sex tape leakage: boonk bang gets some cootie cat

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viewer discretion is strongly advised

so who the hell is boonk gang?
and why does it look like the joker went in on face?
well i never heard of him,
but i am hearing about his ratchet ways.
boonk gang is the talk of the forests for his ig stories.
this is what he recently put on it…

boonk gang is a wild one.

it’s alarming how much raw sex folks are having,
especially with folks they don’t even know.
i bet that’s not even his main vixen either.
he’d be singing a whole different tune if she came up pregnant.
would he even care?

lowkey: why can’t it ever be someone fine fuckin on ig?
it’s always some hood booger jackal.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “sex tape leakage: boonk bang gets some cootie cat”

  1. Boonk Gang is a youtube/IG celebrity who got viral for committing crimes and doing dumb ass shit while recording it, like stealing doughnuts and fried chicken, or trashing a convenience store. Or showering directly underneath water running off a roof…stupid shit like that.

    And what’s worse about this situation is I believe he has a child on the way from another chick…smh

  2. I’m really trying to come up with something nice to say…..I mean at least he gives head unlike dj khalid? I guess idk I’m trying to figure out why he’s everywhere even before this sex tape I saw him all over.

  3. Lord help but amma jus say it….. Dude is actually cute 🤦🏾‍♂️ like the pic you used, imagine his face without those tattoos…he’s a handsome guy, it’s jus unfortunate he’s wasting his youth doing stupid shit for IG clout, its probably gonna ruin his chances for future opportunities once this social media attention fades and he has to get a real job

  4. Is this what vixens have to choose from nowadays? Ashy dreads, face tatts, grills, and limited vocabulary?…yuck. Anyone remember when 10-15 years ago when rappers were FINE? They would walk runways, get clothing endorsement contracts and would be all through GQ and Mens Health magazines? Now they all either look vitamin d deficient, in the throws of drug addiction, or like they’ve never seen a condom..whew chile, the ghetto..

  5. EDIT: I just realized how lengthly this post is so sit back if you have time lol..

    ANyway I think Boonk used to live on the streets before he was IG famous. He said he bought a house after he blew up.

    I wonder how he was raised, he seems soulless and seems like the type that will do anything for some attention. Woah Vicky & Lil Tay stopped their trolling when shit got real. This guy will get his reality check soon.

    His cooning videos got old and his shtick dried up a while ago, hence why he is making sex tapes for attention. Thats what they all do when they need a last minute buzz, just look at Teairra Mari. It always backfires though

    Boonk is the definition of cooning for attention. He makes my skin crawl. To think that we’re the same age is astounding. He is very immature.

    When it comes to IG fame you need to learn how to capitalize off it and move onto better things before the buzz dies. Or else you’ll end up like this. 4.5 million followers and desperate. He is not even marketable at this point which is the worst part of it all. When it comes to IG fame you NEED marketability because thats where the REAL money comes in. You need big brands to want to work with you and endorse you but when youre up here doing fuckshit that makes most of them shy away from you. I remember he hand a video where he picked up a dead racoon. This dude is crazy.

    Its like Woah Vicky, she’s trying to clean up her act now and be positive but its too late because the whole world knows her as that white girl who perpetuated negative black stereotypes and said the N word for attention. People find her boring now because they liked watching her embarrass herself for attention. You made your bed so lie in it.

    Boonk just keeps digging a deeper hole for himself and Im just here to watch the train wreck. His music career aspirations aint doing much because he sounds like every other struggle IG rapper and Instagram isn’t forever. He better fix his shit up or find another hustle or he will be back in the streets in no time.

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