in need of a new macbook pro (help required)

one thing about me,
i’m very independent.
i always feel awkward asking for help.
i’m learning that…

It doesn’t hurt to ask

you could get a “no” or receive a tremendous blessing.
so i’m gonna ask the foxhole for help tonight…

i need a new macbook pro.
my current macbook is slow af.
it takes me forever to work on the foxhole.
don’t even get me started on the keyboard.
so i’m in the market for a new macbook,
but my only issue is…

I can’t afford it at this moment

so i’m taking donations for at least half of the money for a new laptop.
i’ve been eyeing another 13 inch macbook pro.
this is the one i really want:

x see it here

i need help with half of that.
i have about 400 towards my goal.
if anyone of the foxhole would like to help me,
you can send me a blessing on $cashapp or paypal:



i would really appreciate any help provided!
i can’t deal with this slow ass laptop any longer.
as  always,
thank you

lowkey: letting go and letting God.

Author: jamari fox

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5 thoughts on “in need of a new macbook pro (help required)”

  1. This may or may not help, but if your keyboard is stuck or not working I believe Apple is fixing them for free at the moment. I may be mistaken about this but I read that If you send it in for repair three times they’ll just replace it with a newer model free of charge.

    1. ^ima look into that tomorrow drock!
      thank you.

      even getting the keyboard fixed,
      i still need a whole new laptop.
      it’s ridiculously slow.
      God forbid i want to watch a Youtube video…
      forget it

  2. knowing about Apple, they will refuse servicing your Laptop if its a certain age of what they like to call vintage. Mines is a 2009 that I bought refurbished and it undercut the price. Apple has refurbished deals if your interested on their website. I’m still using it too and its fine tho my only regret was one time i dropped it and i was lucky to have my motherboard replaced for free. one or two keys popped out and it went back in place.

  3. Buy refurbised. Also, nor sure how upgradeable Macs are, but maybe just having the processor upgraded would be cheaper than an entirely new laptop.

    Also 1.4GHZ is INCREDIBLY SLOW. Boost or not, you need 3.0 GHZ minimum to be in the modern era.

    Lastly, laptops aren’t easy to upgrade. Desktop computers are. While not portable, upgrading the graphics card, processor etc is MUCH easier and MUCH cheaper.

    Perhaps consider a desktop.

  4. Listen, as a major in technology myself and from what I’ve learned from other technology majors—STOP BUYING APPLE PRODUCTS!

    Apple is trash. They’re an ongoing joke to anyone majoring in technology. Apple takes cheap hardware, attach their name to it, then charge an exuberant price. They lock their products to prevent full customization. Apple gets US money and sends it overseas, contributing highly to our trade deficit. Apple has its hardware assembled by Foxconn, which is practically a labor camp known for its workers committing suicide. Foxconn once put nets around their building because people kept jumping to their death.

    That laptop is a consumer trap:
    *You need at least 3.0GHz for your processor. Ignore the quad core, it means nothing.
    *Preferably DDR4 memory.
    *Possibly more storage.
    *MacOS is normally used by designers. Windows is better for your everyday consumer. If you’re comfortable using macOS though, stick with your preference.

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