f0x Asks: Wait…. Is This Pharrell Bare Cheeks????

my pharrell is not sloppy
or is he?
i have been a fan of the neptunes since they produced the first clipse and kelis album.
i been a fan of pharrell since the first n.e.r.d album.
lapdance is still my cut.
i even met pharrell and i know of him to be a real laid back wolf.
but then an f-bi agent sends me this?!?!?!

i maybe late on this…
but what the hell is going on???
did i miss something?

tell me this is a very clever photo shop of someone doing a serious tuck?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “f0x Asks: Wait…. Is This Pharrell Bare Cheeks????”

  1. OMG that tattoo is dead on. And those cakes are flat as pancakes. Things that make you hmmmmm. I don’t know why he would send a pic like this unless this was a snapshot of something else like him getting out of bed or something

  2. It really looks like it could be real. If its photoshop they did a really great job. The tattoo looks identical except for the tattoo lining closest to his wrist which in the first two pictures are more clearly defined than the third photo.

  3. The color of his skin on the tattoo, and the color of the tattoo itself is noticeably different from the rest of his arm, an unnatural yellow-red tint. The edge of the tattoo sleeve near his wrist was possibly blurred to look “natural”. The original photo has a clearly defined edges when the pattern reaches the end of his wrists. I think it’s fake =/

  4. Y’all got some good eyes. I didn’t notice the wrist at first but I do now. The tat in the naked pic fades off one one side.

  5. The lighting is definitely different, which would play a major role in the finishing of the photo.

    Did anyone else notice that his face is caving in. he looks a lot like Russel Simmons.

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