would you chew on tremaine’s booty hole like chewing gum?

so you know i loved-ed me some tremaine,
but once he had his first baby,
i noticed folks are kinda “eh” on him.
not because he isn’t a “DILF“,
because he is,
but he’s really under the radar these days.
one of my fav reads on twitter,
posted an alleged dick report about my dear tremaine.

“his asshole looked like chewing gum“????

he had brutal hemorrhoids before that sex session?

How did they even see his booty hole looked like chewing gum?

the participant said they gagged on his pipe.
they said he banged them with their legs on their shoulders.
unless he had a noticeable rosebud when he walked off…

i feel like this is someone he hit ‘n’ run.
tremaine gets these “amazing” dick reports.
it’s good to see a terrible one.
i doubt tremaine will address this tho.
i mean,
he won’t even reveal who his baby mama is to us.

Do you really think he’ll address the random who wasn’t happy with his pipe?

lowkey: i did like they said he looks good naked…

i bet tf he does…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “would you chew on tremaine’s booty hole like chewing gum?”

  1. Im still stuck on the “looked like chewing gum” part. Before or after you chew it, either way… what?! He not gon answer that. He still ain’t say if that sex tape was him even tho we know it was. If that is her version of what a tight bootyhole looks like then– (Kanye shrug). This don’t sound like his sex game was wack, this sound like somebody who can’t take dick and wasn’t expecting him to dick her down. She even said it was that bad good. She couldn’t take dick and he was over it so he said fuck it, probably went and busted his nut by himself. From that sex tape he clearly like booty sex. If she had a bad experience then why was she complimenting him after it. I have yet to hear a woman compliment a man after bad sex. Even Nicki Minaj didn’t say he was a bad fuck. She told him stop lying on his dick, she got mad he denied it. Obviously he got a mean stroke. Trey do look like he may push yo face all in his cakes if you lick his booty. He may be like them straight porn stars and throw them legs back like his boy Tank. Even Tank said he love getting his booty licked.

    1. ^tremaine seems like a freak and i want him to turn me tf out.

      so if he saying he only smash professionals?
      not everyone can handle the “full tremaine experience”.
      he might need to level out his pipe game depending on levels.

  2. And I’m sure he ain’t wiping, washing and cleaning that booty thoroughly, but it’s none of my business.

  3. He can have me anyway he likes. His brother dick looks amazingly beautiful so he better measure up. Now what sex tape got by me? I need receipts!

  4. That bitch mad cuz he fucked her and told her to leave. He ain’t making love to you. People be a random fuck expecting to be treated like royalty. Ain’t no way she seen his asshole ctfu and theres been rumors that he was bi. But honestly we dont know these people. These stories could be for shock value

  5. I do not believe this one bit. There have been rumors circulating around Trey for years, but I find it hard to believe his asshole is like chewing gum. If it looks like that, then it has to be cut to the white meat lol. Lately, I have been reading a few of these groupie tales and it all sounds fabricated to me. You can’t believe everything you read about these celebrities.

  6. I’m guessing “looked like chewing gum” is a euphemism for “rectal prolapse”. As a bi guy myself, Trey seems bi to me. There’s been rumors about him for yrs & that “boating trip” w/ Odell (who’s sexuality is also highly questionable) only made it worse.
    This story sounds a bit wonky, but fact can sometimes be stranger than fiction. Until there’s some actual evidence, all we can do is speculate.

  7. Trey ain’t been to Dubai on numerous times with Will Smith for nothing. His ass probably been blown out by sheiks and the likes along with Will. Heard Will is quit “rough” in the bedroom.

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