So What Happens After He Sticks It In?


He is sliding the condom on.
The lube is laying right next to him.
And you are just laying there…


“I hope this is going to be good…”

Has any of my Foxes ever thought that?
You ever been on your stomach, back, or side and just thinking:


He is everything you waited for?
Everything you fantasized about?

Everything that you sex-ted about?

Then it starts…

Your legs vibrate a little when he finally starts to stick it in.
Don’t you hate that resistance of “pipe to hole”!?
That feeling like he is NEVER going to get it inside you?
Then he tries about three or four more times.
Then, you hear that stretching noise of the condom as he is sliding it.
You can kinda feel yourself opening up… and that mofo hurts like a BITCH!!!

You kinda want to tell him stop…
but you are already down the road, so why not keep on going?…
And after a little while he finally gets inside and you kinda exhale…
but then you realize that he has just gotten started LOL…

… and if you are tight as hell, you know how that goes.
And why he back there trying to start tearing it up,
when he knows this is when he should be stroking slow?
He knows DAMN WELL he gotta poke around in there until we are open.
After that is when he can put legs on your shoulders or whatever crazy positions and really go to work.

Have you ever looked at his face in-between strokes?…

Seriously, you should.
I remember I caught myself looking up from under a Wolf and I saw his facial expression.
My legs were on his shoulders and I was gripping his nice ass shoulders.
He had his eyes closed and he looked like he was praying.
He looked so hard at work that it is almost cute.
His mouth was open wide and then he was looking at me, bedroom eyes, and biting his bottom lip.
He had this “How does it feel to be getting all this Wolf?” look on his face.
I think he forgot about me for a second and was just letting my walls jerk him off.

Then, here comes the finale.
You know this is the big moment when suddenly he starts pounding away like a jack hammer.
You wonder if the neighbors could hear your ass cheeks slapping against his body.

“You want this nut?”
“I’m about to nut…”
“Shit Ima finna nut…”
…or something involving the word, “nut”.

… followed by some loud moans and a few “Oh shits” and then it is done.
He sits there for a few minutes, still inside you, as he gathers his thoughts.
You could feel that hard steel start to shrink back to a soft noodle.

He pulls out and walks to the bathroom.

You are laying there in a daze.
It could be “Damn what happened?” or “He fucked the SHIT out of me”.
All I know is that Foxes need an award.
We take some dick, don’t we?

I say give yourself a round of applause.

Merriam-Webster: hoped definition: sleep around.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “So What Happens After He Sticks It In?”

  1. Don’t we need a round of applause!! Cuz the beginnings of fucking is never fun if you ask me!! Everytime I get to that entry in my mind I be like “hell naw, this is bullshit, this shit hurt”!

  2. Lmao that is the exact reaction I think it’s the anticipation that hurts more. I don’t understand wht most wolves think this is a porno and can just go in pounding away willy nilly. Just once would I like a wolf to go in slow and let the wall stretch naturally but they never listen do they smh. S/N I like the diagram of the wolf givin it to the fox Jamari sept he goin deep deep in

    1. ^I would like one to realize that too.
      I get it, you want to fuck me stupid,
      But can we get me stretched before you start fucking my brains out????

      And that image had me staring at it for a WHILE.
      That Wolf is deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.
      I know that blank stare of the Fox quite well LOL

      1. Lmao I do to just haven’t felt it in a while. It make you wonder to wolves think we like the pain or are they just that horney?

  3. omg007 :

    Lmao I do to just haven’t felt it in a while. It make you wonder to wolves think we like the pain or are they just that horney?

    They are thinking with their dicks.
    They don’t care once they stick it in and are in motion LOL
    Can we get in motion too because sometimes it is like a roller coaster in the dark.

  4. Well I know first hand, and I have never felt pain like that before in my life. Lol

    I must of dealt with a pro because he was balls deep in one swift move. He had me in complete shock.

    His stroke game was horrible though. Didn’t feel even remotely good. After the pain subsided there was nothing…

    1. That is the worst.

      It feels like you are getting stabbed… but in a good way.
      You can literally feel your walls gripping every inch as the dick comes inside…

      It is an interesting feeling but…
      I would have passed out.

    2. I wouldve called the police!!! You don’t do that to nobody!! That’s not nice…. Smh, I wod never look at him the same again!

      1. right!!!!!!!!!!

        Give me warning before you just go balls deep on the first entry.
        That literally can make you feel like you gonna throw up.

        And what about that feeling like you gotta pee LOL

      2. Why did I find out the I gotta pee feeling is actually prostate stimulation and you’re on the verge of the biggest nut of your life without touching yourself if you just let go!!!!


    Why did I find out the I gotta pee feeling is actually prostate stimulation and you’re on the verge of the biggest nut of your life without touching yourself if you just let go!!!!

    I must have fell asleep in health class…..

  6. #whoisjamarifox :
    ^Oh is that so?
    Was he a sexy man?
    How did you guys meet?
    Share with us JAY….

    We just hooked know how that goes.
    He was just alright. He couldn’t fuck in my opinion, but maybe he was too drunk and/or high.
    He’s really, REALLY ghetto though. I’d be more interested in seeing exactly what kind of dudes his parties attract. They have a website and everything.

  7. Huh. I don’t start out banging unless the fox wants it like that…I usually slide in slow to let him adjust. Once he takes his hands off my legs, though, it’s on. Don’t ask me to fugg you stupid & then get scared when I do lol

  8. *Duly Noted
    But fortunately for me…
    I’m not gonzo in length,
    So I can have a tad more fun 😉
    But its tricky w/ width
    Been tryna work on that
    Takes discipline when you’re
    HORNY lol work with us 🙂

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