don’t ever be too honest about nicki minaj

as a blogger,
i’ve realized that writing about everyone could lead to blow back.
i can font my opinion,
but another doesn’t have to like it.
my words can open up a can of smoke i’m always ready for.
when this writer wrote this about nicki minaj:

i guess this saw it as harmless.
this is what nicki allegedly sent to in their dms


i hope this isn’t real.
where was all this sparkle when remy had a foot on her neck?

her stans are leading this witch hunt,
but no bullshit,
nicki’s response was way out of control.
it reeked of low self esteem and insecurity.
she shouldn’t ever wonder about her alleged nasty attitude rumors.
was that response even called for?
i don’t think the writer was being disrespectful with her tweet.
you wanna know what was disrespectful?

7 whole minutes of disrespectful.

Nicki needs to get it together

the era is already starting off shaky.
i read that the writer allegedly ended up getting fired,
but it begs to question

Are celebs to be worshiped and not criticized?

in my own life,
i don’t ever want to get to the point i can’t take constructive criticism.
i’ve had folks come for my neck in real life and on the foxhole.
i don’t think i’ve ever gotten that wild with a response.
unless it’s high key disrespect,
it’s never that serious to me.
ima need nicki to read her response again.
it was ugly.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “don’t ever be too honest about nicki minaj”

  1. A couple of things first the writer is not wrong like she really needs to change up her rhymes, this era should feel new and different but instead its the same and old.

    Second I honestly feel like now that folks are clinging to another she’s insecure about her spot in this like you were it and now you have actual competition should feel like a lot.

    Also that response was embarrassing it read basically like her bars.

    1. ^im embarrassed for her.
      this dragging culture thinks she won some kind of prize,
      but she looked real wack.
      that response represented how low she has fallen to me.

  2. She says she’s rich, pretty, intelligent, etc.. she left out petty, insecure, and unhappy!!! Just goes to show you that money doesn’t equal happiness! Worried about minute things that people say about you, I guess truth hurts.

  3. *jumps back* damn bitch you scary! she went in on her like she slapped her mother. she lashed out like that because some truth was in it.

  4. Wrong! The writer did a rant on her and her opinion was inaccurate considering she has plenty of songs going deep

  5. Really? Do you know how easy it is to make a fake DM. You couldn’t convince me Nicki took the time out of her day to write that long ass reply. And as a DM too? Next.

  6. Lol constructive criticism where exactly? It’s was shady as hell let’s at least be honest here.

    And if the respond is really nicki i don’t blame her. Those celebreties are humans too but people forget that so they gonna lash out like anybody else. Not everybody gonna be beyoncĂ© and stay above.

    And it’s a fact, to say that nicki never talks about past relationship, being a boss and hardship in a mature way show that that writter really doesn’t know what they talking about. If you really wanna talk about someone at least get your facts straight first. Pink print was full of just that.

    people wanna be free to say what they want about celebreties and then when they got a nasty response it’s all of sudden “not that deep”. Nope, keep the same energy it was deep enough for you to share your opinion.

    Anyway that tweet was anything but respectful, and you can tell people how to react to what you say.

    And let me point out the obvious, it’s only when it’s about female artist that their age and other things matter “she’s too old for that, she’s a mother, she’s a wife…”. you Never read that about men.

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