f0xmail: I’m A Wolf Who Wants A Nerdy Fox. Help!


Ayo Jamari…

I’m an inexperienced wolf from Chi town. Been having trouble meeting other black dudes in my area that get down…but I’m attracted to bruthas that are pretty much the opposite of myself. I like them soft, nerdy type (but NOT fem) niggas that mostly into anime and ready comics. Well, low and behold I was run into this one cute lil’ dude in my local Target. Dude is so so adorable and I been tryna put the moves on him for a minute but I can’t really get a read on him. He could just be one of them geek-ish black dudes but not get down and if he got down do you think he would be into white wolves??? But I did lowkey snap a picture of him
18532him(i feel like a stalker now SMH) so you guys could see if maybe it looks like he mess around.

What do you think?
And how should I approach him?


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f0x Asks: Wait…. Is This Pharrell Bare Cheeks????

my pharrell is not sloppy
or is he?
i have been a fan of the neptunes since they produced the first clipse and kelis album.
i been a fan of pharrell since the first n.e.r.d album.
lapdance is still my cut.
i even met pharrell and i know of him to be a real laid back wolf.
but then an f-bi agent sends me this?!?!?!
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Take A HUGE Bite Out My Juicy Apple

I am,
what you would call,
a nerd.

A pretty damn fly nerd, if I do say so myself.
But, I am a huge electronics buff, next to Wolf recruiting and Styling on Hoes.
People actually call me when they need help with their electronic stuff.
I’m not full fledged IT, but a Fox can do a little something.
Today, I watched the Apple Keynote that was held in San Francisco.
 Absolutely blown away!

Ever since I became a blogger,
I realized just how useful Apple is for my craft.
I recommend Apple products to ANY in a creative field.
They are so much better than PCs.
I use to be Anti-Apple,
but after my PC died, I went Mac and ain’t look the FAWK back!…

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EDIT: My Jump Off In My Head FAKES HIS WAY On Twitter

Nerd did me so well.
You did a Fox so so so well mister.

Ya know, that gives the wrong impression when you read it out loud lol

Well as you know, I consider this Wolf to be my Jumpoff In My Head.

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