entertainment industry is in a slump in general. In hindsight, reality tv killed the creativity of the scripted sitcom because creativity was no longer required. If i see one more revival or reboot I will absolutely explode. Who in the hell wants to see a 90210 revival? Why does Gossip Girl need a reboot? Who greenlit that wack ass Charlie’s Angel’s movie with Kristen Stewart? Creativity is at an all time low.

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