when your co worker reads the fuck outta you

it was a quiet day at work today.
a lot of folks are on vacation,
so for the first time in a long one,
i actually wanted to be there.
one of my co workers is heavy into astrology.
she actually does it as a side hustle.
we were all kicking back and talking when she read my other co worker’s chart.
so i got her to read mine.
i found out that my…

sun: cancer
moon: virgo
rising sign: aquarius

she said my 3 main signs are very conflicting.

my emotions run wild because i’m a cancer
i’m very critical of myself because of my moon in virgo
i’m “different” due to my rising being in aquarius

she said my mars is in gemini,
which means i am big on communication.
my venus,
which is my love and beauty sign,
is in leo.
she said i’m meant to be a star and need to get on that.
she mentioned some other sign that also lead to my creativity.

everything she said about me was 110%.
i find astrology to be interesting.
horoscopes usually don’t work for me,
but when studying the various personalities due to the signs,
i find there is a lot of truth with it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “when your co worker reads the fuck outta you”

  1. My “Big 3” are…

    Sun in Leo
    Moon in Aquarius
    Rising Sign in Scorpio

    My Rising is tricky. I’ve read it makes me in touch with my sexuality and I ooze sexual energy without even trying to. I kinda see it but for the most part I think my Rising makes me very reserved and sensitive.

  2. Yea you’re Rising is how you approach life. The first impression you make. How you act in a new environment or around strangers. You’re social persona when you step out in the world. It also effects your physical appearance.

  3. Ooo J! I knew there was a reason I connect with you so much ! I’ m also a Cancer my birthday was yesterday! I had someone read my palm recently and I found it very intriguing. The only thing is he said it can get very addictive ..always wanting to know things and the like or you become very dependant on what the stars say.

    1. ^wow its #cancergang in the foxhole!
      happy belated birthday!
      i agree on it becoming addicted.
      that older snow vixen who foretold my future was right.

  4. I love astrology it so on point about people, J all this time, I thought you were a Virgo like me because I feel such a connection to you in some of the ways you feel about things, but I guess you do got a little Virgo in you Lol. Yes Virgo’s are very critical but we are most hardest on ourselves. One thing I noticed about my Cancer friends is that it is hard for them to let go of relationships once they end but they are good hearted people who see the good in everybody. I need to check up on my horoscope, I have been feeling off balance here lately, so maybe it is something going on in the stars.

    1. ^the virgos ive met have been cool.
      the virgo/libras are another story.

      i have been feeling real off balance myself.
      i don’t know what’s going on in the universe,
      but things have been really off for me.

      maybe it’s mercury in retrograde?

  5. Although I’m not big on horoscope lore, I’m a Cancer as well.

    Do you know the origins of the horoscopes?

    1. ^this is the most i’ve ever been around cancers.
      i barely ever met them,
      but suddenly,
      so many have been cancers i’ve been meeting.

      i don’t know anything about the origins.
      im interested tho

  6. Said to be originated by and refined in
    a manner by the Egyptia but the current form now that everyone uses was a product of the Greeks who took the knowledge of the Egyptains and made their own zodiac signs. Just like theg did with the “Roman calendar”.. Hence us Cancerans are in a period of swirling within July which is derrived from Julie Ceaser… 😨

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