The Perfect Wolf You Really Want To Avoid


Nothing turns me on more than smell of raw masculinity dripping off a Wolf.

Turns me the FAWK on!
I guess this is why I like athletes and men in power.
I could jump his bones by the way he commands attention and his way with words.
His body language…
His body…
Makes me realize why I love Wolves.

BUT… with all that comes with a price.
A price that we Foxes do not see until it is too late.
One where we miss obvious STOP SIGNS because we were looking at all the GREENS.

How do you spot The Controlling Wolf?

The Controlling Wolf is not a bad guy at all.
I actually give him his props.
He has learned the art of being a master manipulator and getting his way when he demands it.
See he KNOWS he is fine and worth it.
So, he preys on Foxes (or other Wolves) who he knows will.
He will be the “Ideal Lover” and show his prey that he is everything they have been looking for.
Dominant. Sexy. and of course, Aggressive.

… that is until he flips the script and has more demands than Mariah Carey at Madison Square Garden.

To spot The Controlling Wolf,
here are FOUR things you should realize first:

  1. He only wants YOU to reveal your life, but he keeps his secret.
  2. He TELLS you how the relationship with go without actually TELLING you.
  3. He makes you chase him; rather than it being a mutual chase.
  4. They make sure EVERYTHING is on their terms and you MUST agree with it.

You know you are in the wrong territory when you feel like you know NOTHING about this Wolf.
The only thing you know is that SOMETHING is drawing you to him.
That something is usually HIS PIPE and the way you want him to turn. you. out.
You are telling him your whole life story and he is keeping his mouth shut.
And I do not know about you, but I do NOT trust people who do that.
Think of it as him gathering information to use against you on a later date.
He will start to know your weaknesses and will have no issue throwing them in your face.
He will also talk down to you like a child and try to pick you apart.
If he bought you things, he will have no qualms in letting you know that he OWNS you.

Baller Wolves tend to be controlling because they have a lot to lose so they have a guard up.
Plus, they are used to getting everything so they think people will bow down for them.
Those are the hardest nutz to bust because usually they are set in their own ways.

The best way to keep this Wolf in check is simply to avoid him once you see the signs.
Or, if you are a Fox who likes a challenge, try to get him outside his comfort zone.
He has a set way of thinking SO you have to subtly try to change him.
Turn “YOU WILL” into “WE WILL”.
You can even try to introduce him to new things he may not have tried before.
But just remember: anything outside of his comfort zone makes him retreat.
The Controlling Wolf’s biggest issue with you: SPEAKING UP and ASKING QUESTIONS.
Letting him know that the rules and regulations he has drawn up are not acceptable.

Again, they are NOT bad guys.
They are just used to people bending over backwards.
(Makes you wonder why the submissive are the ones doing this chasing of the dominant.)

In a nutshell: They are spoiled adult brats that need a good Fox to put them in their place.

Do you think you can handle it?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “The Perfect Wolf You Really Want To Avoid”

  1. Value, we must know our own value men or friends will say and do what ever we allow them to, EVERYONE REMEMBER THAT WHEN A PERSON SHOWS YOU WHO THEY ARE BELIEVE THEM.

  2. I just saw thus thread and had to speak on it.. My first gay relationship was of the abusive sort, it was with a dopeboy, I was 18, and we were both still was older than me, and I moved in under the premise we would be “roomates”, I didn’t have to work, and I had moved about 45 mins from my whole family, he was terribly controlling, made me think everything was my fault, and destroyed my self esteem at that time.. I wasn’t allowed to have friends, little to no contact with my family, and was constantly being ordered to do things I under any other circumstances would never do. In any case my brother, of whom was the only person who knew I was gay, told him what was going on and he literally came and saved me, I left my car, clothes, and everything, and all I took was money to another state… But thank God I still have my life…

    1. ^these are stories I like to read.

      They are helpful to readers who are going thru it/scared to go thru it/or want to be aware so they don’t go thru it.
      Thank you for sharing this.
      I am glad and thankful you made it out of that situation okay.

      Can I ask you at what point did you notice he was controlling?
      Did he shoot up any red flags you ignored?

      1. I actually noticed when it was too late.. What the red flags that I should’ve noticed were are..1. He didn’t want ne hanging with my friends, and talked shit about all of them, and convinced me they were jealous they couldn’t live the life I lived. 2. He moved me from my family, and this was in 99′ I didnt have a cell phone, and if he was pissed he would take the house phones! 3. He had dogs that didn’t like me, and never tried to get them acquainted with me, ibwas always scared to leave! 3. He made me question all things I believed, and literally his mood swings scared the shit out of me… But I say all that to say unfortunately at that young age (outside of the dogs) I thought that behavior was cute, as if he be acting crazy cuz he love me so much, but that’s not the case, that nigga was crazy for real!….

        1. ^that is scary as HELL.
          See it always starts off with someone being controlling.
          It is cute at first until that mofo builds an outside lock on the doors so you can’t get out.

          Another big factor is being jealous that every man wants you OR you will cheat.

  3. Yea this is why I’m single. I fell for that in the quite type once and he cheated. So when I wolf gives me that I make sure I let him know lets this be about us not you or me. Unfortunatly I think I scare them off lol oh well pass me the bottle yall

    1. Oh no, not I. Lmao! I wish a nigga would just poke me too hard so I can go American psycho on em.
      I mean I’ve been surprised at how many dudes are financially and emotional dependent on someone who abuses them.

  4. I think most people would be surprised at the amount of dudes in out right abusive relationships with other dudes. I know I have been.

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