What A Fox Wants For Christmas

As you should know,
Christmas is right around the corner.

I feel that I have been a good Fox this year.
I didn’t pour sugar in anyone’s gas tanks nor did I have to kick any Wolves square in his chestnuts.
So, I feel that I deserve all these things on my wish list.

So I present to you the 5 things that will bring a Fox Christmas cheer.

I’m not asking for too much, right?

Foxes and Wolves…
What do you want for Christmas?

You never know what you will get.


13 thoughts on “What A Fox Wants For Christmas

  1. I want
    Combat boots
    the Jays that come out on the 23rd
    Good, uninterrupted sleep on the day before, of, and after Christmas
    A good meal with plenty of leftovers.

  2. I remember that episode of Angel…Angel had purchased Cordilia new clothes because he had given her clothes to homeless teens…She was excited and told him he had great taste, like a gay man.lol…Yes I’m a geek 🙂

    Anyway I’m very needy this Christmas. I won’t get shit tho. I stopped giving out presents, and accepting presents years ago. It seemed like I was always giving stuff that was much better than I would get…Does that matter? Hell yes. I would put thougt and effort into gifts, spend hours in dept stores, lots of money…To get a 25 dollar gift card to macys in return…Shit. I put a stop to that mess real quick. It’s confusing to new friends when I stick to my guns and wint accept a gift from them, but I made up my mind long ago. That’s what happens when you grow up with fam who feels like you owe them somethin, or you make more money so….No….Just no…Its sad to cuzz I used to go all out for the season…I still do, but I buy gifts for myself 🙂 I’ll even wrap them sometimes and pretend to be surprised when I open them….Kiddddding.

    1. I didn’t answer the qestion.smh…Peace of mind. That’s what I’d like. I’ve been so stressed and scatter brained lately, I just want to find a peaceful place, be in tune with myself so I can focus and concentrate. Haven’t been able to do that in a long time which is evident from the above ramblings.lol

  3. I learned a long time ago to just ask for the money. That way you can get exactly what you want. Cause I found out people get offended when you return their gifts… Right in frount of them

  4. Yuck at those Jeremy Scott Adidas kicks. Hopefully you get some of those Jordan 3 Cements that just came out.

  5. My wish is for like you things and yes a true real wolf who is into me, and who will treat me with respect and treat all people with respect.I really want a new ipad I have the first and it is the 64gig so no new ipad, i also want the beats headphones in white, now they come in cool colors and BLUE is my color(please santa ) smile, I have been so blessed this year like so many of you I have taught, been taught, and learned that I am worth more than stuff, this season I am remembering to be true to myself ,and trust myself share love when my wolf has found me yes I have asked the universe for my GOD given wolf one who is real, open, and who will tell the truth at all times, life should not change the heart.We also have to remember that our enemy works everyday to steal our joy, it could be by words, looks, and yes most always our mind, the enemy battles us in our mind, that way we never see the life we are to have, because of the cross, I too have been o fool for the enemy and i have regrets but I know that the battle is not mine nor yours it really is the LORDS, I share with you all because we may not get all the stuff we want but we do have gifts given to each and everyone of us daily, as needed, as asked for, and yes we must pass it on to younger people who really don’t see it or feel it, each one teach one and feel how full your life will be because we will reap what we sow, (that is my wish for the gay race ) smile!!!!! As we enter a new year remember this and always accept this when you see it WHEN A PERSON SHOWS YOU WHO THEY ARE BELIEVE THEM. love and blessings.

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