Take A HUGE Bite Out My Juicy Apple

I am,
what you would call,
a nerd.

A pretty damn fly nerd, if I do say so myself.
But, I am a huge electronics buff, next to Wolf recruiting and Styling on Hoes.
People actually call me when they need help with their electronic stuff.
I’m not full fledged IT, but a Fox can do a little something.
Today, I watched the Apple Keynote that was held in San Francisco.
 Absolutely blown away!

Ever since I became a blogger,
I realized just how useful Apple is for my craft.
I recommend Apple products to ANY in a creative field.
They are so much better than PCs.
I use to be Anti-Apple,
but after my PC died, I went Mac and ain’t look the FAWK back!…


So that shit is long, but very informative.
I’ll break down some key points:


There are so many new features I personally like:

  • Sending iMessages on your Macbook to other people on their phone
  • You can say your response and the computer will type it out in Dictation
  • Passbook will allow you to have your boarding passes, coupons, and movie tickets on your phone
  • “Do Not Disturb” allows you to only have certain calls ring your phone while you sleep
  • Reminders, Notes, and Notification Center will be on your desktop
  • When you Macbook is asleep, PowerNap will still download updates and get mail as it sleeps

I was having a nerdgasm watching that Keynote.
Anyone else love Apple as much as I do?
…or, am I the only nerd in the building?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Take A HUGE Bite Out My Juicy Apple”

  1. I prefer PCs — there’s greater variety in the hardware and the software that you can obtain. This is why all boutique computer companies use PCs, instead of Apple.

  2. I think Apple is great if you’re a graphic designer/editor, video editor, or novice (because it’s simple). They look great & keep it simple. But when they go bad, it’s awful & customization is fairly non-existent. And the cult of Apple reminds me of Bey stans…ugh.

    I use both, depending on my need. I’ll give Apple credit for becoming a cultural icon – that’s driving their business more than anything else.

    1. Took the words out of my mouth ^^ Agreed… I love Apple for things of that nature but if i just surf the web and stuff a PC will do just fine.

  3. Have always been against Apple, ever since elementary school with the bulky ass McIntoshes and Helvetica font. Hated it.

    Hell, I don’t even apples like talking bout it.

    I usually stick with Sony, Panasonic, and HP for my electronics.

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