when your co worker reads the fuck outta you

it was a quiet day at work today.
a lot of folks are on vacation,
so for the first time in a long one,
i actually wanted to be there.
one of my co workers is heavy into astrology.
she actually does it as a side hustle.
we were all kicking back and talking when she read my other co worker’s chart.
so i got her to read mine.
i found out that my…

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So This Is How “The Ugly Friend” Feels

large“the ugly friend”.
we have one.
we maybe one.
its usually a person who isn’t physically attractive.
they always tend to hang with a posse of good looking people.
they also can sometimes can be “the hater” within the group.
come “going out” time,
its usually the same story.
as their good looking counterparts are getting attention,
they are left to hold the drinks or be wait in the car.
i can see why the “the hater” tends to come out heavy.
well its funny how being discreet or dl can be similar to “the ugly friend”…
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The Perfect Wolf You Really Want To Avoid


Nothing turns me on more than smell of raw masculinity dripping off a Wolf.

Turns me the FAWK on!
I guess this is why I like athletes and men in power.
I could jump his bones by the way he commands attention and his way with words.
His body language…
His body…
Makes me realize why I love Wolves.

BUT… with all that comes with a price.
A price that we Foxes do not see until it is too late.
One where we miss obvious STOP SIGNS because we were looking at all the GREENS.

How do you spot The Controlling Wolf?

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