Floyd Mayweather Is A Mr Me Too

don’t ask floyd mayweather about the “#metoo” movement.
don’t ask him.
he honestly doesn’t know what is going on.
i’m sure all that money distracts one from the real world.
so floyd had an interview with men’s health recently.
they asked him his thoughts of the “#metoo” movement.
this is what this pineapple done said…

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f0x Asks: Wait…. Is This Pharrell Bare Cheeks????

my pharrell is not sloppy
or is he?
i have been a fan of the neptunes since they produced the first clipse and kelis album.
i been a fan of pharrell since the first n.e.r.d album.
lapdance is still my cut.
i even met pharrell and i know of him to be a real laid back wolf.
but then an f-bi agent sends me this?!?!?!
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