How Do You Stop Staring At All That Butt?

So picture this…

Your STRAIGHT friend decides to sleep over your spot.
DISCLAIMER: He doesn’t know that you like dudes at all.
You both are going away to Cancun for spring break so he decided to sleep over and ya’ll both go to the airport.
That night, he strips down to his boxers and spreads his bed on the floor in your room.
He gets some push ups in because he wants his body to be ready for all the Spring Break Fuckery….

… and you catch yourself staring at him…

You really need to be careful with your leering.

Author: jamari fox

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18 thoughts on “How Do You Stop Staring At All That Butt?”

  1. (mouth agape)
    Breaths have now become faint and infrequent
    Wind knocked out of lungs
    Tongue moving…
    Wonder what’ll happen if I attack
    *bites left inner lip*
    Mouth watering 😉

  2. I would not cross that line because my friend has said that we are boys not sex boys, and he and I are friends and as we all know when that line is crossed there is no going back to what ever normal is because feeling’s and trust and yes even lust is involved, I would stay the course and keep it as cool friends,

  3. Let’s be real people we connect with know more about us than we think, remember the word in the bible says that we only spend time with others who are like yolked, or in real talk like only hangs with like.peace and love and blessings

  4. I agree with you Jolette, like hangs with like. This is probably me over analyzing but a boy can fantasize right? My breathing would have gotten heavy and I would have to do sit a certain way to make sure nothing rises. LOL. But the thing that gets me is one, there must be a couch in the living room so why are you on my floor in my bedroom? Secondly, you strip down all the way to your boxers, no b-ball shorts but boxers. This is from my experience but I’ve never met any straight guy who slept in my room in just boxers. Are you trying to show your goodies? Thirdly, you do push ups only in your boxers. I say all that to raise the question is he trying to entice me while in his boxers? Or is he wanting me to fantasize about his booty and body before we hit Cancun? Like Jolette said, people know more than we think. Maybe dude wanted to get a reaction or test the waters? I would have to say a strongly worded prayer to not let the werewolf come out. but if he made a move in Cancun….it would be GAMEOVER! Mind, dick and booty will be used thoroughly!

  5. I would have got down next to him and started doing pushups with to make myself not stare and low key get closer to him amd him being my boy I know ther would be a friendly competition between us

  6. If a dude doesnt know about you and he strips down in front of you, he is usually str8, because in most str8 men mind, they would never think that you are checking for them like that. I have seen many str8 dudes in the gym just get butt ass naked in front of you while caring on a conversation like it is nothing, so thats usually a indication that he thinks you are str8 and he is str8 and a naked man does nothing for him. On the other hand when you see gay men at the gym, they usually cover up and never let you see them naked because they know dudes are checking for them, of course if you are cruising or being cruised at the gym you probably let a dude check you out naked and vice-versa on the low of course. Its a art form of looking on the sly at str8 dudes and Im sure most gay men have it down to a science(LOL) and in my book its nothing wrong with looking and fantasizing if you dont touch.

  7. All of my straight friends have the fattest asses and the biggest dicks. Pisses me off really. Too bad im not one of those trifing dudes that try straight guys all the time (causd some I could get im sure). But its nice to watch and admire.

  8. Look – just don’t get caught. Depending on the relationship, you could even make a joke about it *shrug*

    Speaking of fat asses, there are some ballers around one of my job sites (training camp & all) and this dude has a PHAT ass…and he’s only a little taller than me. I couldn’t help but to stare when he got out of the elevator…dayum. Just had to share #carryon

      1. Dunno, he’s a rookie/potential I suppose. Dark-skinned, 6’1 or so, fat donk & nice chest too – kinda thick (for a NBA player). I saw John Wall too – he has a nice smile, but nothing else really stood out to me…he just seemed shorter than I thought

  9. I was at the New Orleans arena (on the floor) last year & Chris Paul was warming up. He has the most underrated donk in the nba. Derek Fisher has the best.

    I think YngBlkWlf is right. Depending on your relationship with ole boy, you can make a joke about it. I’m in nyc this week and I visited an old friend who has a phat donk and I slapped it. He cracked up. Did I lust over it? Yes. Would I tear it up if he threw his legs up? Hell yeah! But we’re boys first and that remains paramount.

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