saying goodbye to 2014 in a big way

so i did it.
you gotta give it to The Universe and know it’ll work it out.
i was trying to work on a entry for the foxhole.
it took FOREVER for the twitter video to load.
bad enough,
it took the other pages hell to load as well.
don’t even start me on how long it takes for porn to load.
that’s a whole nother story.
in my frustrating,
i called apple with the quickness…

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in need of a new macbook pro (help required)

one thing about me,
i’m very independent.
i always feel awkward asking for help.
i’m learning that…

It doesn’t hurt to ask

you could get a “no” or receive a tremendous blessing.
so i’m gonna ask the foxhole for help tonight…

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Take A HUGE Bite Out My Juicy Apple

I am,
what you would call,
a nerd.

A pretty damn fly nerd, if I do say so myself.
But, I am a huge electronics buff, next to Wolf recruiting and Styling on Hoes.
People actually call me when they need help with their electronic stuff.
I’m not full fledged IT, but a Fox can do a little something.
Today, I watched the Apple Keynote that was held in San Francisco.
 Absolutely blown away!

Ever since I became a blogger,
I realized just how useful Apple is for my craft.
I recommend Apple products to ANY in a creative field.
They are so much better than PCs.
I use to be Anti-Apple,
but after my PC died, I went Mac and ain’t look the FAWK back!…

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What A Fox Wants For Christmas

As you should know,
Christmas is right around the corner.

I feel that I have been a good Fox this year.
I didn’t pour sugar in anyone’s gas tanks nor did I have to kick any Wolves square in his chestnuts.
So, I feel that I deserve all these things on my wish list.

So I present to you the 5 things that will bring a Fox Christmas cheer.

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